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Census Officials in New York Instructed Workers to Falsify Questionnaires, Says Inspector General

Posted on: July 20, 2010 – Census Officials in New York Instructed Workers to Falsify Questionnaires, Says Inspector General.

There has always been some hanky panky when counting the census because the number of  people each state is allotted to the House of Representatives is  determined thru the census, or number of people living in a given area/state.   Over the last 50+ years since the transference of wealth thru welfare and other programs has become the largest job of the federal government the importance of the census has become  even more important.  The money each state or area gets from the various government programs is based on population.  The higher the population the more money a state/area receives.  Money is a very good reason some feel for overstating the population numbers.  As a result in recent years  the fraud and abuse has grown to the point where the census is all but useless and a more accurate count would be had from counting the number of people in the telephone books!  This year however with the general  acceptance and even encouraging of criminality  by the  Obama administration the fraud has reached  far beyond anything seen before in our history.

Obama originally tried to take control of the 2010 Census from the Department of Commerce where it has always been and put control of it in the White House.  this met with some backlash so he “compromised” by leaving it with the Commerce Department but putting in his own Czar to head the operation.  Then he insisted that ACORN be given the actual job of taking the census.  ACORN was still under investigation for voter registration fraud!    ACORN has since broken up into a multitude of  organizations with different names but the same agenda.  Needless to say some of these “new” organizations were involved with the census in different parts of the country.

The Inspector General for the Census has investigated whistle-blower accounts of fraudulent activities and found some to be true. ( If you will recall the Obama Administration is generally at odds with Inspector Generals reports.  Inspector Generals are people hired by  Congress to independently oversee  programs  and look for irregular or unlawful behavior.)

“…..the IG noted that during the Census Bureau’s efforts to re-count the fabricated questionnaires, employees charged with that task “were inferring the number of household residents through improper means.”

“The complaints specifically alleged that the [Brooklyn Northeast local Census office] manager and assistant manager for field operations had directed employees to falsify enumeration questionnaires using information from an Internet database rather than attempting to conduct in-person interviews as required by Census procedures,” Todd Zinser, IG for the Department of Commerce, stated in written testimony prepared for a hearing held by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Monday.


2 Responses to "Census Officials in New York Instructed Workers to Falsify Questionnaires, Says Inspector General"

This is simply a case of “business as usual” in our Empire State City of agonized logic.
One thinks of the old adage,”You can’t make Chicken Soup out of Chicken Poop.”
Questionable figures coming out of the Liberal bastions of the country will all reveal stats whose legitimacy is equal to those coming out of ACORN.

Dear Paul, We have a lot of Chicken Poop here in Greensboro, North Carolina too. 🙂 I guess it’s all over. Just gonna have to vote those “chicks” out of office. BB

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