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President Obama signs $26 billion jobs bill to aid state payrolls

Posted on: August 11, 2010

President Obama signs $26 billion jobs bill to aid state payrolls.

The President signed the No-Name Bill I blogged on in the previous post!  There was no mention of the failure of the Senate to name the Bill so the House must have passed it as is: still a No-Name Bill.   That doesn’t negate the fact that we tax payers have been had again Name or No-Name.  It also means that states who’s governments have taken steps necessary to reduce spending  and stayed within their budget are getting hit to bail out states who have spent their way into debt.  I don’t see this states bail out setting well with debt free states. BB

President Obama approved a final spurt of spending Tuesday to shore up the sluggish recovery, signing into law a $26 billion plan to save the jobs of thousands of teachers and other government workers. The measure brings total direct federal spending on the economy to nearly $1.2 trillion since the nation descended into recession in late 2007.

Republicans derided the measure as a handout to teachers’ unions, a key Democratic constituency, and argued that it would be no more successful at promoting a robust economy than the massive stimulus package Obama signed shortly after taking office in January 2009.

In a midday vote, the House approved the bill 247 to 161, with all but two Republicans voting no. The measure would provide governors with an additional six months of federal assistance: $10 billion for education and about $16 billion for Medicaid, which will allow them to avoid shifting cash away from other priorities.

The sum is about half what Obama requested. Democratic leaders were forced to scale back the package by rank-and-file Democrats concerned about how more spending would play with angry voters. They also had to cover the cost of the measure so that it would not increase future deficits. The bill includes nearly $10 billion in new taxes on U.S. multinational corporations that do business abroad, and it rescinds after 2014 an increase in food stamp payments enacted in last year’s $862 billion stimulus package.

By voice vote, the House also approved a $600 million bill to shore up surveillance and security along the troubled U.S.-Mexico border. Senate leaders said they could return to Washington to push that measure to final passage as soon as next week.  (More on this in the next post.  BB)


3 Responses to "President Obama signs $26 billion jobs bill to aid state payrolls"

This bill is just another handout to Unions, and I’m sick of the entire mess. We rank 12th in the world in producing college graduates. Many of our high school students are dropping out of high school before they graduate.

And Obama wants to save the jobs of the teachers who are teaching these kids. This is bailout bill is to keep the union people happy until after the election, by greasing their palms with our tax money.

This bailout bill is about votes, and campaign contributions and about keeping our young stupid so they can’t figure out why they will never be qualified for even a minimum wage job. Nope, this bailout is to level out the playing field so all American children will be dumber than dumb and will have to settle for welfare and live out their lives under government control. ss

Right on Snappy. We had better get a handle on the unionization of public employees fast. It used to be that government workers were prohibited from joining unions because they were employees of the people and being paid with tax dollars and there was the concern that they would hold the public for ransom. In return they got secure jobs that would never have lay offs or go out of business. Now they have unions and we are fast heading for the disaster of the European countries whose government workers are destroying the countries. Key word: Greece!

Just when will reality hit Americans in the head so that they wake up? It’s coming but way too slow. This goes to show you just how long these teachers have been on the job, with their tenure in place, and now their unions in control.

They have produced “Idiots, Brain Dead” Americans, you know who they are the 20-40 year olds, the ones who are now in charge of our banks, corporations, and who hold all kinds of positions where decisions are made. They have no world experience yet run the whole show, and look America, what they have done. Does the “Roman Empire” spark a thought?

In the old days when people were actually educated and smart, one would have to wait until they had been on the job for maybe 15 -20 yrs before they were even considered for a VP position. They had years of on the job training and experience.

Today these incompetents who just graduate from college go out and expect to be a VP in a year on the job. No experience, just a degree. Okay, I will admit there is some really smart ones in the group, but it’s not the majority. The smart ones would be equivalent to a protégé’ or savant, not a C- average, collage graduate, who partied his way through collage and whose daddy owns the company or who has connections and gets him a job.
Or better yet, has a friend who graduated the year before and gives him a job. Bottom line most are not prepared to work in the real world of business, but are too full of themselves to learn and earn their way up the ladder.

These unqualified teachers, who have been paid to teach, yet, passed one kid after another who speaks Eubonics or very little understandable English, can’t read past a 4th grade level, from one grade to the next, until the student finally drops out of high school, because he hates the fact that he’s stupid, need to be removed from their jobs any way we can do it, and replaced with people who really want to teach and not just get a paycheck, pension and VIAGRA!

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