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American Thinker: The Top Ten Reasons Why Conservatives Should Not Be Celebrating the Election Results

Posted on: November 12, 2010

American Thinker: The Top Ten Reasons Why Conservatives Should Not Be Celebrating the Election Results.

Just a reminder of what is still left to do and the hazards ahead for us who want less government and cuts to everything.  We want most all government programs eliminated entirely because the federal government has only one clear mandate and that is to PROTECT the people.  the Constitution says nothing about feeding, clothing and housing.  Nor does it  give the federal government the right to tell us what to eat and what to buy.    Yesterday the commission to  suggest cuts to our government and deficit leaked a few of their recommendations and both the right and the left went wild.  The Left was vocal as usual and the Right was very loud in their silence.  So here is just a little reminder that we just won a small skirmish on November 2nd.  BB


13 Responses to "American Thinker: The Top Ten Reasons Why Conservatives Should Not Be Celebrating the Election Results"

The New World Government by
the Communist UN, controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations and the
Trilateral Commission.

You don’t collect social security or rely on medicare/medicaid?

Roch what does that have to do with the price of eggs in China?

If you understood the real reasons behind what is being said about SS and Medicare rather than only imbibing at the leftist koolaide well perhaps one could carry on a discussion about the SS and Medicare debacle.

It is not about ENDING SS or Medicare as the fools on the left would have everyone believe, it is about HOW IT IS FUNDED AND DISPERSED.

Anyone who is not totally ignorant or in total denial as the leftist are will know that funds from SS have been used for every pithy “social program” that can be named since the days of LBJ’s Great Society which of course has turned out not to be so great except for those who suck at the “gubermint teet”. The manner in which both are funded will definitely have to be addressed and the sooner the better.

The leftist scream bloody murder anytime placing part of the contributions into the market. If the funds were there then of course the left could not get their filthy hands on the funds and that would certainly cramp their ability to buy voters and would certainly cause many to leave the “plantation”.

Australia has had such a program for a good number of years and it works beautifully. They have tweeked it from time to time to make it better and it is the richest such retirement program in the world.

Did the recent so called “world recession” effect the Program? No , not that anyone would notice because just like ones own personal stock portfolio stocks were moved around to take advantage of the better or better than average producers. But again the Leftiist don’t want to hear about something that goes against their agenda of “keeping them on the Plantation” and funding Murder inc. from SS funds.

So get your head out of the kookaide well and try to have an understanding of what the recently elected conservatives are saying in regard to SS and Medicare before just repeating the same ignorant phrases of the left and yet offer nothing resembling facts to back up your barnyard bovine excrement.

Thank you Ticker. And to Roch, Yes I am on Social Security and Medicare. I believe Social Security and Medicare should be means tested as both are really welfare for the elderly.
FACT: a retired person receives every cent they and their employer put into the Social Security Fund after approximately two years of retirement. You can check this yourself by getting a copy of your history form the Social Security Administration and then do the math.

Medicare: When Johnson handed the insurance and medical community this plum 60% of the elderly had their own insurance. Only 40% of the elderly in 1965 were in need of help. These people went thru the depression during their best working years so their ability to save for retirement was limited. The Baby Boomer generation is well able to pay their way because they have had good jobs most of their working careers.


This is happening now with Obamacare. Insurance/medical and drug companies insisting on all Americans be put on the federal programs so they have total control and can raise prices as they see fit with no competition.

I personally hate the fact that I am on Medicare which I would not have been if there were no such program forced on ALL the elderly and companies had to compete for our business. But we were ALL sold out and the prices are now too high for most of us to afford to purchase our own health insurance.

Hi Brenda!

I will be on Medicare in the not too distant future. I believe that there are people who need this help and those who don’t. For instance, the wealthy, don’t need it even though they put into it. As for the SS running out of money soon, well, I really feel that the money that was taken out of it, over the years to fund pork barrel projects and what ever should be paid back into it. I believe so much has been taken out of it, which was supposed to be paid back and never was, that that in fact is the reason it is running out of money. All this money that was borrowed from SS, Medicare, and Medicaid was supposed to be put in a segregated account, not to be touched or spent on anything except those programs.

