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From the Jaws of Success

Posted on: October 22, 2010

I have taken time out not because I have lost interest in the November elections or what is happening in Washington, but because I really think I have said enough and explained enough and ranted enough.  I am now just watching and waiting.  The wait isn’t long now and we will know if the Republicans  have  actually been able to win the two houses of Congress.  They certainly should because they have the country with them.  Of course the country isn’t with the Old Dog Republicans who are no better than the Old Dog Democrats, but the country is with the new comers from the Tea Party Movement who have chosen to run under the Republican banner rather than forming a third party which has no chance of taking Congress.    The problem is the Old Dog Republicans  are doing their best to snatch Defeat from Victory again!  A prime example is their “Pledge to America”.  They should have just kept their mouths shut and let the would be new kids on the block do the talking.   What a left over losing bunch of words that thing is.  I have wasted my time reading and studying  the entire document in hopes of finding. as they say, “some beef”.  It isn’t there.  What is there is a lot of the same  pablum the politicians of both parties  seem to believe they can continue to  spew out to a sleeping public.  Not one of them seems to have gotten the message, not withstanding enumerable town-halls and Tea Party marches all over the country, that the public is awake and that is how and why the Republicans already in Congress and a few of the ones running for Congress  will succeed in allowing the Democrats to continue to rape the United States for at least another two years with no  barriers to stop them.

The public is concerned about jobs—-yes.  But the people are not so dumb as to think that jobs are the reason for the problems our country faces  nor will jobs cure the problem.  (Communist countries generally have 100% employment.)  No, the people know that our  nation’s problem is spending!  Our problem is politicians on every level of government who have never seen a spending project they don’t just love and the more waste and opportunities for fraud the better they like it because it means they can more easily get their share of the spoils.   Our problem is  politicians on all levels of government who “know” they know best what is best—-and they do People,  they know best what is best for themselves  and they are always true to their interests.

Two states are moving rather quickly in the right direction and that is New Jersey and Virginia.  New Jersey being the more aggressive of the two but then New Jersey was a bit more mired in  Politician Created sludge than Virginia so probably a more aggressive mode is necessary.  And, let’s face it, Gov. Chris Christy (whom I love) is the typical big mouth, sarcastic. show off New Jerseyans.  ( During our travels Lew and I spend time in New Jersey on two occasions and  then agreed never to ever go back because we couldn’t stand the people.  Of the lower 48 states and Canada we never encountered more rude, crude and obnoxious people anywhere.  The state of Washington came in second but a distant second.) Just had to add that little aside :).

So the Republicans are out singing the same old lame song  and lip synching the standard words while never once mentioning the biggest spending of all and the biggest waste of all which are the entitlement programs.  (see above about the value to politicians of waste and fraud).  After they had gone whole hog forward  creating a few more entitlement programs this past ten years.
There was:  Senior Drug Program, government motors (GM), government insurance (AIG), government housing (Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac) and government banking (those too big to fail giants that are still cheating and passing around junks mortgages because they are “to big to fail”, after all Uncle told them so.  But never allow it to be said a true blue politician would ever take back what they have given!  The fact that the country is going bankrupt is no reason to  stop spending or take the drastic measure of cutting spending.

So here again we have the Republicans managing to snatch defeat from victory.  The only thing that may save the show for the Republicans is if the Democrats so  sicken the public with their outlandish ranting lies being broadcast about in their mistaken belief that the Republicans have won this election that they, the Democrats,  defeat themselves.  BB

PS:  Have any of you seen the new commercial about China owning the United States put out by Citizens Against Government Waste?  You really should see it.  BB


9 Responses to "From the Jaws of Success"

Well, I was wondering what happened to you. You always wrote so many posts every week, and then all of a sudden it was just one or two, here and there.

I too have taken some time off. I have to say that I’m still leery of how this election is going to turn out, especially when I look at all these polls everyday.

I cannot believe with all that has happened that there are still some Americans who just don’t get it. It sickens me to think that at a time when it is so important, that we have so many people in this country that have no idea, even with all the campaigning, and rally’s, about what is going on.

I just keep hoping that somehow the American people will wake up and connect the dots before election day.

And to answer your question: No I have not seen the commercial you are talking about. What network do you watch? I watch Fox 97% of the time and haven’t seen it. ss

Since the only thing I watch on TV is FOXNEWS it had to be on there. But it has been over a month so it isn’t likely you will see it unless you do a search and find it on You Tube.

It doesn’t take that many people to start and win a revolution Snappy. Our American Revolution was carried on by less than 1/4 of the population, and fully 1/2 of the population were against what they called “troublemakers”. So we will see if the Tea Party Movement has the necessary votes to get our country back. BB

Hey, Brenda I saw the commercial you were talking about.. OMG, I was almost in shock when I saw it. What a fantastic commercial it is. Scary as hell, because it’s true.

This needs to be shown in every nook and cranny in America, because if this doesn’t wake people up, then nothing will. This commercial should convince any voter that is on the fense about which way to vote, to vote Tea Party or Republican. It should convince anyone who still has his head burried in the sand, to get up and get involved.

This commercial does the job it’s supposed to do, and then some. What really got to me was the ending and how they all laughed because they own us now. This should convince Americans that we need industry back in this country and “NOW”.

They play it on FOX here, but I have not seen it on any other network. Who ever came up with the idea for this one was a genius. ss

And you will never see this on other networks Sandy. I just hope the GOP does win this Tuesday. All the analyst are working for the other side by all their predicting of a tsunami however because this will just encourage people to stay home with the old, ” Well they don’t need my vote since they are going to win anyhow.” Then after the Republicans get in the old guard is already gearing up to take the newbies aside and explain how things work in Washington.

One of the greatest problems for and with Congress is the need for Congressmen to constantly beg for money so they can run again. I read that a Congressman must spend five hours of every day soliciting for money. That leaves darn little for reading bills!

Maybe however the Tea Party people (like me and my e-mails!) will keep enough presser on the Republicans to actually get something done if they want to be reelected. Show them that reelection will take more than money!

Dems seem to have given up this election and are now campaigning for 2012. If that is the case it will be a long, long campaign season. AND I thought this one and the 2008 one was long!

One good thing will come from the GOP win this year and that is re-districting. I think the gerrymandering of districts should be made against the law and districts should be carved out with a bit more geometric form rather than the snake like things we have today that all but guarantees a candidate being reelected. But no hopes there—-at least not yet. Perhaps if Americans remain awake some time down the road the gerrymandering thing will be stopped. And you know, I really do think the young who are awake now will stay awake and make demands for more decency in government. I really want to believe in Glenn Beck’s 8/28 movement. It really wasn’t that long ago that people’s word meant something. I remember my Dad selling a automobile on a hand shake and the other man coming around with the money a month later. No contract was needed then. I have always tried to run my own life on my word and to teach this to my kids. My daughter however is controlled by her husband and he is a liar and thief; my son has been jerked around so much for trusting that he is now a bad cynic. SIGH I still have hopes–maybe just the wishes of an old Broad. BB

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