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Your Taxes at Work: Obama awards $1.45 billion loan guarantee to company promising 85 jobs

Posted on: July 12, 2010

Obama awards $1.45 billion loan guarantee to company promising 85 jobs | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment.

I do dedicate this to Nate and all you others out there who think Government works best to solve our nation’s problems.  Right now one of the major problems is jobs and for $1.45 billion  I think even a nobody with little job creation background like me could produce a few million more jobs than the government has done. In fact, I KNOW I could because any half wit could do better and I ain’t no half wit.  BB


4 Responses to "Your Taxes at Work: Obama awards $1.45 billion loan guarantee to company promising 85 jobs"

So, now I know why Obama is filing, yet, again today another court document to postone the drilling in the Gulf for 6 months. It would have been better to use this money to help keep the businesses already up and running in the Gulf region (as he always claims) and SAVE JOBS, already there. Remember he always brags about the JOBS he has saved. Well, as far as I’m concerned he could have saved the JOBS that he is mostly responsible for destroying by his inept lack of not doing anything to contain the oil spill.

I’m tired of him using money taken out of the pockets of (what used to be hard working Americans) now, they have no jobs, and putting it into his own personal slush fund to use as he sees fit.

I wonder which friend or friend’s family member that he has or maybe one of his Dem party’s friend or family member owns the company he’s decided to give this money to.

I also, wonder is he had a contract written and signed by this company’s CEO, saying they will be pay this money back and that they guarentee 1600 permanent jobs for Americans only. I wonder if this company actually has a business plan that they presented to the White House to show that they know what they are doing.

Or are we going to find part of this money earmarked for the Dems in the elections, donated by that company’s CEO? Or is the CEO going to all of a sudden, move into some $20 million dollar mansion?

I don’t like the way our tax dollars are being handed out.

BB way to change blogs and avoid actually confronting any of the issues I brought up. This still isn’t as bad as the trillions in debt that Reagan and both Bushes contributed. If you want to talk about bad spending how about halliburton, and how much they have charged tax payers for reconstruction in Iraq. Or how about all those drill baby drill numskulls. I blame them, because they don’t have the forsight to see the full costs of offshore drilling.

Nate: I have no idea about what you were talking about and said to BB. Any changes to her blog would certainly not be to avoid you. Your opinion isn’t that important to her I’m sure.

As for your other remarks:

You sound just like Obama; it’s always someone else’s fault. You think because a previous President did more wasteful spending, according to you, that it’s Okay for Obama to screw up? Well, it’s not.

He has almost single handedly destroyed this country, and many Americans have woke up, finally, to his destructive nature. You evidently have not come to terms with what devastation he has conjoured up, so far.

But in case you have missed the point, your man, was elected to fix what was wrong not make it worse. Get a grip will you??? ss

🙂 Thank you Snappy. You are right of course and Nate’s opinions are not the least bit important to me. The issues he wants me to address like global warming (discredited as totally man made since scientists lied about their report!), health care which he thinks would be better if a one payer government run regardless of the evidence of Medicare and Medicaid and more recently the Massachusetts system which very much mirrors what Obamacare is all about. That is the parts of the Obamacare Bill that actually relates to some aspect of health care since more and more is coming out that has nothing to do with health care.

I keep telling him I have addressed those issues in depth if he would only go to my Categories at the bottom of the page and bring up the posts on those topics he could see for himself.
But he just wants to natter away and will soon find I have run out of patience and ban him from my blog. BB

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