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An Anemic €œPledge To America€

Posted on: September 25, 2010

The Pledge to America is ready for action. Click here to read the whole document, including our plans for creating jobs, cutting taxes and spending, and reforming how Congress does business.

An Anemic “Pledge To America”.

This article says very well what I feel about the Republican Pledge to America.  Republicans are not “doers” they are “status quoers” at the best of times.   And the Party Elite who are now in office, or hope to be in office, simply have not yet gotten the message We the People are sending loud and clear.  We have  written our wishes on signs in plain language, held the signs high as we gathered and marched thru cities all across the country and in Washington several times; now what else can we do to connect with  our so-called leaders?   The only thing that comes to mind is to throw them out and put in  new people who have gotten the message (or appear to have gotten the message–I can not forget turncoat Scott Brown).    Perhaps Scott Brown was the best we could do with ultra liberal Massachusetts  so I won’t continue to beat that horse,  but I use him as an example of what We the People will not tolerate.

The Republicans Pledge to America is in my view another ‘Scott Brown Compromise’.  The Republicans in Congress  who are promoting this Pledge to America, and not even a majority are as yet, are only luke warm and not fired up to  undo the radical changes in our government the Democrats and Obama have made. The Pledge states they will repeal Obamacare why then is the talk all “starving Obamacare” by not funding it.  Arguments against that route are many but just two are: 1)  by not repealing the entire bill the government has still grown by 128 agencies and  75,000 new federal workers that have already been installed.  The Republicans in office haven’t  the guts to close down these agencies and fire all of these new employees for fear of angering the public.    What they don’t seem to understand is that the public was and is angry over the creation of these 128 agencies and the hiring of 75,000 more federal workers who will be paid more and have more benefits than private sector workers.  The public wants the agencies closed down and the employees put out here with the rest of us tax payers!  and 2) unless the entire bill is rescinded it will eventually  be funded in pieces until Obamacare becomes the law of the land in reality. Republicans are just more moderate and slow moving liberals when it comes to government controlling the people.   And, you can not “starve”  a government program forever because Congress is too happy passing spending bills.  Spending bills after all have  become the Congressional Piggy Bank  stuffed with ear marks!

Anyhow, unless I hear something this weekend on one of the many talk forums that will be taking up the Republican’s Pledge to America this  rather  sums up my  conclusions.  BB

While the Republican’s newly unveiled “Pledge To America” is debatably better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, it’s lame, anemic “platform,” isn’t anything to write home about. (Link)


It follows the all too familiar strategy of “retreat, hold, retreat, hold….” that Republicans have followed for the last century.

When they have the political upper hand, liberals historically push through programs that bloat the size of the federal bureaucracy; take away our freedoms piecemeal (always in the name of “giving” us “rights”), and increase our dependency on government.  (Link)

When the Republicans have the political upper hand, they mainly do nothing but “hold the line”—i.e. they defend the new, liberalized, status quo.  Which means that, while no new massive liberal programs are passed, neither are most of the programs instituted under the previous liberal administration repealed.

There are exceptions to this scenario, but by and large, that’s how the game has been played for the past hundred years. (Link)

Well, I have news for the Republican Power Elites—(shhh, listen up)—THE STATUS QUO IS NO LONGER WORTH DEFENDING!!!  (Link)

The old ploy of “retreat-hold” will no longer work, because there is no longer any free-enterprise republic, worth defending.  The country has been incrementally forced so far to the left, that only a massive, powerful, surge to the right, will restore America to being the free republic that it was intended  to be.

As highlighted by the political establishment’s arch dismissal of Sarah Palin, and more recently, Christine O’Donnell; having the proper “political pedigree,” is much more important than, “content of character,” to the Power Elites—left, and right.  (Link)

“We the people” are more concerned with content of character, than charisma and polish, these days.  We know where charisma and polish have brought us, and we’re sick and tired of the s.o.s. (same old—stuff). (Link) (Remember the gentleman who was running for the House in up state New york who couldn’t seem to put two sentences together coherently?  He didn’t win but he did get a lot of votes and would have gotten mine because he had the ‘content of character’ we need in our leaders.  the man who did win unfortunately had the outside polish but was just and empty shirt who would go along to get along and get elected.  BB)

Where’s the pledge to put a stop to the double-standard that exists between “we the people” and our political rulers?  Where’s the pledge to pursue a version of the 28th Amendment?

“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.” (Link)

Where’s a pledge to pursue tort reform

Where’s a pledge to pursue tort reform, and at least, somewhat, rein-in the ACLU-style lawyers, and judicial activists, who practice non-stop “lawfare” against America? (Link) (Lawyer like our own NC John Edwards  Poor Boy become Millionaire used to extort  millions from our free enterprise system therefore increasing the costs of goods and services  for the rest of us.  We don’t need these lawsuits to get rid of bad products and services because the market competition will get rid of them.  And in a true egregious case of harm from a person or product there are other laws that will serve the purpose of justice even better.  Al;so, these are the tactics the Muslims are using to take over the United ; states–our laws against us!  BB)

Where’s the pledge to pursue term limits?  To meaningfully downsize the bloated federal government?  To revamp, or dismantle, the federal tax system?  To audit the Fed?  To outlaw lobbying, and lobbyists? (Link) and (Link) and (Link)

Where’s the determination to make America energy independent?

