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American Thinker: The October Surprise Is Coming

Posted on: July 13, 2010

American Thinker: The October Surprise Is Coming.

This article grabbed my attention because just this weekend a group of us were discussing the “October Surprise” and trying to guess what form it would take and then how it could be “disarmed” so to speak.  You can bet your bottom dollar the sleazy Congressmen and the Obama Administration is preparing something because they have lost even their base with Obama’s governing so far.  The Democrats in congress are fighting among themselves more than they are fighting Republicans.  And of course the Democrats in Congress are completely out of touch with the people.

I have been looking at some videos of townhall meetings some democratic congressmen are bold enough to have during this recess and the public is steamed.  The Congressmen again and again  prove that their constituents know more about what is happening ion Washington than they do and this doesn’t go over well with the public.

Interesting article. It is all  speculation of course since no one know what the October surprise will be only that it surely will be.  You might enjoy reading it.  BB


4 Responses to "American Thinker: The October Surprise Is Coming"

Breanda I can’t pull up t his article you are talking about off your blog. And I don’t know which one you are actually talking about. One is “The October Surprise” and the other one is “Never so Quietly National standards spread” by Cato. So, which is it or are they both separate articles?

Also, what the heck is this Octover Surprise? It sounds familiar, yet I can’t put my finger on it right now, so what is this all about? Explain please, and unless my computer is just out of whack, let me know where I can see the article you are referring to. ss

Snappy, the article is on the American Thinker blog. I just tested my link and it took me right to the article. Are you clicking on the redish brown words “American Thinker: the October Surprise is coming” at the top of the post?

The October Surprise is the little bomb usually dropped by the parties in October that have ()they hope) a profound effect on the November elections. In 2008 it was the Announcement of the Financial Crisis where the Democrats were able to dump all the blame on Bush and the Republicans even tho the Democrats had controlled Congress for the previous two years.

Sometimes it is a natural disaster that one party or the other can exploit and sometimes the parties have to manufacture something. At any rate it is the last shot leading up to the election and both parties put all they have into it. BB

Thanks Brenda:

I’ll try and look it up now. I just wanted to know what the Big October surprise was supposed to be. I get it now.

I can tell you one thing, I keep having this feeling that something that will actually help the Dems is going to happen. The reason I say that is because the Republicans are just not engaged enough yet to basically put together a good offensive strategy.

They are letting the Tea Party people do much of the work that they should be doing. This could backfire on them, and the Independents may not back their incumbants either.

Unless the Rep. get off their you know whats and get out there and have some major fund raisers and bring more young people into the party, they are going to lose.

I just keep getting this feeling that they are sitting back, because the media, is already saying that they will probably win and so they figure they don’t have to do
anything. It like they are “countiing their chickens, before they hatch”, that’s not a good strategy. ss

Over confidence has always been a bad thing and the Republicans have a large dose of it right now. As far as the Tea Party Patriots go they lost their first primary nomination battle yesterday. i didn’t get where it was but the person beat the Tea Party candidate out Perhaps the Republicans were backing the person who won??? Yes, they are going to have to make a stronger showing if they want to take the House. the American people are fed up with Obama and the Dems right now because they have been sooooo bad and shoved thing thru against the people will. But, they don’t really like the Republicans either. BB

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