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Americans for Prosperity Newsletter

Posted on: September 24, 2010

AFP Takin’ it to the Streets

Friday, September 24, 2010 1:27 PM


“Tim Phillips” <>

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Dear Brenda:

President Obama launched yet another attack by name on Americans for Prosperity this past Monday saying — and I’m not making this up– that we are the “biggest problem” they face.  

Not the 9.5% unemployment.  Not the multiple failed bailouts and stimulus bills.  And not even the overwhelmingly unpopular government thievery of Health Care!
No, the biggest problem President Obama thinks he faces is the 1,500,000 grassroots Americans who have taken action to protect their economic freedoms as part of Americans for Prosperity.
The President is right about one thing.  Americans for Prosperity and grassroots activists like you certainly are a “problem” for his big government, left-wing agenda!
And, now it’s time for us to cause additional “problems” for the President’s liberal agenda.
Next weekend,  Americans for Prosperity is launching a National Neighborhood Canvassing Day on October 2nd.
Click Here to register to join us for AFP’s National Neighborhood Canvas, October 2nd.
AFP has been on the road holding November is Coming events across the country recruiting thousands of individuals just like you and now is the time for action.  On October 2nd we will be holding rallies across the country where we will provide you with scripts, literature, and mapped walking lists.  Then we will hit the streets with family, friends, and like-minded activists to help share with your neighbors how the big government, tax-and-spend agenda is destroying our nation and how we can make a difference at the grassroots level to restore our founding principles.   
Once you register we’ll contact you with more specifics about the National Canvas Days in your State.

People continue to ask me how to make a difference for our principles, how to return our nation to its founding principles.  This is the way to do it.  You may never have another opportunity this big.  The stakes may never be higher for our nation and our economic freedoms.
Now is the time to get out there and start making a difference. To paraphrase the late great President Ronald Reagan, “If not now, when.  If not us, then who?”
That’s why I’m making this direct appeal to you — join our November is Coming effort.  Click here and register today to join Americans for Prosperity and thousands of Americans from across the country on October 2, 2010 for our National Neighborhood Canvassing Day.
We’re winning but we’ve got to keep fighting.

 Tim's Signature

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. On October 2nd we will be holding Rallies at over 60 locations across the country where we will provide you with scripts, literature, mapped walking lists and then hitting the streets with family, friends, and like-minded activists to talk with your neighbors about our shared values. Join Americans for Prosperity for our National Canvas Day on October 2nd.  Click here to Register.
P.P.S. If you can’t make it to the October 2nd Neighborhood Canvas Day, make sure to be an AFP Freedom Phoner, where you can make calls for our cause from the comfort of your own home. Click here to sign up.


7 Responses to "Americans for Prosperity Newsletter"

“President Obama launched yet another attack by name on Americans for Prosperity this past Monday saying — and I’m not making this up…”

That’s hilarious because Mr. Phillips is, well, making it up! Obama did not say that.


You are being played for a fool.

Sorry Dog, I saw the tape. No fool I, but I often wonder about some who come on my site to defend drinking kool-aid. BB

Of course you did, dear. Bless your heart.

Okay, Brenda, I’m lost on this conversation. I guess I should have been paying attention. ss

LOL Don’t worry about it Snappy. Dog is just being a smart ass.

Obama has been attacking the Tea Party Patriots and any others who are opposed to his actions more vehemently lately. He is naming the Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity and even Andy Breitbart as being as he said “the biggest problem” this nations faces. If we would all just shut up and go away his policies would go thru and there would be no problems. Well, we ain’t goin’ and we ain’t shuttin’ up Mr. President! BB

Well, Brenda, thanks for explaining, you know I don’t like anyone treating you badly.

What I find really strange is that Obama would have the nerve to accuse any American of being this nations problem, when it is very clear that the only problem America has is a President WHO:

1. Refuses to prove he was born here.
2. Refused to wear the American flag pin when he was running for office.
3. Sat in a church for over 20 years, claiming he had no clue that Rev. Wright was a Radical and basically hated America.
4. Did not want his middle name used while campaigning “Hussien”.
5. Apologized to the world because “HE DECIDED” that America has been arrogant to foreign countries.
6. Twisted the arms and bullied Dems to vote for a Health Care Bill the majority of Americans did not want.
7. Actually married a woman who was not ever proud of her country (until her husband happened to be elected President, that is).
8. Called a Boston Cop, doing his job, Stupid (when he admittedly said, “ I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened, but”.) You know the rest.
9. Hired Czars to oversee the Cabinet, and pay them our tax dollars when the majority of them are not qualified, and are Socialists, Marxists, and Radicals, and basically, not needed.
10. Shut down drilling in the Gulf, and put more Americans out of work.
11. (This one is my opinion) claims that all the oil from the BP spill is out of the Gulf, and the fish are okay to eat. Yet scientist say the Crude is on the bottom (where fish feed). Well, I’m not a scientist, and I really feel sorry for the Fisherman, but I just can’t bring my self to buy fish, swimming in and eating their food mixed in and with crude oil. Maybe we can sell them to China.
12. Sued a Governor because she was trying to protect the citizens in her state.
13. Continuously promotes racism.
14. Has an agenda “I’m going to fundamentally change the foundation of America”, that he called “Change”, which he used to mislead the Americans. Obama’s definition of “Change” in my mind is “Destroy”.

I could go on, but hopefully more Americans will realize that this guy was never raised as an American, his most informative years were spent in Indonesia, where the largest segment of the population was Muslim.

Therefore, he was never taught American values and ideals. He was never taught to have pride in his country (if it actually is America.) This upbringing in a Muslim country would certainly explain his constant need for acceptance from the Middle Eastern people.

This fact should be apparent to all, yet the media has chosen not to mention this point I never hear anyone discussing this fact, but I truly believe his allegiance is to the Muslim world and think his actions have proven that. Growing up in a foreign country at such an informative age certainly does explain Obama’s condescending attitude toward the American people.

There is no way I will ever believe that he has America’s best interest at heart. I do not believe that the President is a Patriot. ss

Amen Snappy. And thank you for your solid support for me 🙂 BB

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