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Labor Day Has Become Government Day and bigger Unions Day

Posted on: September 6, 2010

Morning Bell: Labor Day Has Become Government Day | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..

Government workers are more and more members of unions and are shaking the tax payers down.

Blackmail is the name of the game:  You give us more or we shut off your water or fail to deliver you mail causing you to be late on payments due.  Or we shut down your schools and sent all the students home for working families to have to make other arrangements for child care.  the list of things the unions can do to get their way is endless when the unions control our governments which provided needed services.

Should Government employees be allowed to join unions?  There was a time when the job security these jobs offered was considered adequate compensation for not allowing union and bargaining for wages and benefits.

I heard on FOXNEWS  today that just two unions are giving  are giving a total of $90 Million to Democrats for this election alone.  Democrats because of this money extorted from workers in the guise of union dues  is being used to  enhance the campaign funds of politicians they feel will give them even more of a hold over the tax payer.

And don’t be fooled by the fact that this election the Democrats are getting the unions dollars because may Republicans in the past have been buddies with the union also.  Watch carefully who you vote for and get his/her promise to reduce the power of unions in our public sector (government employees).BB

This Labor Day marks a milestone in the history of the U.S. union movement. It is the first Labor Day on which a majority of union members in United States work for the government. In January the Department of Labor reported that union membership in government has overtaken that in the private sector. Three times as many union members work in the Post Office as in the entire domestic auto industry. The face of the union movement is not a worker on the assembly line but a clerk at the DMV.

This is a dramatic shift for the union movement. The early trade unionists did not believe that unions had a place in government. They believed the purpose of unions was to redistribute business profits from owners to workers and the government makes no profits. Not until the 1960s did unionizing government employees become widespread. Now government employees make up 52 percent of all union members.

So what? Why should Americans care if unions are now dominated by workers who get their paychecks from governments, instead of workers who get their paychecks from private firms? There’s one simple reason: private firms face competition; governments don’t.

Collective bargaining, the anti-trust exemption at the heart the labor movement’s power, was created to help workers seize their “fair share” of business profits. But if a union ends up extracting a contract from a private firm that eats up too much of the profits, then that firm will be unable to reinvest those resources and will lose out to competitors. But when a union extracts a generous contract from a government, there is no check on that spending. Instead of being forced out by more efficient competitors, the government just raises taxes.

The shift from private to public sector has fundamentally changed organized labor’s priorities. Unions used to support policies that would help their private sector employers grow. But now that they are largely dependent on the government, the only growth that unions are interested in is the growth of government. So unions push for tax increases across the country. Consider recent union activism:

Government unions are the backbone of the Obama dependency economy. Taxpayers should not have to subsidize union campaigns, much less those that call for tax increases. At the very least Congress should end the automatic payroll deduction of union dues.

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12 Responses to "Labor Day Has Become Government Day and bigger Unions Day"

Well, there is much more to be done as far as DC is concerned and since the American people have finally gotten off their couches and are out in the real world getting involved in Politics, I can only say that they have a lot more work ahead of themselves, and almost no time to finish it.

The government workers should not be in a union. The government takes good enough care of them. My thought is that all Unions in this country (and I know I will get lots of flack for this statement) should be eliminated. I grew up in the auto capitol of the world and believe me Unions at one time had a reason to exist, but not any longer.

The only thing they do today is pay for lobbyists and candidates running for office. They have the ear of this President and are constantly insisting on this or that.

Well, it is my opinion that unless somebody starts using their brains in this country and gets rid of the Unions, then we will never have an economic recovery.

People in power in the Unions; don’t have any common sense, or any loyalty to our country as a whole. These Union leaders live high off the hog, on the dues of their members. They also make the decisions on whom or which candidate gets millions of Union money to run for office.

When will Americans wake up? If they don’t start looking after themselves, and stop believing what every Tom, DICK, and Harry says, then you might as well call us doomed.

If no one has gotten it yet, we or lets say our Leader and his Congressional gang, along with the Unions are selling the rest of us done the river. Their concern is only that they and their families have enough money and power to survive.

There is a saying that many should start thinking about, “The Survival of the Fittest”, well at this point the fittest are the fat cats and crooked Congressmen in DC.