I’m sorry but government has had its greedy hands into everything, and it must stop. It’s time to pay the piper. The stimulus money that was basically nothing but throwing money out the window could have been used to help repay ss, Medicare etc.
It would have at least gone to better use, than as Obama says, “It saved jobs”. Right! It saved nothing. You can’t save a man from drowning when he’s not drowning and then say you saved him. I’m so sick of the double talk in DC, but even sicker because there are so many Americans who believe the double talk Washington spews over liberal TV stations.

I think we should start looking at what can be cut out of the Federal government like no CZARS in the White House unless the President wants to pay them out of his own wallet. We have a Cabinet and that’s all he needs. I have a feeling these are the people responsible for many of the assinine Bills being put forth in the House by Nancy.

I also, think the American people should stand up and tell Congress that there will be no more salaries paid after they leave the Congress. They haven’t earned them while they were there so who in the hell came up with the idea that they should keep getting paid when they leave. To me this is the biggest travesty these crooks have come up with and there need not be any discussion on it, JUST STOP IT!

I also, think that Congress needs to pay SS. like the rest of us. To me, this is where we need to start cleaning house. I’m tired of listening to the jack asses tell the American people that they need to cut our benefits. They need to cut theirs! I would feel a whole hell of a lot better, when these creeps lose their benefits. I think we would see a whole new attitude out of them, if they had to constantly be hit with all kinds of financial cuts like the ones they impose on us. ss

Much agree with all you say Sappy.

About the money paid into SS and medicare and used for something else the government replaces the money with Treasury Notes. Or in other words, we are buying Treasury Notes with our payroll donations to SS and Medicare. So when we are told that SS and Medicare will run out of money they get the figure by adding up the value of Treasury Notes We the People have purchased. soooo the fact is the country is indeed running out of SS and Medicare donations. The reason for this is that people are living too long and therefore getting a whole lot more than they put in. When Social Security went into effect the life span was 65 years. When Medicare went into effect the life span was 68 years. Now it is in the high 70’s for both men and women. Most people are drawing SS for 10+ years after they retire, and that is getting someone else’s money for 8 of those ten years or what I call Elderly Welfare. This is why I say everyone should pay in and consider it a tax and then means test it on a sliding scale of need.

One other thing about both of these programs that bitches me: When the government raised the cost of something in the program the costs is the same for everyone. When they give as in the Cost of Living Adjustment it is done on a percentage basis. $50 out of a $600 monthly SS check is a much bigger hunk than $50 out of $1800. And 3% of $600 is a who hell of a lot less than 3% of $1800. But that is always the way it is done. I wonder why??????BB

The above is me. Don’t know how my own computer and blog didn’t get me right. 🙂 Could be it’s memory is failing just like mine! BB

Well anonymous, I mean Brenda:

I see what you are saying, Brenda (by the way your computer got my name wrong too, though some may think I’m a little “Sappy” I do prefer “Snappy”. Hee-Hee.

What you are saying is that the Gov. buys Treasuries when they borrow money from SS or Medicare? If this is what you are saying, then as a Trader of Treasuries, bonds, Currencies, Gold, and everything else that has been traded at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where I worked for 15 years, I would have thought that someone would have been watching these investments and trading them (selling them) when their value was decreasing.

It amazes me how really “STUPID” they are in DC. Bottom line, whatever or for whom ever this money was borrowed, it should have been paid back, and not in Treasuries. Gold would have been nice. We would have been burdened with too much money if they had bought Gold all these years.

We have too many unqualified people, in very important jobs in our Government and especially the Oval office. It certainly is, quoting our President, Time for “Change”. ss

“Hee Hee” back at you!

Snappy where Washington is concerned there is NEVER anyone watching the store. I often wonder what those millions of federal employees do myself because when a problem is finally brought out in the open there is never anyone to blame. Bottom line is that We the People own a huge pill of worthless Treasury Notes in payment for the money paid into SS and Medicare.

