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Rule by Decree. Obama has discovered a dangerous gap in the Constitution’s system of checks and balances.

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Rule by Decree – Mario Loyola – National Review Online.

President Obama has used the Presidential Decree more and more to get what he wants  without having to go thru congress when he knows Congress might not give him what he asks for.  This is a dictatorship!  We have lost our republic.

This article tells in detail how Obama used the Presidential Decree again and again to over rule  a judges decision to allow drilling to continue in the Gulf.  Obama wants the Cap and Trade energy bill and is willing to shut down an entire industry, put thousands of people out of work and make our nation even more dependent on foreign oil than we already are.

I have been hearing the word impeachment more and more and I truly believe it is time for Congress to show some guts and take back the power the constitution gives them and impeach this traitor to America.  BB


2 Responses to "Rule by Decree. Obama has discovered a dangerous gap in the Constitution’s system of checks and balances."

Well, Brenda I called for Impeachment a while ago. I’m not sure, but I think that a President can only be impeached by the House of Representatives (which basically means that they are the only ones who can bring charges against the President) and then it’s up to the Senate to vote on the impeachment. So, it takes both the House and then the Senate to remove him from office.

This is why this mid-term election is so very important. We cannot afford to let this “Community Organizer” slash, “Dictator” stay in power any longer and we can’t get him out of office with a Democratic majority in the Congress, they just won’t impeach him. So, you see why it’s so important that Americans wake up and “NOW”, or they can kiss the America they once knew “Good Bye”.

You have it right Snappy. the House and then the Senate confirms. Bill Clinton was impeached by the House but not by the Senate so he was not officially impeached.
What scares me is the lame duck Congress. They will be out for vengeance and willing to pass anything. I hope some wise Republican assures them that if they play around with bad legislation from November to January then the new congress will tamper with Congressional pensions. It is of course my hope that these pensions are made more reasonable anyhow since all these guy retire from the Congress as millionaires anyhow, but…. BB

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