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American Thinker: A Depression May Be Our Best Hope

Posted on: September 22, 2010

American Thinker: A Depression May Be Our Best Hope. I have been saying this for several decades now.  When Clinton, Bush One and Perot were running in 1992  I explained to my children who were voting in their first Presidential election  what voting for any one  of the candidates meant. Voting for Clinton meant more government and bigger  spending programs that the country simply could not afford to continue.  In fact the ones already established would fail sometime in the future and my generation would be the last to see these programs even for a few decades. Voting for Bush One  meant more of the same policies we had had for the past decade that had started with Reagan.  However  remember that Reagan preached that “government was the problem” and the need for smaller government,  but the  size of the federal and states government GREW even under Reagan, and have continued to grow since. A vote for Ross Perot  was really a throw away vote.  The most that could be accomplished was to send a message to Congress  that the people wanted the Congress to stop spending and for the federal government to get out of our lives and stop growing.  Ross Perot got 19% of the votes cast.  However the Congress nor any other politicians at any level of government got the message 19% of us were trying  to send. My daughter seemed to sum up how she and her brother and their generation felt at that point:  She said, “Well why not vote for Clinton because the sooner the government crashes the sooner we can start putting it back together the right way.” My children are now in their early 40’s and will been experiencing the government crash.  It is inevitable because it simply can not continue.  This article I believe states well what I believe  and much of what Glenn Beck and others have forecasted  would happen soon and the  possible  scenarios and outcomes.  Clinton was not the final straw and neither was Bush Two altho they pushed the ball down the same path towards the cliff.  It took the first openly fanatic believer in one global government under the governance  of a group of elitist who could and would bring about a world of  equality for all the worlds citizens.  To bring this about of course meant the destruction of the  most mighty and wealthy of the world’s governments.  The United States must be made to SHARE their bounty with the rest of the world.  The United States of America must cease to exist in it’s current form and it’s current wealth and it’s populations current standard of living.  It’s economy (industry and enterpreneurship) must be destroyed and sent to other countries.  This is now happening under Barach Obama who styles himself a Citizen of the World and  I believe secretly sees himself as a President of the World.  He has systematically step0-by-step set about dismantaling the country and striping the United States of all it’s possessions.  Mosdt citizens have called so many of his actions just plain stupid and been baffled by them but that is because we have refused to accept what his utltimate goal is.  If we would accept what and who his is and what he intends to do to the United States all would become clear. A prime example is the moratorium on drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and the subsiquent orders to not just stop drilling but to permanently cap off the wells already drilled.  The story put out by his admisistration is ofcourse to save our environment.  Then why is Obama’s government giving Cuba, Venenzuela, and Brazil money and help them  to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic!?!    Spreading the wealth!  Taking from the Haves (the people of the United States) and giving it to the Have-Nots. This article has some very interesting  comments about where wee are and where we are going and possibly HOW we might be going there and how we may choose not to go the way of Obama.  Good read. BB