They will survive, but will you?? ss

Indeed there certainly was a need for unions at one time because companies were treating their employees like expendable cattle. Now the pendulum has swung the other way and union are treating the employers like ATM machines. This is especially so for government (public sector) workers! We need to swing the pendulum back and make it against the law for government employees to belong to large national unions. It used to be like that. BB

I think government employees should be prohibited from union membership. They work for the people and in effect they are part owners in the very company their unions are trying to rape.

Maybe we should all work for the government. Oh wait that’s what they did in the USSR. Too bad kids don’t remember how bad that was. Now union teachers almost glorify the former USSR and kids in High School (like my son) are forced to take a class called, “Problems with Democracy.”

WE simply HAVE to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! “Problems with Democracy” Huh? Is there a required course for “Problems with Communism”? BB

Nope! My wife and I were not happy. There are problems with every form of government and if the goal was to make kids aware of that the course would have covered governments of all kinds. But no, they only criticize Democracy.

To Editor: Chronicles of Deliusion BB

I don’t know if my mind is going or what, but it seems to me that when I was young and attending public school, (one, I might add that was well funded) there was a curriculum that was in place for all teachers. It seems today that these teachers and now its Union teachers teach whatever they want to teach.

I’m specifically thinking about all those kids singing those “Obama” songs when he was running for office. I mean, just what right do these teachers have bringing politics into the classroom, when it is their party they are pushing? This was not a “Politically Correct” thing to do (I hate that phrase).

And wasn’t there a problem at some school assembly Friday, (I didn’t hear the entire news story) about some blood drive employee presenting a video that wasn’t appropriate? Like I said “I didn’t see the whole story”? In my day this video, or what ever it was, was checked out by the Principle before it was shown to the students.

Just what the heck are these Union Principles doing? Just what is their job that they don’t have time t o check out a video or program that is presented to the students, by a non-teacher, yet, before it is presented?

And while I’m at it I might ask, why are you and the other parents not complaining about this outrageous class that your children are being forced into taking. Just what is their agenda that they are teaching the kids “What is Wrong with America”? Hasn’t Obama taken care of that point-of-view in his speeches to foreign countries? Just how much America bashing are people going to take before they do something about it?

As far as I’m concerned I would have gotten a bunch of parents together and held a meeting at the school or Board of Education and insisted this class be dropped from the curriculum. Please pay attention to what your children are being taught in school, you might life to regret it, if you don’t.

If Americans let these traitors get away with this stuff, they will continue to do un-American things. That’s been the problem all along; no one says anything to those who are pulling all of these un-American activities.

People need to start checking out the agenda’s of the people they are voting into Superintendent jobs, and keep them from brainwashing American children. Before you know it our children will be like the German children during WWII turning their parents in to the Gestapo. ss

Snappy, I wanted to be a school teacher almost from elementary school on because to me being an elementary teacher is the most important job next to parenting that man has created. No one, and I mean NO ONE out there doing their jobs would be there if someone did not teach them to “read, write and ‘”cipher ” as they say. But Honey I have to tell you that when I got to college it was the dumbest bunch of students who took teacher education classes. Maybe this was because this was because unfortunately this was the easiest major. We were required to take a little of everything (history, science, math, English, Literature etc.) but only the first two or three basic classes in each subject. With only and handful of classes on education and children and how to teach ( which taught us nothing because they were taught as is the case 99% of the time by people who had NEVER been in a classroom and who read and taught from texts written by people who had never been in a classroom! This is probably why teachers are and always have been the dumbest professionals in the country!– bar none!

Not a lick of common sense in the bunch so you get little 5 year old boys being charged with sexual assault when he kisses a little girl playmate. And a zillion other things that I could name. And as far as having to teach a certain curriculum this is true except that the department of education in every state I taught in required at least three times more hours spent on the state mandated curriculum than there were hours in the week. So teacher generally ignored state mandates and yes taught what they more or less wanted. However, an adult is expected to use some intelligence in choosing subject matter and these fools never did and certainly with the degradation in our university educations never will show a modicum of common sense let alone intelligence.

I never associated much outside of the school with my colleagues. And, this unfortunately included my colleagues at the university! In fact, I found the professors of most areas of study, not just education, to be on par with our current President in intelligence.

