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Reverse Racism, Journalistic Ethics—Are You Missing Something? – The Blog

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Reverse Racism, Journalistic Ethics—Are You Missing Something? – The Blog.

I keep telling my readers that Obamanation operators are masters at putting out “smoke” so they can pull the really big rip offs and take overs behind  the screen.  This blog The Blog. especially tries to keep you up on these behind the screen activities.

Reverse Racism, Journalistic Ethics—Are You Missing Something?

Posted by Jim Harper, July 25, 2010 at 1:57 pm

stack-of-moneyThe firing of Shirley Sherrod, controversy about alleged voter intimidation by the New Black Panther party, and, for some, the Journolist controversy are the stories of the week. And they’re important stories. But maybe they shouldn’t capture all of our attention.

While we watch charge and counter-charge about race or journalism, the federal government is making its spending plans for next year.

Appropriations bills—the annual bills that decide where the federal government will spend its money—are starting to move through Congress. Thousands of dollars in spending per U.S. family is being allocated right now.

Have your conversation about race and journalism, but you might consider keeping a watch on your wallet at the same time.

We wrote here and here about the first of the bills coming out. Now there are enough of them to make a chart worthwhile. So we’ve put one below!

As you can see, the Senate is ahead of the House, which has only produced a bill to fund Military/Veterans spending. The Senate bills include: Agriculture ($1,210 per U.S. family), Commerce/Justice/Science ($670), Energy & Water ($440), Homeland Security ($460), and Military/Veterans ($1,450).

The next question is: What can you do?

Clicking on a link below will take you to the page for that bill. From there, click “Read the Bill” in the “Learn More” box. You can review where each and every dollar goes.

Whether you pick through the spending or not, you can contact your Member of Congress and Senators to let them know whether you think the spending is too low or too high. (Here’s where to find out who they are: HouseSenate)

Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to his or her office. Pass along your views—be polite!—and make a note of it so you can follow up later in the process.

Understand this:  these dollar amounts are not the total amounts of the individual bills, but the AMOUNT EACH BILL COST JUST YOUR FAMILY.   THESE WERE HUGE SPENDING BILLS  ALL PASSED WHILE WE WERE LISTENING TO FEUDING  OVER KAGEN AND RACISM.

Spending Bill
House Bill
Senate Bill
Final Votes
Public Law
Vote (Y-N)
Vote (Y-N)
House (Y-N)
Senate (Y-N)
Budget Resolution
President does not sign
Commerce/Justice/Science S. 3636
Energy & Water
Financial Services
Homeland Security
Interior and Environment

Legislative Branch
State/Foreign Operations

* Cost per average-sized U.S. family; amounts are approximate; changes in interest rates alter net present value calculation


2 Responses to "Reverse Racism, Journalistic Ethics—Are You Missing Something? – The Blog"

The American people have missed a lot, by not educating themselves and keeping up with what is going on in Congress and the White House. I have to say, it is hard to keep up because of the “Smoke and Mirror” tactics that they have been using.

Needless to say, “Knowledge is Power” and we can take the “Power” away from these sneeky underhanded elected officials by voting them out of office in the Mid-term elections.

But it will take Americans who actually realize what is going on, in order to vote the elitists out of DC. The problem is that many of these Americans are just waking up, and don’t get the entire picture of how their “Freedom” has been taken away from them, while they refused to believe that losing our “Freedom” just could not happen because we are “America” and that just can’t happen here.

Wow, are they in for a surprise! While they refuse to believe that the “Change” that they voted for, is not the “Change” that they expected, they have actually given full rein of the Government to a man who is nothing more than a “Community Organizer” and a dangerous one at that. Why, because he’s good at it. That’s why it is important for Americans to educate themselves, so that they will be able to recognize a “Snake Oil” salesman when they see one.

Big government just posted a blog that said the drilling moratorium in the Gulf will cost 175,000 jobs a YEAR until 2035. Obama will just keep giving and giving long after he is gone. BB

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