And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Going over the top or maybe just losing it. BB

Posted on: August 24, 2010

This was a comment to a commenter. LOL My “comments” are I admit are overwhelming and rambling and so far off the original topic.  Dear Lord how my readers tolerate me is beyond my understanding.

Anyhow,  I got it off my chest and maybe I have said something  someone might find of interest to either agree of disagree. BB

My coming of age was between Korea and Vietnam and at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement. Turmoil right from the get go. It was also the beginning of the Women’s rights movement when token women were hired but then put in their place and they dam well better stay there. I had to sit through staff meetings and listen to men with Ph.D’s yack nonsense on and on about education reform that was nothing but social engineering and dumbing down the population. Of course they had never been in the classroom so knew nothing about teaching but they did the writing of text books for both the public schools and the universities. (In fact they are still writing for the universities! Professors who have never taught writing text on teaching while their student aid does the actual classroom work. changing a few paragraphs ever other year so the students are required to purchase new texts. do I sound like i was a mad as Hell professional woman?

Well, I was also involved in the Civil Rights movement. Then I had to watch it all disintegrate after Blacks got equality. The Jessie Jackson’s and Al Sharptons sprang up and demanded more than equality. I knew Mr. King and he would have been as saddened as i am at what has happened to Blacks. With these perverts claiming the victimization of Blacks and demanding more compensation for their “victims” we created the welfare state and proceeded to we put them right back into the state of slavery. A slavery of dependency where they are free to do as they please except to rise out of the cage of poverty and ignorance.

On the other side Black radical jerks and White university fools forced quotas which are still in effect. Forced mediocrity! The case of the New Jersey’s fireman’s Supreme Court ruling was a blessing for all Blacks where they will have to work for what they get. Police departments and government court houses all over the country have been at the mercy of the unqualified for decades now but that will change in the near future I believe. That is, if America manages to get thru this Assault of Evil that we are now facing.

Now please understand me: I am not a racist. In 1959 I was an 18 year old White girl going into Black neighborhoods in West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky helping Blacks become registered to vote. This took everything from teaching them to write their name to teaching history so they could pass the tests that some counties required. Probably this is why I am so dismayed at what has happened to the movement and the things we tried to do and how it all went wrong.

Behind it all tho was the communist. Stalin said that America would fall to communism and not a shot would be fired. On my site I have the videos of a former KGB agent who fled to the US. In 1983 he gave a series of talks that explained EXACTLY what happened and why. You will find Uri Bezmenov under Subverting America on my side bar.  It all was explained and in 1983  we failed to take heed and make the moves to avoid where we are today.  Obama was just waiting in the wings.   Or, rather just being prepared for  his part.  This man came out of nowhere.  the only people who can give evidence  of his existence before this are those who are in league with him.  it is so strange that there are no records or friends from schools or neighborhoods who can speak for this man and this family.  Just out of Nowhere!  BB

I have talked entirely too much. :)


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