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United States to the Rescue

Posted on: October 13, 2010

We have all been watching the rescue of the miners in Chile last night and today.  These 32 men have been trapped 2000 feet under ground for 69 days and are now been brought up to the surface  alive and well due to the exceptional  American technology.  Yes!  Every single bit of  information the rescuers needed to perform this feat from the  type of food and medicines the miners were given to the capsule that brought them to the surface came from the  inventions and research done in the United States by we  (according to our President) non-exceptional  parasites on the rest of the world!

If not for we Americans and our free enterprise system which allows the inventors to profit from their inventions coupled with our  freedom to experiment and  invent without government interference the world would be a much  different place and these miners in Chile would still be under ground in a grave 2000 feet deep.

Remember this fact the next time Obama and the Progressives  try to tell us how much we owe the rest of the world and how inferior we are to Europe and especially the Muslims.  BB


4 Responses to "United States to the Rescue"

No so Doc. I am not a scientist and certainly “handicapped” technically, but I have the account of many sources all over the web to back up my statement from those who are in a position to know and understand. ALL, every single technical detail involved in this rescue has its roots in some invention and/or discovery made by Americans. Without this the rescue would not because it could not have been accomplished. We Americans are indeed superior and that is because our country has allowed the best and b rightest among us to flourish. BB

Doc if you don’t like what I write then you are not obliged to visit and read my site you know.

I was speaking of the more modern technologies used and not those known by the ancients. I am sure my regular readers had no problems understanding what I was speaking of and would not require the elementary explanation that the pulley, the wheel and the steel cable were given elements that were not in question. The pulley, the wheel and the steel cable would not alone have gotten these 33 miners to the surface. For this feat it took good old American inventions. BB

Who is Doc?

Have no idea except I didn’t care to be harangued so I deleted his comments. This blog was simply my opinion and beliefs and need no comment from anyone for or against. Unless they wanted to give their opinion of what happened with the miners and who helped the most.

Dear Lord Roch are you still bothering to read my ramblings and rants? I am surprised that you waste your time on me since you have so many others who are far more knowledgeable, and as best friends even. BB

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