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History Behind The Scenes. Like it or not it is what really took place.

Posted on: July 9, 2010

History Behind The Scenes.

American History ain’t always pretty, but it is our history and we the people should know every bit of it.  I was appalled that a survey of 258 presidential scholars place Franklin D. Roosevelt first.  These presidential scholars are fools who evidently know nothing of the true history;  they know only the Progressive re written history.  This article is good reading and it exposes some myths or distorted history that will change your minds on a few truths that you probably grew up with.   I grew up in blue collar steel mill northern Ohio River West Virginia and was fed the myth that Franklin Roosevelt was  almost the Right Hand of God.  For some reason I did not believe that even as a child.  I believed what I was told about other Presidents but just not Roosevelt or Harry Truman.  The myth about Harry Truman is that he wasn’t much of a President at all.  Well, Harry Truman in my opinion was among the great Presidents.  He fought the deal made between Roosevelt and Stalin to give Stalin  Eastern Europe if he would help defeat the Germans.   He didn’t win that battle because Stalin’s army already occupied the Eastern European countries.  He did however   send aid to the Germans in Berlin ( called the Berlin air Lift) that stopped Stalin from taking all of Germany under communistic control.  This left Germany divided for 50 + years by a wall thru the middle of it’s capital Berlin but it also kept one half of the German people free.  He had the courage to drop the first two atomic bombs on Japan to end the war without an invasion and the estimated death toll of at least 200,000 people.  Japan had been the aggressor and after capturing most of Asia attacked the United States in Hawaii.  Then he had the foresight to not punish the Japanese but to put them under martial law with instructions to his generals to  lead the country into a democratic government.

Harry Truman put into effect the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe including Germany.  This not only helped the Europeans whose countries were so devastated they didn’t have the means and material to rebuild.  The United States  had the material and factories so Truman set up a plan whereby the United States would provide these materials and hold a mortgage on them with favorable terms and long term so the countries would have time to grow and stabilize.    AND, the Marshall Plan helped the United States just as much by providing jobs for the returning soldiers.  Without the Marshall Plan America would have sunk right back into a depression.  Truman also quietly disbanded some of the socialistic programs Roosevelt had put in place.  Truman integrated the Army.  He couldn’t do as much as he would have liked because they country was still enthralled with Roosevelt.

Her’s a bit more history as it was and not how it is being taught today.  BB

History Behind The Scenes

By Malcolm A. Kline  |  July 8, 2010

Roosevelt’s concessions to Stalin at the Yalta conference with Winston Churchill at the close of the Second World War conceded the nucleus of the Soviet empire, namely all of Eastern Europe, to the communist dictator.

Two events in recent weeks point out the danger of leaving history to the historians. One is the inclusion of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in a D-Day memorial commemorating an invasion he never took part in. The other is the rating of Stalin ally Franklin D. Roosevelt as America’s greatest president, according to leading academics.

“Richard G. Pumphrey, a professor of art at Lynchburg College, in Virginia, spent about a year sculpting the former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin,” Sophia Li reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education on July 1, 2010. “When he was finished, the bronze bust took its place as part of the National D-Day Memorial, in Bedford, Va., along with Mr. Pumphrey’s sculptures of six other leaders of Allied forces in World War II.”

“It might represent an inconvenient history for some, but it is history,” says Professor Pumphrey. The actual history is more revealing and might really inconvenience the professor.

“Allied losses had been high: 2,500 men at OMAHA alone, another 2,500 among the American airborne divisions, almost 1,100 for the Canadians, and some 3,000 for the British—more than 9,000 men in all, one-third of whom were killed in action,” the official U. S. military history of the invasion reads. Note that Soviet troops didn’t make this breakdown.

Meanwhile, “The Siena College poll, which surveyed 238 presidential scholars at U.S. colleges and universities, asked scholars to rate the nation’s 43 chief executives on 20 attributes ranging from legislative accomplishments to integrity and imagination,” Emily Schultheis reported in the Politico on July 1, 2010. “In the overall ranking, Obama rated two places below Clinton, who was 13th best, and three better than Reagan, who is ranked as the 18th best.”

“Franklin D. Roosevelt again earned the top spot, as he has every time since the poll was first conducted in 1982.” The unemployment rates at both ends of the New Deal—roughly 20-20—show that Roosevelt’s programs did not work, although they left us with the cycle of deficit spending that even Republican presidents, for the most part, have accepted as a fait accompli.

Moreover, FDR’s ranking, compared to Reagan’s, indicates that to the academics surveyed, losing the Cold War apparently means more than winning it.

