And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Holding Pattern

Posted on: October 14, 2010

I am in sort of a holding pattern  at this point in the Obamanation Disaster.  Much is still going on that I could be reporting on, and especially in the business of bureaucratic regulation.   The Progressives who have infiltrated our Republic’s  government offices (at all levels: national/state/county/city) are working overtime to  implement as many repressive big government regulations as they can into every area of our lives.  They seem to believe their Mad Party is  soon to be squashed and know they have to get these regulations out there into our system  where they will stay and stay and stick forever.   Just try changing a regulation once it has hit the streets so to speak.   Government regulations are akin to the Ten Commandments in that they appear to be  written in stone!

The Democrats, both those running for office this year and those not yet running, are equally frantic and frenzied.  So much so that now instead of just throwing out lies and innuendo  about their opponents, the Republican Party, Republicans in general  and Tea Party Patriots they are casting mud  so obviously fictitious that even their most loyal supporters the Main Stream Media guys are unwilling to swallow the swill.  Obama’s team and the  Democrats National Committee  have actually become toxic with their ads against Republicans (These ads and commercials are all on your dime by the way).

The unions are paying people to march thru the streets carrying signs and the union bosses are busy with law suits against cities, states and Walmart as well as spending a lot of time as honored guest of the White House.   But there appears to maybe be some push back being worked up among union members who don’t subscribe to their leaders views and don’t care for their rather high union dues being spent on politics when the union pension funds are  being depleted.  Maybe there is still hope for Americans on that front and the Union Thugocracy will be put back in the closet.  Maybe with Republicans in control in city, state and federal government laws will be passed to allow people to opt out of the unions, and laws passed to penalize those who force union membership on people  (remember the home day care  people who were forced to join a union against their will and even without them knowing about it until the dues were charged to them in their tax bills!)

Yes, there is still a great deal going on, but somehow I just don’t feel like reporting on these Democrat/Progressive antics right now.  And I suspect you don’t need to read about them.  If you feel the need for more information go to my Categories and choose your topic because I am pretty sure I have blogged on  your question at one time or another.  Right now I am just sitting back waiting for the November elections after which I will probably continue to have much to bitch about :).   If the Republicans  take the country back the real work will have just begun.  We the People will have to nag, knock, scream at and bully our Congress to do the right thing.  The Good Old Republican Boys Club will still be in power  and already they are beginning to  back off of their “firm” stand on the issues.  We are hearing less “repeal and replace Obamacare” and more “freeze the funding of Obamacare”.   Freezing the spending  on the programs  does not rid the tax payers of the burden because all the bureaucracy will remain in place and ready to pick up their  tools of nation destruction at any time a more receptive Congress comes into power.   The Republican leadership seem to have forgotten about the existence of a whole lot of laws and bills they voted against that got passed by the Democrats and are now in force and in the hands of  the overpaid over-pensioned Progressive government workers.  We do not elect these people who take the broad laws that Congress passes and flesh them out with their own ideas!  We the People will have to remind any new Republican dominated Congress about these laws and bureaucrats and agencies and see that they are disbanded.   Remember Obamacare alone set up 128 agencies and have already staffed them!  We the People need to remind the newly elected and old time Republicans in any Republican dominated Congress that we expect the payrolls for government workers to be reduced by at least the 10% a  year for the next at least 5 years or so to keep government  more where it should be in a free nation.
We the People need to remind Congress about Ear Marks, Congressional pay and automatic pay raises, lucrative Congressional pension plans, term limits and a whole lot of other issues.  So I probably will want to start rantin’ and ravin’ again after the elections.  BB


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