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How Activists Can Install Reformers on Corporate Boards – Newsweek

Posted on: September 1, 2010

How Activists Can Install Reformers on Corporate Boards – Newsweek.

I hope my readers read this whole article and think clearly about what it this new ruling by SEC.  I believe it is a move in the right direction to give shareholders some say in the companies they are invested in.   Boards are made up of very friendly CEO’s of other companies in most cases.  They serve on each others Boards and this allows for the unholy salaries and perks the CEO’s receive.    They feather each others nests regardless of how bad the CEO’s are running the company.

It is true that the unions now have an opening to a seat on the Boards.  But so do you.  The issue of the unions is another matter that our government MUST address.  Federal and all other government employees should not be permitted to  join any national unions.  They can have local groups but no large national organization which would give them  unlimited power over the tax payer.

The new rule allows shareholders to field their own candidates for corporate boards and place them on the same ballot as management’s picks. Sought by advocates of corporate accountability for more than 30 years,

Government workers  have the benefit of always having a job regardless of the economy.  There are few or no lay offs.  this should be considered when wages and salaries and benefits are considered.  However over the years government workers wages and benefits out paced the tax payers who support them.  The Average government worker receives $70,000 in wages and approximately $120,000 in benefits and retirement.   The average tax payer like you and me receives $45,000 in wages and  $75,000 in benefits.  Now government workers are allowed to join national unions and demand anything they want from us.  They can actually shut down governments  and all government services.  They have the public in a choke hold people!  We need to do something about this situation of unions.  We should not spend our efforts on this new SEC ruling! BB


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