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I Remember, I will never forget and I believe in America. BB

Posted on: September 11, 2010

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I Believe – A 9/11 Tributeby ladyamanda1231,310,875 views

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Saturday, September 11, 2010, MSNBC played the 911 live broadcast most of the day. Then Saturday night there was a movie that I found by accident on one of the cable stations that was about flight 93 which was the plane that went down in Pennsylvania on 911, and it was sad but made me proud of the fact that there were Americans who basically knew they were going to die, but still went out fighting to survive, by trying to overtake the terrorists on their flight.

I swear I don’t remember any of the news stations running the tapes of 911 the previous anniversaries. I know I have seen outtakes of the day but not the filming of everything that happened that day.

I started thinking why MSNBC was doing this. I thought they were a left wing network and as such would not play back the entire 911 event, for fear the White House would have a fit.

It seems there can only be a few reasons they did this. They know they would get the ratings. (This sounds crass but let’s face it, they are in business to make money)

2. Could it be they are finally changing their point-of-view? I doubt it.

3. Could it be that they don’t want the Mosque to be built at Ground Zero and they figured they needed to get more Americans to stand up and protest the building of the Mosque? Which, if you watched any of MSNBC’s broadcast that day Americans would definitely be angry and protest the construction.

4. Was it just to make Obama look stronger as a President, by his statements that he’s all for the Mosque being built there, and when it is, the world (not Americans) will see him as a strong leader, because it was built even though by now it has to be 80%+ of the Americans don’t want it there, yet it won’t matter because he’s the President and gave his sign of approval?

I have no idea if this was a plan to help make the President look good, or was it a plan to finally be on the right side, the American peoples side?

I don’t know! I will say that I have never been for the Mosque to be built at Ground Zero. There is no way this building will help bridge any gap between Muslims and Christians (in fact, it has made the relationship between the two groups more distant) as they claim is the reason for the Mosque to be built there. In fact I think Americans have been very nice to the Muslims who live in our country. I live very near a large population of Muslims in America and I have not seen the Arab community being treated badly.

Nor do I believe that this is in any way anything but a monument to the terrorists who crashed into the World Trade Center. It’s their way of sticking it to us one more time.

I think Obama had better start treating the American people with a little more respect and forget about playing up to countries that do not deserve the respect that he so easily gives, at America’s expense.

This Mosque is a bad idea. The terrorists did not just attack New York, they attacked America. The survivors do not just live in New York. America was attacked on 911, and the whole country is a 911 survivor.

It’s time the Iman takes Donald Trumps offer to buy them out for 25% more than this waiter from New York paid for the property (right, a waiter?) and leave town. ss

This anniversary of 9/11 received much more news coverage than the others. I wondered why to since I expect the tenth anniversary to get a really big play. Somehow I think it has a great deal to do with the Ground Zero mosque/monument to victory.

The one thing I do remember about 9/11 was the pride I felt in Americans and our response to this attack. The people who were heroes all thru this first few days were too many to count. BB

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