And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

A look at Union Members in action.

Posted on: October 27, 2010

I am adamantly against government employees at any level of government  from the  city to the federal government.  This puts the union leaders holding the tax payers  in a choke hold!   Government workers have the  security of employment no matter what happens to the economy.  Government workers are not laid off in a recession.  This security of employment is enough  in my opinion to secure the tax payer from intimidation such as you will see in these videos.  Yes, this is the New Jersey Teachers Union but I promise you you can hear this sort of thing in any other state and any other union group.

Governor Chris Cristie of New Jersey has taken on the teachers unions  as well as those of his state unionized workers in other areas.   We need more governors like Chris Christie if we are to remove ourselves from the clutches of the thugs who own and operate the unions.  Brenda Bowers

5:00 Added to queue Teachers Unions Gone Wild – Volume Iby TrendingToday113 views

You really must listen to this.  It is near impossible to fire a union member for almost any infraction.  If it is done it takes sometimes years to get rid of an employee.  Again I know well this video is about teachers but it can with justification be  applied to all unions and union members.

6:10 Added to queue Teachers Unions Gone Wild – Volume IIby veritasvisuals25,252 views

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