But really Snappy no matter what so many of us believe individuals have not paid in anywhere near what they take out of Social Security. And this is just speaking of the Retirement benefits. When you figure in Disability benefits (SSI) and Survivors benefits the fund is very much underfunded even if it had been handled correctly. With Survivor benefits which my children got they were supposed to get the monthly benefit up to age 23 if they went to college. In fact after my Dad Died I was eligible for SS Benefits up to age 30 to go to college. I was long gone from home at 28 when my Dad died and was not in anyway dependent on Daddy! Reagan stopped that in an effort to save the system. My daughter was 17 and getting ready for college when it was taken away and we had been of course planning on it. Did take a bit of shuffling but we made it and I was frankly happy to see it go========although I would have taken the month “welfare check” if it had been offered.

Here is a personal story: When the children were small, in fact just two years after my husband died and the children began getting Survivors Benefits (I refused mine) I took the check and cashed it and then sent one half of the amount back to the Social Security Administration with a letter as to why I was doping this I also sent copies of the check and letter to all my Congressmen and the President. My letter stated that the amount given to widow and children was entirely too much. The program was supposed to HELP the family and not SUPPORT the family. My children and I were living better on the SSB than we were as a family.

I heard nothing from any of the people I wrote to. BUT, three weeks after sending the SS Administration that check for one half of my children’s benefit I had two men in dark suits knocking on my door. They identified themselves as from the SS Administration and were there to investigate me and how I was caring for my children. The implied threat being that if I didn’t accept what the government said my children were entitled to then they might just take my children away from me. You better believe that was the end of my protesting Survivors Benefits. BB

Hi. Brenda

Your story sounds like a scene from “Men In Black”. Scary! I usually go by my gut feeling on things when I’m not to versed on what is actually going on. I see your point-of-view about the Gov. not being here to support us and I agree. I do believe that their are people who need help because they are poor and uneducated (this is a real big problem right now). I think everyone should pay into it, but the kicker is that only those in need should receive it. That’s SS and Medicare and Medicaid.

Right now there are so many unemployed, homeless, and as it looks right now, will not be working for quite some time. I mean even the minimum wage jobs are gone. Really, it’s very bad. Without medical care people will die. This is a sad state of affairs, for a country that not even 10-15 years ago was is good shape, economically. Things have gone down hill fast and sorry to say, will continue down that trail for quite some time.

Sure we won last week, but it’s only a start and a very, very late start at that. People still don’t get how very bad things are, and how bad they will get before they get better. We need these services at the present Brenda and getting rid of them now would be tragic. Maybe in the future we can work on SS and the rest, but now is really not the time.

I think everyone should stop talking about SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. I think it’s time to trim the fat at the other end of the totem pole (the Upper end). Start with Congressmen on SS and off those fat paychecks, even after they leave office. Who the hell okayed that one? They did. I think a law must be passed where they only get raises when the entire country votes on it. No more hand outs for the low-lifes in DC.

No more 10-day trips for the President and 3000 people. No more junkets for the Mrs. and her friends on OUR dollar. While Americans are starving and homeless, dying because of no medical care.

Do you want me to believe that it’s all right for the President and Michelle to take these trips? Do you think it’s all right for Nancy to use the air force jet at something like 178,000/trip?

Do you think it’s all right for Charlie Rangle to walk out of a Congressional proceeding, when he has misused our money, and for years yet, and none of those _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, I can’t write it, complained about his HUD apartments, in Manhatta? If you think the Dems didn’t know what he was up to then you are mistaken, they neither did nor said nothing.

The elected officials in DC are pretty much a bunch of bloodsuckers. The problem is they are sucking the blood out of each and every true American, and I’m sick of it.

Brenda lets start taking things away from the undeserving DC crowd then the other 98% of the country can be helped out when they need it without feeling Guilty, because there is no money. ss

My thoughts exactly.