Roosevelt’s concessions to Stalin at the Yalta conference with Winston Churchill at the close of the Second World War conceded the nucleus of the Soviet empire, namely all of Eastern Europe, to the communist dictator. Although FDR was deathly ill at the time, even friendly biographers with access to the family, such as Joseph P. Lash, show that Roosevelt was moving in that direction while still relatively hale and hearty.

As veteran journalist M. Stanton Evans found, the transcribed notes of the Yalta conference show an even uglier side of the squire of Hyde Park. In the notes which Evans unearthed, Roosevelt told Stalin and Churchill that he was going on to meet with the Saudi king after the Big Three disbanded at their Crimea confab.

As Evans revealed to Glenn Beck, Stalin asked FDR if he would make any concessions to the king. “The president replied that there was only one concession he thought he might offer, and that was to give him the 6 million Jews in the United States,” the notes read.

“That is from the papers of Edward Stettinius, who was the secretary of state at the time of Yalta,” Evans told Beck. “Those papers are at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.” Evans pointed out that the exchange has been expunged from the official record of Yalta.

“Well, one might think that he was closet anti-Semite,” Evans allowed of what the documents show about Roosevelt. “But I think it also suggests that maybe he was a little bit gaga.”

“There are many other indications that he was out of it at Yalta, but that is one of the clearest,” Evans asserted. Evans won the Reed Irvine lifetime achievement award for investigative reporting bestowed by Accuracy in Media (AIM), Accuracy in Academia’s big sister organization and named after AIM’s founder.

We now know, through the opening of the archives of the Communist International in the former Soviet Union in the 1990s that Stalin and his successors killed millions of victims.

What is even more troubling is that some of his biggest defenders in the West knew it too.

Hedda Hopper, a much-maligned gossip columnist from Hollywood’s Golden Years, had what used to be known as a nose for news that she put to use daily in a syndicated column read by millions. In her 1963 memoir, The Whole Truth And Nothing But, she dropped a bombshell that barely anyone noticed.

In San Francisco for the opening of the United Nations in 1945, Hopper got to hobnob with some of the UN insiders, such as W. Averell Harriman, then the U.S. ambassador to Moscow. “Harriman told us off-the-record tales of the horrors committed by Stalin and his gang,” Hopper reported.

“How can you talk like that to us when you say just the opposite to the newspapers?” she claimed that she asked him.

“It couldn’t be printed,” he told her.

Harriman, it should be noted, was not merely a bureaucrat who got lucky but an elder statesman of the Democratic Party for about half of the Twentieth Century, who served in the administration of every Democrat elected president from FDR to LBJ.  His widow, Pamela Harriman, continued in the family tradition, taking the governor of Arkansas under her wing as a protégé and later serving him as ambassador to France in his presidential administration, a position she held at the time of her death.


3 Responses to "History Behind The Scenes. Like it or not it is what really took place."

“Two events in recent weeks point out the danger of leaving history to the historians. One is the inclusion of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in a D-Day memorial commemorating an invasion he never took part in. The other is the rating of Stalin ally Franklin D. Roosevelt as America’s greatest president, according to leading academics.”

This is very interesting, but I’m a little confused, so explain please. Where is this D-Day memorial taking place, or did it this particular event already passed? Was it this year or next June? The article never mentions the location, like what country, the USA or France or somewhere else.

Next I have more like a statement than a question. I do not see why everyone thinks to highly of FDR, so much so that they think he’s the best President. I disagree whole heartedly. I would think that some of the original founding fathers, including Generals at the time, who were President were more to be celebrated just because of the fact that they had partaken in laying the foundation of this country, like writing the Declaration of Independence, and actually helped design and integrate into society the laws that cemented this foundation in stone, so to speak, for our country.

I certainly don’t think Obama should even be included in this group, because he’s only been in office for a 1 ¾ years, and he’s practically destroyed what was left of the country, single handedly, by doing “NOTHING”, about anything that is imporatant, like the oil spill or protecting the American citizens in Arizona, or creating 3 million jobs like he promised. I mean let’s face it here, just from adding him to the list proves that these so-called academics aren’t all that smart to begin with. No wonder the educational system in this country ranks around 28th in the world. I mean really, just think about how many countries are ranked smarter that us? Dah! ss

The D-Day Memorial is located in Bedford, Virginia. I has recently been in the news because statues of each of the Allies were erected on the site and Stalin was shown in a bust. Many objected to Stalin being included. I did not and feel in order to portray history accurately Stalin must be included because Germany could not have been invaded if the Russian Army did not come at Hitler from the East while the other Allies were coming from the West.

Remember the colleges and universities have been infiltrated and brain washed by the communist and Franklin Roosevelt was actively making the United States a Socialist country. Stalin laughed at Roosevelt and told him that the United States would become a Communist country without a shot being fired. He could have pointed to Roosevelt’s own programs as being the first stepping stones to this goal. BB

Truly, history was distorted

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