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OH Town Says Group Can’€™t Celebrate Constitution in Town Square | The Blaze

Posted on: September 15, 2010

OH Town Says Group Can’t Celebrate Constitution in Town Square | The Blaze.

UPDATE: Judge Temporarily Stops Ohio Township from Blocking Tea Party Constitution Day Rally

This town council  should be  Believe it or Not  Freaks.  BB

OH Town Says Group Can’t Celebrate Constitution in Town Square

    The Andover Tea Party of Andover, OH had planned on celebrating Constitution Day, September 17, with a gathering at the town square. Not so fast, say the town trustees:

    But on July 19, a trustee informed one of the tea party organizers, Margaret Slingluff, that they would not be allowed to hold the event, which would have included singers performing patriotic songs and public policy-related speakers, in the square. In an official letter dated Aug. 25, the trustee said the reason was “due to your group’s political affiliation.”

    The trustees cited a local resolution that  “prohibit[s] any for-profit advertising or political signs on the Andover Square.” According to the Party’s executive directer Maurice Thompson,  “permission to use the square is made by the trustees on a case-by-case basis.”

    The group has filed a lawsuit against the town. You can read the entire story on


    2 Responses to "OH Town Says Group Can’€™t Celebrate Constitution in Town Square | The Blaze"

    The tragedy of this situation is that the trustees decision is predicated upon false assertions and the ruling is an absolute violation of freedom of speech guaranteed in the constitution.

    As citizens of the United States, the victims are being denied the right to publicly express how we must stand and demand the preservation of those freedoms that were made and subsequently paid for with American blood and lives over the past two hundred and thirty-four years of our nation’s history.

    It is certainly time to throw all the old school brain washed, politically correct politicians out of office and I think it will happen as more and more things like this happen. The people in this town who had no opinion before this happened are now angry at the decision of the town council.

    And altho a judge overturned the town council ruling he is one of the few conservative Constitutional judges left in this country so I believe we will also have to take a long look at the judicial statutes also. This thing of serving for life has got to change. BB

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