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I sincerely hope this is not for real. BBn

Posted on: July 6, 2010

UPDATE:  Please go to the comments by Sickofidiots (  He is a blogging friend and a person I have come to respect and trust.   American explains how this video was done, and also presents an earlier video by the same person that was not done as well to show the method used more clearly.

I am leaving this post on my blog as an example of what I and other
Conservatives should condemn.  In this case I did not condemn the video but was merely very upset by it if it was true.  And it fooled me.  I apologize for that.  BB


I got this video from a facebook friend’s site (Jim Campbell)  and am passing on to you.  If it is true it is disgusting.  I am inclined to believe it is true and not a fake because if you will look at the faces of the audience you will see a variety of reactions but none of them are approval.  BB


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17 Responses to "I sincerely hope this is not for real. BBn"

God, you are gullible.

Sorry to say, but you can tell the video is edited.

I am tech disadvantaged so I do have trouble telling a fake from the real thing. I also looked for it on other sites and did not find it, however that in itself is not a dis-qualifier since many tapes have come up missing when they have been detrimental to the Obama administration. I have myself copied some of these videos and later found they had been removed so I know this is true.

I am however rather qualified in reading body language and the audience was showing some distress during this taping. the distress went from outright disapproval (blond lady behind Obama) to nervous laughter. The laughter was not the Ha ha in good fun kind, but the kind heard when Carlin went thru his filthy vocabulary routine. Obama does not speak before a judgemental audience so why was this audience upset? BB

So, it must be true then! Good lord. Have you lost your mind?

To You Shoul Not Vote, and Jackie Durkee:

In response to your remarks I think you both maybe wrong. At first I too thought the video was edited, but after watching in many more times, it appears that the editing only happens to cover up swear words, or sexist remarks, and some name calling of Republicans.

There is a saying “Read my Lips” if you do that you will see that he is saying those words and there doesn’t seem to be editing between them.

If you watch the blong behind him, which looks familiar, you will notice that she is not too happy with what he is saying, and in fact most of the people behind him are react to what he appears to be saying.

I think this might be real. I would certainly like to find out. ss

I’m sorry that I mispelled some words in my last comment. I was in a hurry. ss

I am familiar with the audio technique used to slur speech. Playing around in Sound Booth I’ve done this as a humorous pass-time. There are some really good imitators that could have been used for the overdub as well. Or someone with far too much time and a library of clips could have pieced together some convincing strings. I know this can be done but I think if the voice is truly Obama’s it was made by someone with access to the WH video archive, CSPAN, or a news outlet.

The very fact that the video has stamped on it proves it was faked. The WH would have never released any clips of the President acting or speaking this way. BUT you can bet if it was true someone would have rolled their iphone or other recorder and their would be corroborating clips.

There are none. Gotta admit though it plays into racist expectations. Not that you are, Brenda. But this piece is stereotypical in nature. Very shocking and gutter.

Really discredits every video these people release. I am going to make note of the creators and try not to ever link to any of their youtube clips. As conservatives we don’t need this kind of politics. This is what DEMOCRATS do to conservatives.

In 1994, I was hired to work for a Democrat gubernatorial candidate. I was tasked to create a campaign ad targeting the Republican candidate. They provided me a number of speech clips and told me what they wanted him to say. One of the staffers pointed me to 2 different statements that when properly edited would make the other candidate appear to say something quite damaging. They wanted the NEW quote printed in quotes to one side and the video graphically treated to obscure the edit. Meaning the image would be muddied up or using a back of head shot to cover or if lucky the mic covers his mouth. (All common clues that a piece has been altered by the way.)

In spite of the fact I needed the job I refused and walked away. We are in an age now when it is far easier to do this stuff than it was in 1994. In fact almost anyone can. So be careful when cherry picking this stuff and look for more than one source or a credible corroborating media source.

These people have been honing their craft. Here is another example of this person’s work. See how poorly this one was done. I think this one proves the point I was trying to make.

