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think congress is done spending? Think again!

Posted on: September 20, 2010

Budgeting and Spending Failure: Where’s the Outrage!? – The Blog.
We only hear of the big spending bills that come up like TARP and STIMULUS and BUDGETS.  But these are just the tip of the iceberg that is the spending that goes on almost daily behind the scenes in Congress.

If any of you have subscribed to the Blog then you, like me, probably get a  heavy dose of heart burn on a daily basis.  I don’t know why I put myself thru this but I just can’t seem to stop; just plain silly I guess :).

Anyhow, please read the spending that our Congressmen are currently looking at and approving.  Probably the whole bunch will be put together and voted with one vote so the Congress men can get on to more important things like a round of golf!   I truly hope we  have a clean sweep of this entrenched smug elitist group of  both Democrats and Republicans this November. BB

Budgeting and Spending Failure: Where’s the Outrage!?

Posted by Jim Harper, September 19, 2010 at 4:10 pm

money-fallingThe new fiscal year starts on October 1st. That’s less than two weeks away. And almost a full slate of spending bills for the coming year have been introduced in the Senate. That’s right—the Senate has only just begun working on spending plans for the new fiscal year. The House has introduced a mere two spending bills.

The whole budgeting and spending process was supposed to be completed by the end of June. This is one of Congress’ most basic responsibilities. One might think that the government is on auto-pilot…

But what’s most interesting is that nobody seems to notice! The Sunday shows this weekend focused mostly on the candidacy of Tea Party favorite and Sarah Palin endorsee Christine O’Donnell (R) in Delaware.

There are interesting things happening there. But if the Tea Party is interested in spending, taxing, and borrowing, some of the biggest spending decisions of the year are being made right now, somewhere in the halls of Congress.

[Update: Well, someone noticed. The folks at blogged about it a couple of weeks ago.]

So, what do you do about it?

Your member of Congress is up for election in November. Many senators are too. Why don’t you call them and ask what is going to happen with budgeting and spending for the new fiscal year, starting October 1.

You might pay special attention if you’re represented by a few key people—or if you know someone who is.

Below are the states that have representatives serving on the appropriations committees—the committees that handle the annual spending bills. If there’s an asterisk next to the state, a senator from that state is on the Appropriations Committee. Non-asterisk states only have someone in the House. Some states might have both. Alabama,* Alaska,* Arizona, Arkansas,* California,* Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii,* Idaho, Illinois,* Indiana, Iowa,* Kansas,* Kentucky,* Louisiana,* Maine,* Maryland,* Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,* Missouri,* Montana,* Nebraska,* New Hampshire,* New Jersey,* New York, North Carolina, North Dakota,* Ohio,* Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,* Rhode Island,* South Dakota,* Tennessee,* Texas,* Utah,* Vermont,* Virginia, Washington,* West Virginia, Wisconsin.*

Now look at these two lists: House / Senate. See who from your state is on the House or Senate Appropriations Committee.

If it’s your senator or representative, call and ask what’s going on. Dial (202) 224-3121 and ask for your representative’s office. (When you get through, be nice.) Maybe you could report what you learn in the comments below. But just asking about this will communicate that you want things to change. If they don’t, you have a vote in November. And you also should help organize others to put pressure on Congress.

If you aren’t represented by anyone on one of the Appropriations Committees, send this blog post to a friend or family member in a state who is!

Ask them to touch base with Congress to find out what is happening with the federal budget and the spending bills for fiscal year 2011. Again, the new fiscal year starts October 1st—that’s right around the corner.

Here are the current bills and the amount of money they spend per U.S. family. (Please understand that these amounts may look small but that is money coming out of your pocket directly.  It is only the small amount your family owes for the entire bill! Multiply that amount by all the families in the United States.  Tip: When stating the amount of taxes per family studies always include  in the count the 47% of  families who pay no taxes.  So if you are one who does pay income taxes just double the amount shown.  This being the case and me not being one who pays income taxes you might think that I don’t really care what it costs you “fat cats”, but it does because it is you “fat cats” who employ my friends neighbors and family most likely.  And if you “fat cats” decide to stop spending your investment dollars on businesses that employ people then my  friends, neighbors and family are in bad trouble; trouble like we are in right now in fact.  BB) The House has barely gotten out of the gate. The total amount the Senate proposes to spend—so far—is just over $20,000 per U.S. family. It’s up to you to oversee the Congress that oversees that spending.

Spending Bill
House Bill
Senate Bill
Final Votes
Public Law
Vote (Y-N)
Vote (Y-N)
House (Y-N)
Senate (Y-N)
Budget Resolution
President does not sign
Commerce/Justice/Science S. 3636
Defense S. 3800
Energy & Water
Financial Services
Homeland Security
Interior and Environment
Labor/HHS/Education S. 3686 $7,420
Legislative Branch
State/Foreign Operations S. 3676 $500
Transportation/HUD H.R. 5850 $1,320 S.3644 $1,310

* Cost per average-sized U.S. family; amounts are approximate; changes in interest rates alter net present value calculation

Oh. and I forgot to mention:  When Congress passes a spending bill you can bet that at a minimum one fourth of the money is for ear marks!  BB  Don’t know what ear marks are?  you really should look it up.  BB


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