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An Open Conspiracy To Slant the News. JournoList is a symptom, not the disease, of liberal media bias.

Posted on: July 26, 2010

An Open Conspiracy To Slant the News – Jonah Goldberg – National Review Online.

There has been a lot of talk in the past weeks about media bias.  We Conservatives have seen this going on since  Obama was nominated to run for President because the Liberal press wanted him to win.  Well they elected themselves a president and since have been trying to be deaf, dumb and blind to what is really happening in the nation.  A few of them however are starting to become disgusted at their own behavior and speaking out as they remember  the role of the press is.

It is no wonder that FOXNEWS outranks the other media by a scale of 5 to 1.  The American people are not stupid.  In many ways I am sorry to see those men and women I had once trusted to bring me the honest story now going down  into the muck of Obamanation.

This is a good article on the problem.  BB


1 Response to "An Open Conspiracy To Slant the News. JournoList is a symptom, not the disease, of liberal media bias."


This was a good article, but we knew this was going on since the “Community Organizer” was running for office. I do remember that in the beginning, it was obvious that networks like CNN, MSNBC and CBS were tainting the news, or should I say it like it was and that they were just plain lying about much of what was really going on.

I think one of the worst cover-ups was about Rev. Wright and the fact that Obama sat in that man’s church for twenty years, and that he was just like family, and yet, Obama didn’t know that he was a radical, and hated America. Right, and pigs can fly.

I don’t know how the journalists in this country ended up being on the wrong side of History in the making, but someday the damage they have done (and it’s massive), will come back to haunt them. What they did for recognition and money is a real shame. ss

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