Thank you American! Now I see how it was done and can rest easier that Obama as bad as he is is not yet this bad. And I quite agree that this is not the kind of thing we Conservatives want to do because it just isn’t our way. The fact that Conservatives are basically decent people is why so much bad has happened in our country that we are now going to have to harshly clean up. The cleaning up will be necessary but against all that Conservatives believe in as we will have to take a stiff brush to many laws and many groups.

I am going to leave this as a lesson of who we are not and what we Conservatives should not do. I had hopes when I put it on my blog that someone would intelligently explain it away. By showing the second video even I can see how it was done.

Thank you again. Brenda

I just watched this last video about the death panels and there is not doubt that this was edited. They actually put phrases together to imply he is saying something he did not.

I don’t mind catching someone, even the President, (and look at Biden, he’s always saying something wrong) saying something out of place, or wrong, but this time he did not.

I never thought Obama was qualified or had enough experience to be President and I’m totally against what he has deliberately done to our country, but I can’t accuse him of saying or doing something that he did not.

This video is a fake and wasn’t done by a professional. If a professional did this it would be hard to find an error. This was most likely done by some student, many high schools have broadcasting programs, or this could have been done in a college broadcasting studio by some beginner. The quality is so bad that the student if graded would have recieved probably a “D”. Remember they are in school to become profiecient at this. This was not quality material, even for a student. ss

Agreed Snappy. American used this video to show how the one I posted was done and they were done by the same person since3 they used the same trade mark. It is apparent they have greatly improved their technique since the one posted was so good.

American showed us just how it was done. BB

Actually the same guy posted both videos. All his videos have the same earmarks.

The reason I suggested it could have come from a broadcast outlet was not because of the professionalism. It was because I know these places hire a lot of kids fresh out of school and have many interns. All with access to media and expensive equipment. I was guessing this person might have used SoundBooth or SoundTrackPro since I know it’d be easy in these apps, but I agree it could have been pulled off in cheaper software as well or by a student. I like the student theory except aren’t all college students liberals? Just kidding.

Whoever did this is not entirely stupid since they snagged all the footage from Apparently to convince people it’s official.

Here’s another one:

ObamaSnippetsDotCom is an “Obama HUMOR” youtube channel. These are called “SPOOFS.”
From the channel’s profile:
Category: COMEDY
Tags: obama, humor, spoof, satire, etc.
“This is not political.
This is just for fun.
This is not an “Anti-Obama” site.
This is not a “Pro-Obama” site.
This is an “Obama Humor” site.”

“All Snippets made with 100% Obama’s voice. No imitations! (That would be too easy)”

Relax, people. Laugh a little.

I simply can not find Barack Obama humorous in any way shape or form. Sorry. BB

Ameri;can: I know what you mean, these production houses hire interns (who usually work and learn for free) but after having quite a bit of experience in this area, while living in Chicago, I have to tell you that there is no way a high end production house would allow even an intern on their Million dollar equipment, when he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Basically one would have to have had much experience, maybe already have won awards for editing even as a student, before they would allow someone to basically experiment on their equipment.

This guy definately is a beginner, that is why I mentioned that he might be a student in a broadcasting program. We have a number of them here in Michigan. One high school near Detroit had state of the art equipment and courses just for this kind of thing for over the last 25 years, and our Jr. College in town had a contuning education program set up to further the High School program. ss

Snappysandy, I work at a high end production house/cable network. We let interns play on the equipment after hours all the time. We encourage it.

They learn skills that will later benefit the company. One department that is involved in the production of all our promotions, some programming, and a good deal of high end graphics work actually encourages interns and entry level people to participate in a yearly contest. They produce short videos and the best one wins a prize often worth in excess of $1,000.

Years ago at another television facility this is how I got my start. So you’d be surprised who has access to what equipment. However, much of the required software is now pretty cheap. You can get a very high end editing program with graphics and audio capabilities for about $1,000 plus the cost of a Mac (add another $4 to 8K). And when you’re talking software there is always a hacked version floating around.

So my original thought doesn’t have to be true. I latched on to it because I was looking at that watermark and wondering if the culprit worked there.

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