Where’s the determination to make America energy independent?  Where’s your strong pro-life, pro-gun, or pro-God, stance? (Link)

Where’s the call to end America’s suicidal “hear no evil, see no evil” attitude towards Islam’s jihad—by both terrorists, and the “moderate” Muslims, who play off of the terrorists? (Link)

Where’s the recognition that the UN and Agenda 21 are “clear and present dangers” to American sovereignty?  Or that global corporations and banking cabals have been financially raping the United States? (Link) (Link)

Where’s the courage to confront the fact that our government, judiciary, military, and educational system, are riddled with traitorous Far Left/NWO Political Elites? (Link)

Where’s the pledge to restore Judeo-Christian morality into our government and culture?

Where’s the pledge to restore Judeo-Christian morality into our government and culture? (Link)

Where indeed—and this is only a partial list, mind you.  There are a multitude of serious problems that need to be addressed.

As I said, the “Pledge To America” is better than a poke in the eye, but it doesn’t leave me shouting “hallelujah,” and I definitely won’t be writing home about it.

Nice try Power Elites—let us know when you’re ready to get serious.  “We the people” will be here, prepared to do what we must to save America.

Laus Deo.


7 Responses to "An Anemic €œPledge To America€"

Hi Brenda!

Your remarks are right on point on this “Pledge to America” deal. The Republicans are not far behind the Democrats in their stalling, and turtle-like move to get things done. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, if these Republicans can’t get their act together we should kick more than just a few of them out of office too, until the rest get the message.

If we had to run the Presidential election right now, who would the Republicans put out there, John McCain again? They didn’t really back him the first time around. He was dead in the water until Sarah Palin came along. If it weren’t for her, he could have just said “Here Obama, just take it all” and saved everyone who contributed to his campaign a lot of money.

I think the only reason the GOP let him run for President was because they had some small delusion of owing him something because he was once in the service and that he was supposed to be honest Patriotic American. But if you paid attention when he was running for President, the GOP really didn’t back him up like they should have, if they had really wanted to win.

I’m sorry that the Tea Party, though I know it is a lot to ask and an enormous task, hasn’t gone after a number of Republicans too, while they were attempting to clean out DC, because America can’t wait much longer if we are to have any chance of reversing the damage that those in DC have bestowed on us. There is no more time left.

Americans need to be much more aggressive going into this election. Yes, they are doing what they can, but it’s imperative that they do more. Obama has this uncanny ability to
sneak up behind the GOP when they aren’t looking (which appears to be most of the time) and run right over them.

There are only a few weeks left before the mid-term election and what I see is that the Dems are bringing out their Biggest Gun, to campaign for their peers, Bill Clinton, who in a poll this week was voted the most popular Politician in America. I have seen Bill Clinton campaign and if the Dems have any chance at all it’s with Bill.

The GOP really has no one but Sarah Palin, and let’s face it, she’s only one person, and though she can hold her own, and does very well, Bill Clinton as disliked as he is by many, can still out campaign everyone from both parties. So, the Republicans had better get their act together, because from where I sit, their inaction can lose this election.

The GOP puts out a Pledge to America, which is just words and not very emphatic words at that, and actually think that that is all they need to do. Well, where’s the Tea Party, I think the GOP needs some motivation? ss

Snappy, the Tea Party has gone after a number of Republican who are currently in office and supported the people who were running on the Republican ticket opposing them. And they have been successful! Alaska is a good example of taking the Republican incumbent out and replacing her. By the way have you seen the new campaign commercial calling her a cry baby princess? It is so funny—a lady is screaming “It’s mine and I want it, It’s mine it’s mine it’s mine….” BB

No, I haven’t seen that commercial. Maybe they aren’t showing it here. I watch TV all day, mostly new stations.. I’lll watch for it though.

I really only watch FOXNEWS when I watch tv at all. Generally turn on Cavuto at 4 pm and then go on to Glenn Beck at 5 and then an hour or so on either FOXNEWS or FOXBUSINESS. I really enjoy reading. Am also trying to get my eBay girls shop open again for fall and winter. I make little girls princess play dress-up gowns and fairies and ballerina’s. Or rather, I make them when I can get off my addiction to the Internet! 🙂

The ad is probably playing only in Alaska but FOXNEWS showed it last week. BB

Hey Brenda, I saw the ad the same day I answered you. It is funny!

Hey, Brenda is this a new setup for comments you just put up?

LOL It looks that way doesn’t it Snappy? BB

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