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United Nations Entrenched Within Most Christian Denominations today

Posted on: July 29, 2010

Faultline USA: United Nations Entrenched Within Most Christian Denominations.

I don’t often blog about religion because tho I believe in Jesus and the Christian Bible  I haven’t found a denomination  that I feel is in agreement with my interpretation of the Bible.  Or, with my vision of the Creator and His reasons for creating mankind.  My Aunt Pauline, a lovely person and very wise, once told me that I would never find perfection so I will have to find a church that comes as close as possible to my beliefs and then ignore the rest.   She was wise but in this instance her advice was wrong; when one’s soul is at stake it is better to have no church on Earth than one in which only half truths (IMO)  are taught.

I have been searching for a church most of my life, or since my teens,  so I  tried to keep up with the changes within the various denominations over the years.    Because of this personal search and  close scrutiny of the doctrines held  to be true by the  governing bodies of the denominations I have watched the changes and been appalled at the  movement away from Godliness in the churches claiming Christ as their savior.

For this reason I highly recommend anyone who wants to save his or her soul  read this blog post to see what is being taught.  Most denominations are not open about their goals so often parishioners have no idea what their clergy truly believe.  They go and listen to the sermons and little by little they are being indoctrinated one small step at a time.

If you look around you will also find that you know ministers who have left their calling; some after many years behind the pulpit.  I personally know seven such past ministers.  Only two have discussed with me their reasons for leaving their ministry while the others  make some  excuse, and tho not defending their denominations they are reluctant to speak out.

You will find this blog post long but very informative.  Below is just a small sampling of  the content:

The left has been successfully mining the gullibility of American Christians for years. To prove just how successful the left has been in the infiltration of America’s Christian churches, take this little test.

Would you knowingly join, attend, support, or allow your children to be indoctrinated in a Christian church that . . .

*Promotes the moral equivalency of all forms of global spirituality
*Focuses on the creation of an earthly Utopia as opposed to “outmoded” notions of the Kingdom of Heaven
*Stresses “consensus” Christianity over sound theological foundations and Biblical authority.
*Teaches that all war is contrary to God’s will
*Is critical of capitalism and democracy
*Fosters the notion that American patriotism and sovereignty is akin to racism
*Accuses the U.S. of being the source of international poverty and unjust warfare
*Promotes a revolutionary leftist/Marxist social agenda often referred to as Liberation Theology
*Promotes multilateralism through international institutions where the UN and the International Court would overrule the U.S. Constitution
*Is actively working towards the implementation of a Global church and Global government overseen by the UN

Of course you wouldn’t knowingly be part of such a church unless you are a card-carrying leftist.

I hate to break it to you, but if you are an active member of any Christian church in America, it’s a strong probability that this is exactly what you are unknowingly supporting!

There are over 100,000 local congregations and 45 million Christians supporting the above goals – and most of these Christians don’t even know what they are supporting or that much of their money is going to tax-exempt leftist foundations!!!


2 Responses to "United Nations Entrenched Within Most Christian Denominations today"

Thank-you for your “diligent” pursuit of the Truth, and your Spiritual Gift & Talent of Discernment. I share your concerns about the current state of the church & religion. “Please” add me to your list for future Blog Updates on this Important Subject. May God Bless you and your Family…beyond measure.

Daniel Herman, Cheyenne, WY
Colossians 2:8

Thank you for your kind words Mr. Herman. I am not so sure I have a “spiritual gift” even tho God is my guiding light. I do however sometimes lose my temper and “Give ’em Hell” as they used to say about one of my favorite Presidents, Harry Truman.

Evil has taken over our government and we are about to lose our freedom; we are about to cease to be Americans.

i don’t have an email list Mr. Herman because I want people to come to me and read my blog when they want and not when it clutters up their email box. You can however do one of two things: 1) Subscribe to this page by clicking the orange box at the top of the page in your menu bar, or 2) just add me to your blog list and come by and visit when you can.

Sincerely, BB Brenda Bowers

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