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One Man, Six Votes (This is no joke. It is happening in America! BB)

Posted on: August 5, 2010

One Man, Six Votes.

Dear Readers I am so dumbfounded by this story.  How in the world can this be happening?  How have We the People allowed our judges to get away with  making their own laws?  California voters by 71% voted  that marriage is to be one man and one woman and made it an amendment to the  state Constitution.  And yesterday  a judge over turned the people’s wishes.  Juries are finding people guilty of murder and judges are ruling against the jury and setting the  murderers free.  Now a judge has ruled that one group of people should have six votes to the one vote others can have.   What has happened to one man one vote?

To fully understand this story you have to click on the  reference articles and videos at the end of each paragraph.   BB

Far Left doctrine, Racism, Voting, Voter’s rights

One Man, Six Votes

By Jim O’Neill  Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The west is sleeping in a fragile freedom
Forgotten is the price that was paid
Ten thousand years of marching through a veil of tears
To break a few links in these chains
These things come to us by way of much pain
Don’t let us slip back into the dark

One man, one vote—tell them when you see them One man, one vote—it’s the only way Johnny Clegg “One Man One Vote”

It’s not exactly news that a couple of months ago some social-activist judge in New York, ruled that every Hispanic vote in the town of Port Chester, NY, counts as six votes.  (

But the more I’ve thought about it, the more curious I’ve become, and I just want to ask the good people of Port Chester one thing—ARE YOU ALL FRIGGING BRAIN-DEAD?  (  (Listen to this report. BB)

It was Federal Judge Stephen Robinson who ruled that Port Chester’s conventional “one man, one vote” elections violated the Voting Rights Act. Robinson, who is black, is typical of the bigoted, anti-white racism, rampant among liberals.  (

As is their wont, the left-wing accuses conservatives of the very thing that they themselves embrace—in this case racism. This liberal phenomena seems to be made of equal parts pathological transference/projection, and a disingenuous, calculated hypocrisy.  (

(A short sidebar: Many people are now aware that fascism has always been a Far Left doctrine, despite their vociferous claims to the contrary. I pulled the following line from the American Nazi Party website: “…the two main tenants of National Socialism embodies the Struggle for Aryan Racial survival, and Social Justice for White Working Class people throughout our land.”  (

You won’t find any conservative website advocating “social justice.” “Social justice” belongs to the Left. Black racism, or white racism—the Left does love its bigotry).      (  (

Columnist Selwyn Duke notes that “The Voting Rights Act’s purpose was to ensure that everyone would have the opportunity to vote. Yet this ‘judge’ [Robinson] decreed that ‘one man, one vote,’ and the attendant majority rule, violate the act if they don’t yield a politically correct result. …No, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Toto…I’m not even so sure we’re in America.” (

What in the world is wrong with the people in Port Chester? Why is that preposterous excuse for a judge, still sitting on the bench? They should have run him out of town on a rail the day he came out with his anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-constitutional ruling.  (

But I forget, we’re talking about “the great liberal North-East”—where people have forgotten what a backbone is, and what individual liberty means. They’re all about “social justice,” entitlements, and a “living” Constitution, aren’t they? They probably think “one man, six votes” is a swell idea. Sheeple—your gulag awaits.    (

Well, maybe not—given the neo-Nazi nature of the current regime in Washington D.C., perhaps “gulag” isn’t the most apropos term. (

I’ll tell you what, if you like the idea of giving out extra votes—why not give everybody six votes? There’s equality for you. There’s your “social justice.” Redistribution of votes, to go along with redistribution of wealth.    (

I mean, you don’t have to give everyone six votes all at once—you can work up to it.

Two votes for “being opposed to capitalism;” a vote—and-a-half for “supporting a carbon credit tax;” another vote-and-a-half for “voting for amnesty….” You’ll have your six votes for everyone, before you know it.  Simplicity itself.  (

Heck, I’d want at least four votes merely for being a white, Christian, Irish-American, male. (Need I spell out for you the various ways in which I’m a downtrodden, discriminated against, hapless product of America’s imperialist racism)?    (

Why the possibilities are endless. Why didn’t we think of this before? Doh!

(For any liberal readers—you can stop nodding your heads in agreement. I was being sarcastic).

“One man, one vote,” (or more correctly, “one person, one vote”), is at heart, a sacrosanct element of America’s electorial system—although it has certainly been tinkered with by social-activist judges in the past. (

The vile idea of more than one vote per person, is anathema to a free republic, and a perverse twisting of the electorial system.  (

The insidious practice of “cumulative voting” must be quickly stamped out like a newly lit brush fire, and squashed like some noxious species of cockroach.  (

Hear me all of you social-activist lawyers and judges—your days are numbered. “We the people” are coming for you.

It will not happen overnight, but it will happen. Your stabbing America in the back, will be repaid. We will not forget your traitorous words and actions.  “We the people” have been taking notes, and writing down names. Count on it.

A sea-change is upon the country, and it’s not the one that Progressives and their Power Elite cohorts envisioned.


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