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» Obamacare Should Be Repealed, but That Should Be Just the First Step – Big Government

Posted on: July 18, 2010

» Obamacare Should Be Repealed, but That Should Be Just the First Step – Big Government.

We the People need to insist that Obamacare be repealed and some sensible solutions to the cost and availability of health care be implemented, but only thru the free market. It is a fact that wherever government goes the costs goes up.  Third payer means someone else’s money and people tend to happily spend someone else’s money when  they won’t spend their own.  We Americans over use health care.

In the past ten years I figure I have had approximately 40 doctor’s office visits and   a good 90 doctor referred visits for x-rays or to see specialists.  Of these   I feel sure I could have reduced easily without a danger to my health a good half of the doctor’s office visits and and equal portion of the doctor referred visits.  And I promise you there are few things I dislike more than a doctor’s office visit when I am not sick!  so this number would have been larger  if I hadn’t canceled appointments or not made appointments when  told to. You know, those “follow up” visits where the doctor walks in after you spending hours waiting and shakes your hand and glancing at your chart.  They do ask you how you are feeling and you answer “fine” or “doing good” then there is the smile and pat on the arm and ask he/she is going out the door a reminder to “see you in three months”.  Rarely does he/she see me in three months unless i personally feel it is necessary.

But, I also know MANY people who run to the doctor for any little thing.  Their kid falls down and hurts his/her arm and instead of rubbing it and a kiss along with a Booboo Bunny with an ice cube in it the kid is rushed off for an x-ray.  An x-ray for a more serious accident or  if the arm is still giving much pain the next day is really soon enough.  And in most cases the kid will have been using the “broken” arm long before the next day.

Older people on Medicare are both abused by and abusive of the  over use of medical care.  I feel I am one of the abused as I am being told to use it much more often than I feel necessary.  On the other hand very many abuse the system out of  boredom and wanting attention.  Getting older means aches and pains for God’s sake so suck it up, take and Aleve  and get on with your life.  Often I want to scream when I am in a group of my peers and 90% of the conversation concerns our bodies and the unending doctor’s visits.

My son-in-law threw a hissy fit one day and banged the wall with his fist.  He then rushed to the doctor for an x-ray and a brace for his bruised not broken  hand.  So the abusers come in all age groups.

But all of these abusive uses of medical care by both young and old will continue as long as there is third payer payments with no significant co-pay by the patient.

It is my opinion that initial office visit should require  a co-pay of one third of the bill.  This will certainly cut down on the abusers of the system.  Then if the need is found to be serious the insurance plan should pay  all or most of any additional medical care expenses.   If this were implemented a lot of our tax dollars would be saved.

The next thing that MUST be done is to made Medicare means based.    Those who can afford their own insurance and medical care should pay for it.  Those who need supplemental help in paying for medical care should get the amount they need. and those who can not afford medical  care at all should then be placed on a Medicare/Medicaid  type program.  This would greatly solve so many problems with our system of health care.

Along with the above change should be a hard look at torte reform.  John Edwards of North Carolina became a millions-aire  helping aggrieved patients sue doctors.  Juries awarded outlandish amounts of money to people for spilling hot coffee on themselves when they put a cup of hot coffee between their legs while driving!  Juries always seem to want to blame the deed pockets with no concern that ultimately the public pays for these awards with higher costs of the goods.  No one wins with our current system except lawyers!  And doctors are forced to carry ever higher costing insurance to feed this system of what I consider extortion.

This is not to say bad medicare should not be rooted out and people should not be  helped when they have suffered.  20 years ago at University Community Hospital in Tampa  a man  with need of having his foot amputated due to diabetes  and the surgeon removed the wrong foot.  In this case the hospital  and doctors insurance should have  done everything necessary to make this man’s life as comfortable and “normal” as possible and THE SURGEON SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM EVER AGAIN PRACTICING MEDICINE.  In stead the surgeon and hospital was sued with the lawyers getting the lion’s share of the award and the man left to suffer for the rest of his life in a wheel-chaired forced to live on the tiny amount of the award and the surgeon as far as I know is probably still cutting on patients.  The torte system is just plain stupid and must be changed.

I sincerely think these changes would greatly improve our health care delivery system and it would get the government out of the show  except for the truly needy people.  Americans are giving caring people and are willing to pay for those who are in need, but  are angry at being scammed as they are today and will be even more so under Obamacare.   Sincerely  Brenda Bowers.

Now you may want to hear what someone else has to say, please do read the referred (blue) articles:

Obamacare Should Be Repealed, but That Should Be Just the First Step

by Dan Mitchell

Republicans in the House of Representatives are seeking to force a vote, using a discharge petition, on repealing Obamacare. This has caused some infighting since some Republicans want to simply repeal the monstrosity that passed earlier this year, while other GOPers are in the repeal-and-replace camp (Heritage Action is leading the pure repeal effort and National Review has good coverage here and here).

I’m not an expert on the politics of healthcare and discharge petitions, but my gut instinct is that a pure repeal vote is the best short-term strategy. Having said that, there should be no question that good policy requires much more than repeal. In this new Center for Freedom and Prosperity video, Eline van den Broek of the European Independent Institute explains that Obamacare should be repealed, but she also makes a key observation that the American healthcare system was in deep trouble even before that legislation was adopted and sweeping reforms are needed for Medicare, Medicaid, and the tax code’s healthcare exclusion.

I especially like the “Health Freedom Meter” in the video. Citing government data on the huge share of healthcare spending that already is being financed by taxpayers – and showing that only 12 percent is financed directly by consumers, the Health Freedom Meter shows that Obamacare moved America from having a healthcare system 67 percent controlled by government to a system 79 percent controlled by government. That’s obviously a step in the wrong direction, but it also makes clear that repealing Obamacare means a system that will still be burdened with far too much government invovlement and intervention.

Unfortunately, it is not clear if Republicans have the brains or the ….um…fortitude to push the sweeping reforms advocated in the video. Congressman Paul Ryan’s Roadmap is one of the few GOP proposals that contains some of the policies mentioned in the video (though that proposal is marred on the revenue side by the inclusion of a value-added tax).

( I want to add here that the Conservative House Republican Study Committee put forward a much more sensible solution  bill during the early part of the healthcare debate and it never got off the shelf in committee!  The President and Democrats were too much into calling the Republicans the Party of No to allow this bill to see the light of day.  If you want to see their bill go to the bottom of this page and click on health care.  Or better yet go to the “search box under the Recent Posts and search for “Conservative House Republican Study Committee Healthcare bill”.  BB)

The ultimate lesson to be learned from this issue is that more government is not the way to solve problems caused by government. Every time politicians intervene in the healthcare market, they pass some law that makes the system worse. They then say that the resulting problems require even more government intervention. I expect that I’ll be famous at some point (like Art Laffer for the Laffer Curve) for Mitchell’s Law, which  is the simple observation that “Bad government policy begets more bad government policy.” But I’d much prefer to remain anonymous because politicians stopped being such nuisances.


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Sick people will be even sicker when they discover that ObamaCare calls for them to be “Tweeted” by their doctors – no more office visits – SHOCKING details are at:

Peace! 🙂

Who pays for your health care?

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