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Get Out and Vote! and Save the Republic

Posted on: November 2, 2010

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If you have been reading my blog for any time at all you know that I was very leery of Obama from the moment he won  over Hillary  as the Democratic nominee.  On that day I started a campaign to keep myself and any readers of my blog informed  about just where this man from no-where and his cabal was taking our nation.  In these 20 months   the group of incompetants  in the White House and the fanatics in the Congress have all but dissolved our republic.

Thank God   Americans woke up early in the reign of  The One after he got in office and they have been  quite vocal in their  disapproval of what was taking place in our federal government.  It was a futile effort because no one listened.  We patriots were told we are too stupid to understand what the “Elites” were  doing for us.  And stupid was the nicest thing they and the Main Stream Media talking heads called us.

Today is our chance to turn the tide and put a brake on the destruction of  America.  We will  not be able to  completely recover from Obamanation even if the Conservatives take the House and the Senate because Obama with his veto will still be in the White House.  But, if we hold the newly elected  Congress men and women to their promises  the tsunami can be stopped and/or  contained  until 2012 when we MUST elect a conservative President.  By this I mean someone who may be on the scene now but who hasn’t run for President before.  I say this because IMO all of the possible  candidates  from the past are “of the past”!  They are old school go along to get along and compromise regardless of the crimp it puts in one’s principles  until they  simply no longer have any principles to guide them.  The game is just to stay in office and to hell with the nation and Americans.

In short, today if we conservatives have the victory FOXNEWS and other polls are predicting it will not be the final victory,  but merely the first battle.  Please go out today and vote.  BB


3 Responses to "Get Out and Vote! and Save the Republic"

WHY didn’t Chairman Barney FRANK And REP Allen Grayson Call for BEN Bernanke’s RESIGNATION ON THE SPOT HERE IN THIS VIDEO ???

Well, Brenda, it’s a Great Day in the USA! Any time you can get Pelosi out of her chair as Speaker of the House, it’s a Great Day!

Too bad Ried won. I’d call for a recount. With him in their nothing will get done and in 2012 they’ll blame it on the Republicans.

I’m so glad that the Tea Party pulled off the big win in the House. Thought the Republicans have been taking credit at the end here. But that’s okay, we know that they know who did it.

Have a good day today. ss

Yes it has been a great day for We the People. Of course Obama still doesn’t get it, and never will. He is still blaming Bush and the Party of No Republicans and naturally the stupid Americans who just couldn’t understand what he was doing for them.

Thrilled that so many states went Republican with their governors and legislature. This is the year of redistricting and I have no doubts the Republicans can gerrymander well enough to keep themselves in office for a long time,

I am upset that the unions worried about their pensions, pay and health care and kept California and New York. These two states are all but bankrupt and intend to ask for a bail out. I sincerely hope the Republican House refuses to bail them out.

The real problem we now have was slipped in by the announcement by the Federal Reserve to print more green paper and lend it to ourselves by buying our own Treasury Bonds. Things are so bad that China and the rest of the world is now refuses to buy our worthless T-Bills! BB

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