A Depression May Be Our Best Hope

By Monty Pelerin

Government has become Leviathan, and Leviathan has misbehaved and failed miserably.
Not since the Civil War has the political future been so tenuous. The Constitution is routinely ignored. The federal government is at odds with states over health care, immigration, and other issues. The public’s wishes have been regularly ignored by their representatives.
The issue is how to shrink government back to its intended size. All westernized democracies have been on an inexorable march toward Socialism. Is such a trend reversible? How do you roll back Leviathan when it has no intent of allowing such a thing? No government has ever grown anywhere near this powerful and been downsized peacefully. It can be done, but probably not via the ballot box.
Here is some key information on the current situation.
The economy is the worst since the 1930s:
  • The country suffered two recessions within seven years.
  • The stock market is 20% off from ten years ago.
  • Real weekly wages are below where they were in 1964. Real median wages are down almost 5% since 2000.
  • Unemployment is at unacceptable levels, with no signs of abating.
  • Housing price declines have driven wealth down and foreclosures up.
  • Living standards have contracted as a result of the above and a spending and debt binge that was unsustainable.
  • The poverty rate is at a fifteen-year high. Unemployment benefits and welfare sustain millions of Americans. (This is a key factor in whether or not We the People can take our country back.  these citizens who have become wards of the state won’t vote to give up their Sugar Daddy Uncle Sam.  BB)
  • Personal bankruptcies are at all-time highs.
  • Governments at all levels are insolvent, as are many families.
  • Government is viewed as destroying the middle class to prop up the financiers.
Confidence in big government is gone, at least for much of the population.
Some factors include the following:
  • After a century of impossible promises, government is unable to fund its commitments. The same Ponzi scheme used by Bernie Madoff has failed with Social Security and other commitments.
  • The myth that government can solve all problems is over. Economic and social interventions consistently produce results worse than the original problems.
  • The greatest stimulus in the history of the world has failed and brought a sovereign bankruptcy closer.
  • Keynesianism again has failed. Without Keynesianism, government loses its principal reason to “manage” the economy.
  • Reprehensible behavior by government officials is commonplace. They routinely ignore laws that ordinary citizens must obey. The electorate has adopted a “pox-on-both-their-houses” attitude.
Chuck Rogér in “Sunrise in America” described the upcoming election:
Voters who want to choose their own cars, doctors, schools, and bankers will punish the ruling class for government intrusion. Elected know-it-alls who want to control our dinner menus, electricity usage, and thermostat settings will find themselves unelected. Achievers want to be free to achieve, not forced to bow to collective “equality” in the interest of “fairness.” Tyranny is on notice. The purge is coming.
Mr. Rogér is correct. Yet translating voter results into actions is an entirely different matter. Vested interests amongst the parasite class (politicians and dependents) are strong. Parasites will fight reductions in both power and largess. Few voters believe “their goodies” should be cut. Subsequent campaigns are unlikely to be successfully run on “Vote for me and this is what I will take away from you.”
A landslide election will not change things. We know that from history — 1994 and 2008 being two recent examples. Changing parties is akin to voting out the Crips to put in the Bloods. In the words of H.L. Mencken, “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.”
In order to solve the problem, the political parasites must be caged. We must return to the restrictions imposed by the Constitution and Rule of Law. That cannot occur with only a change of faces or parties. The critters that run government must have no room to maneuver. Changes of this magnitude are alien to the public and the politicians. They will not occur via the normal political process.
People will eventually regain control of their government. They always do. Unfortunately, the process of history is slow and sometimes ugly. Multiple generations around the world have never known freedom. China and the Soviet Union are two examples that are just now transitioning toward freedom. Are we to enter some institutional dark ages, where our grandchildren and their grandchildren do not experience freedom? It is possible, because all governments prefer more power for themselves and less liberty for their citizens.
The required change is so great as to be analogous to an addict trying to break his habit. Most addicts have to hit rock-bottom before reality intrudes. In the case of the U.S., we are going to hit rock-bottom when the economy collapses. That is likely to be within the next few years. This world-changing event may (at least temporarily) drive a stake through the heart of big, oppressive welfare-state governments.
There is no guarantee that government will shrink when this happens. Civil unrest is a likely outcome. Statists may attempt to use the crisis to further expand government. Martial law and other restraints are likely. Hitler used a similar situation to rise to power. Parts of the Constitution were emasculated under New Deal policies that “had to be done” to pull us out of the Depression. Of course, we never got out of the Depression until after the end of WWII.
Economic pain and suffering will be great. Yet the economic calamity is unavoidable. It was preordained by years of government interventions. Even the political tsunami likely to occur in November will have no bearing on mathematical and economic laws. As stated by Ludwig von Mises,
There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit (debt) expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit (debt) expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.
We are coming off the biggest boom in the history of the world. If Mises was correct, and I believe he was, then Keynes was wrong (and I believe he was). Thus far, all the Keynesian dollars expended have had little effect other than to make the country poorer. If Mises was correct, we may have a Depression even greater than the 1930s.
No one wants another Depression, yet one is likely inevitable as a result of decades of economic mismanagement. A depression is not a good thing. Yet in this case, it may be the one event that can prevent a chapter in future history books entitled “The Demise of the Great American Empire.” Unless citizens and politicians return to their senses, we will be both impoverished and living under tyranny.  (Citizens and the politicians  We the People elect MUST return to the laws of the Republic as laid out in the Constitution of the United States of America.
When asked by a citizen, “What did you give us Mr. Frankling?”  Benjamin Franklin stated, “We gave you a Republic madame; if you can keep it.”
We have given up our Republic by neglect and being politically correct and by simply being tolerant of wrong doing.  BB)

A reaction opposite that of the 1930s is likely.  Government is now seen to be the problem. It is no longer viewed as reliable, trustworthy, or a solution. Freedom is deeply ingrained in the American culture, and most of us recognize how much we have already lost. The resurgence of books such as The Road to Serfdom, Atlas Shrugged, and others of their ilk indicate that the public is interested. Historically low poll numbers for all politicians and the rise of the Tea Party movement are further indicators. The economic trauma may provide the catalyst to return to the founders’ concept of government.
Totalitarianism needs the military. More than any other segment of society, the military respects and supports the Constitution. If push comes to shove, they are likely to defend the Constitution rather than the government. (This is why Clinton and now  Obama have done all they can to destroy the military.

Obama and his minions in state governments are going so far as to try to deny our troops the right to vote by  the traditional means by which soldiers have always voted: by absentee ballot.  During the last election many Absentee Ballots were disquslified from being counted because they arriveed too late.  Now some states are sending the Absentee ballots out to our overseas troops too late for them to vote and return the ballots in time to be counted!  BB)

The economy is in a Great Recession. Government has reduced itself to little more than an insolvent zombie, staggering around awaiting the coup de grace that will end its misery. The coming economic collapse is that executioner. When collapse happens, efforts to increase government are likely to be resisted strongly. The love of freedom will overcome the decades-long madness. No matter how things evolve, in the history books of the far future, there can be no better title to describe our current situation than “The Myth of Government.” (If We the People win this battle!  And it will be a battle because Obama has already set it up where other countries in the form of  INTERPOL the International Police  can come into our country and  without being held to the standards of our laws be able to arrest people and take over companies and agencies  at their will.  INTERPOL has already been given space and has set up inside our Department of Justice with the help  of Obama’s Presidential Decree and Attorney General Eric Holder. BB)
If we must have a Depression, let it begin today. It will be hard and dangerous, but it may be the last chance to get our country back. When it happens, we must all think and behave like our Founding Fathers. To paraphrase Rahm Emanuel, this crisis will be too important to waste.
The “greatest generation” handed us a gift, and we fumbled it by allowing government to run wild. We cannot turn this mess over to future generations. We must take our country back!

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