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Rising Welfare Costs: Up 89% in 10 years, and Skyrocket under Obama!

Posted on: September 23, 2010

Rising Welfare Costs | Cato @ Liberty.

Welfare rates have grown 89% over the past ten years but the table shows the growth from 23.4 Billion to $40 Billion in 8 years, then skyrocket from $40 Billion to $72.5 Billion since 2008 under the Democrats rule in Congress (both House and Senate) and President Barach Obama.  What is wrong with this picture people?  It is NOT  ALL the economy. Study the graphs closely and you will see thqat the greatest gains have been in some of the Democrats and Obama’s programs.  SCHIP States Children’s Health Insurance Profgram went from $1562 billion to $9103 billion a mere 483% rise under Obama.  Why did this happen?  Because the Democrats and Obama insisted that a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) needed assistance with their children’s health care cost even if they were making as much as $80,000 a year.

The above is just one example.  The others can be explained with equal blame placed on our Democrats and Obama.  Unfortunately there were  Republicans in on some of these deal too.

In November  and in 2012 we really need to get  rid of All the dinosaurs both Democrats and Republicans in the Congress.  They have all betrayed us in their lust for power.
Today the Republicans put out a Pledge to America that made me sick to my stomach on some issues:  “Cut spending back to the 2008 level”?  You jack-asses haven’t a clue what the American people have been shouting at you from the rooftops.    On many other issues I felt pretty good and regardless of the critics claiming there can only be gridlock for the next twop years if the Republicans try to carry this program out I don’t think so.  There will be all those Democrats coming up for reelection in 2012 who will have seen what happened to their spending freak colleagues this year who will try to jump on the GOP bandwagon. OKAY with that Republicans in Congress?  No way in hell are these Republican  leaders okay with having their Pledge to America adopted!!  Mark my words the Republicans themselves will booby-trap the programs brought to the floor so than no matter what they will not pass.  Why?  Because if you look at it it just takes too much power away from  the government and these people of any party are all power hungry.  So I am warning members of both parties to  look out in 2012 because your day is coming.  There were those who warned that the Republicans making a “Pledge to America” was not a good idea; it wasn’t because it showed their ignorance  of the Tea Party movement and the anger of We the People.  They said it and now We the people expect them to carry thru!

So I go off a bit here, but do carefully study this article from CATO.  BB

ONE MORE THING:  These people who are now on the government dole will not readily give up their  place at the federal government’s tit.  they are addicted and will become Obama’s army that We the People will have to fight if we are to take back our country and restore  America.  BB


Rising Welfare Costs

Posted by Tad DeHaven

The Government Accountability Office released Congressional testimony this week looking at Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. TANF, which replaced unrestricted welfare in 1996, has reduced welfare rolls and encouraged recipients to obtain work. Unfortunately, TANF’s goals have been undermined.

The GAO notes that “work participation rates … do not appear to be achieving the intended purpose of encouraging states to engage specified proportions of TANF adults in work activities.”

States are required to have at least 50 percent of eligible TANF recipients from single parent families participating in work activities. However, states are given various credits and exemptions that significantly reduce the number of recipients required to work. As a result, only about 30 percent of TANF recipients engage in “work activities,” which is often liberally defined. (This has been the case before and during the recession.)

Moreover, while TANF has successfully reduced the budgetary cost of cash-welfare, overall federal spending on anti-poverty programs has increased dramatically. According to a chart from Brian Riedl, anti-poverty spending has increased an inflation-adjusted 89 percent over the present decade:

I previously discussed how TANF enrollment has dropped since its passage in 1996 while food stamp enrollment has greatly increased. A food stamp user interviewed by the New York Times indicates one reason for the trend:

‘It used to be easier to go on cash assistance,’ she said as she left a food stamp office in Brooklyn this month. ‘You didn’t have to go to work, you didn’t have to report every day to an office and sign in and sign out. Now, if you don’t go to those group job meetings in the mornings, they shut down your whole welfare case. So that’s why I just get food stamps.’

Not surprisingly, the cost of the food stamps program has gone through the roof:

The desirability of federal anti-poverty programs in the midst of difficult economic times is a sensitive topic. However, with so many Americans currently in need of assistance, now is actually a good time to discuss the role of government in taking care of the less fortunate. As a Cato essay on welfare and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families argues, the federal government isn’t the best option.


6 Responses to "Rising Welfare Costs: Up 89% in 10 years, and Skyrocket under Obama!"

First you begin by calling them by their correct name: welfare! Then: Medicare and Social Security should be means tested. After that the whole system of medical care for the elderly and retirement should be revamped for those coming up. Paul Ryan’s proposal seems fair to me, or at least a place to begin. the only problem is the damned old goats (I am 70 by the way) who get all excited and run their mouth about “Don’t touch my Social Security and Medicare” before they bother to understand what it is Ryan has proposed. Those over 55 don'[t ha ve a dog in the fight and should keep their mouths shut! Next move on the to welfare for the able bodied. Studies have shown again and again that people get a job only when their benefits are about to run out and yet we have given out of work people 2 years to sit on their buns at home rather than go to work. The country of Sweden had a long unemployment benefit program but cut it back severely to just 6 weeks after doing these studies. They no longer have the unemployment problems they once had even in these bad times. Somehow welfare recipients manage to continue to live and use their cell phones and have their cable tv EVEN AFTER USING UP THEIR FIVE YEARS ALLOWED ON WELFARE. Does this tell us anything?

One can go right down the line and cut program after program and not have people starving in the streets of the United States regardless of how the big government spenders want to tell us. And now there are programs giving tax dollars to the middle class. A good example is SCHIP children’s health insurance that now covers kids in middle class families so their parents have money to indulge in WANTS rather than the NEEDS. I resent paying for someone else’s child’s health care just as much as I resent paying for their food and clothing and housing because the parents are too irresponsible to care for their own or because the parents votes have be bought by politicians.

Look at the list above and do a bit or research on just who is eligible and you will be very much surprized and angered at who is on the dole in this country. BB

Browsing I noticed your site bookmarked as: Rising Welfare Costs: Up 89% in 10 years, and Skyrocket under Obama! | And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. I am assuming you book-marked it yourself and wanted to ask if social book-marking gets you a lot of site visitors? I’ve been thinking of doing some bookmarking for a few of my sites but wasn’t sure if it would yield any positive results. Thank you.

No I certainly did not bookmark anything. Don’t even know what “” is. I’m just an old Broad who blogs when I get upset about something and feel my readers need to know about it. what others do with my blog is not my problem. BB

This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give
a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your blog
posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects?

Thank you so much!

Issac, Thsnk you for stopping by. In the next couple days i intend to put up a list of sites in the right hand column of sites I normally read. One I subscribe to is The Heritage Foundation Newsletter that is really good. BB

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