Hope this answered your comment and questions if you had any concerning my opinion of the American education system. BB

Oh and as for principals, well they are usually men who have to serve a term of two years in the classroom before being shuffled up to a desk job in the administration or school. This is why the men went into teaching because it is the easiest route to a desk job. Where you find a female principal even today you can figure at least she had a few more years in the classroom. BB

There were then, and are now, only a small percentage of teachers, both male and female, who truly wanted to be in the classroom and felt they were in one of the highest callings next to parenting and perhaps preachers. BB

My friend Delusion, Perhaps this is why so many parents are choosing to home school. I hope you read my comment to Snappy.

i was however very heartened this year when i watched the Texas text book commission choose the text books for the state of Texas. Texas is usually a standard because they purchase so many text books so they use these in all of the states. Some critics of the Texas choices (Progressives) were saying that since text were so easy to print it would be easy for other states to choose what they preferred included in their own texts. Don’t hold you breath on that one because publishers are in the business of making money and the printing of the book is the least expensive item in the publishing of a text. The publishers will be pushing the Texas model.

The debate between the Conservatives and Progressives in Texas was on TV but I don’t remember where. Probably C-SPAN. BB

Brenda I watched it also, it was pretty interesting. I don’t remember, now were it was either. What upsets me is that there were people that actually want to change our history.. basically they don’t think it’s important enough to teach our children.

It is a shame that the parents in this country do not take enough interest in what their children are being taught. Many don’t have the time they say, because both parents work. Well, a lost of them are out of work right now, so I hope they are paying attention, at least this year. I went to a fantastic high school. So, when I married my husband and I moved to my home town, because I wanted my children, when I had t hem to go to the same schools I went to. I paid attention to what teachers they had and what classes they took. I can remember that when each of them were taking American History, I went to the school each time my kids were going to take the class, and had them switched to the teacher I had, when I was in school. Believe me this guy was good.
I wanted my kids to enjoy the learning about our country from a man who knew how to teach it. Both of them got loved the teacher and the class.

As for teachers not having common sense, well that could be why so many voted for Obama and why so many networks are pushing his agenda. No, common sense. I guess you and I atteneded school before idiots took over.

Actually at my age I would like to go back to college and take education classes, but I don’t think I would get hired, because I’m too old. But I certainly could teach these kids today a thing or two. Oh well, maybe in another life! ss

I certainly do pay attention to what my kids are taking in school. That is why we objected to Problems with Democracy. We think problems exist in all forms of government and educating kids on the pros and cons of every form of government is a good things. Specifically targeting democracy is naturally an attack on American civilization.

One of the early lessons we’ve taught our kids is that you cannot believe everything the teacher tells you. You must learn to be able to critically think about things and determine what is “theory” and what is established fact. “George Washington was a deist not a Christian,” is an opinion not a fact. “The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776” is a fact.

We actually home school one of our children. He is mildly autistic and the public school system could not deal with him. They were ruining his education by placing him in a box he did not fit. We’re on the hairy edge of taking the other 2 out.

I just hate the isolation that comes from HS. People say oh its not true I take mine to this groups or that program but my wife and I do need to work as well as home school so the time becomes compromised and education and making a living trump third party socialization. And we’re left with church twice a week and a handful of neighborhood kids.

I’m sorry, Brenda. I think I side tracked the original topic.

Hey Delusion you just go ahead and side track any time you want. You always have something of importance to say. BB

I don’t know how I feel about the socialization of home schooling. At least you control the type of people they socialize with and believe me the public schools are a reflection of society. I once told a friend who was a teacher (one of the few who were actually teachers!) that I was thinking about going back to the elementary classroom. She told me that i wouldn’t like how it had changed in just 10 years and unless I was okay with four letter words coming from 6 year old mouths then I should stay where I was. BB

I am glad you are making a point of having your children question everything. I taught my own students this. And even as low as third grade they could spot a fib over a fact. I would test them by throwing in an inaccurate statement in the middle of a class. The hands would go up immediately. I did this so that they would continue to question and I knew that I would probably be the only person/teacher to teach them how to think for themselves and not just swakllo0w hold because a teacher told you something.

Besides they really loved catching Mrs. B in a “goof” even when she made it hard by being very close to the truth. 🙂 BB

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