I signed the children up for SS Survivors because my Daddy had died in July and then Dick in October. Both healthy young men! Dad had a blood clot and Dick had Cardiac Arivmia that he was unaware of. the last attack was strong enough to kill him. After that I simply felt I was a possible hazard in the elementary classroom because I would just start crying at the drop of a hat. And I did feel that perhaps some help in raising my children was okay since I was left to raise them alone and a only parent has costs that a two parent family doesn’t in the way of child care/getting kids taken to appointment/etc. I just didn’t feel I should get what I was getting.

Snappy I think it will take time to cut the perks of Congress. Maybe by 2014 we will have enough Conservative new people in there to tackle their own perks. I am hoping to go back to the Citizen Congressman who serves for a few years and then goes back home. Where our country got in trouble and all these Congressional; goodies came about was when we got career Congressmen.

]Right now the best we will get if we get anything is the cuts to the peoples perks. These are killing our nation, not the Congressional perks. EVERYONE SHOULD PAY IN BUT THE N THE PAY OUTS FOR SS AND MEDICARE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED WELFARE AND MEANS TESTED ON A SLIDING SCALE OF NEED.

What bugs me more than the Congressmen getting theirs is elderly driving a $400,000 R%V to Florida every winter. Having been a full time RVer I saw a lot of this. This is the madness so these people should be given back all they put in and that is all. They would get back exactly what they would get in their first two years of retirement ALL the rest of their lives they would get someone else’s dime. B

Hi Brenda:

I agree with what you say about the Welfare state, but I have to tell you I think I’m digging my heels in on this one. I have seen and heard and read about more than enough of the illegal activities, the skimming, bribing, the Lobbyist payoffs to our elected officials, that makes me want to start with them.

We have been low on money in the SS, Medicare and Medicaid programs for quite some time, I think we can hold on to them a little longer, while we start with the crooks in DC first.

I no longer want to wait, and talk about and give them more time to fix what they them selves have broken: which is the promise they made to the American people to “Serve and Protect”. I no longer want to hear excuses, or have delays in investigations (Charlie Rangel was supposed to be in front of the ethics Committee in Jan of 2009, but NANCY stopped it because she needed him to help pass the Health Care Legislation).

Now, she just created a new position for a House Rep this week, so that he could keep a car and driver at his disposal. When in the Hell are Americans going to stop these elitists from stealing our money? Why didn’t some House Rep stand up and call for a vote on this, or at least say “Nancy this guy doesn’t need a car and driver, and we don’t need a new post for him to fill, just so he doesn’t feel slighted?”

She just created this new position yesterday and no one complained.

Now Brenda, like I said there are people who do need a helping hand, and I know you agree. But before we take this help from the poor and needy we need to take the excess fringe benefits from Congress. Starting with their salaries after they leave office. No more of that. They didn’t earn them when they were in DC, why the bonus after they leave. They need to be put on SS like the rest of us. We need it for the foreseeable future and they might as well be part of it. No more raises voted on by Congress, it needs to be voted on by the country. They vote themselves raises, when they screw up and steal from us on the side. I don’t think so.

No more “Let’s go see how they make weaved baskets out of reeds in the mountains of Bangladesh, so we can see if it will be some use to us in America, trips by Congressmen, looking for a taxpayer paid vacation”. No more Pelosi VIP Air Force jet rides home on the weekend, let her be sexually assaulted at the air ports like the rest of us.

Really Brenda, I think if we take all the perks away from Congress, and the 10-day trips from the Pres. with a 3000-person entourage, and the Vacations for 40+ friends of the First Lady, we could save a hell of a lot of money.

So, again Brenda, we need to do as our elected officials put it, use the trickle down effect. Start at the top and make the cuts there first and eventually we can move down the ladder, in a trickle down manner and eventually work on the programs that may need to be reduced and that effect the poor.

While we’re at it, I’d like to see how many of these crooks used insider info on the General Motors IPO and have bought stock in the company before it was announced. You see will the rest of the American investors are buying the IPO stock the price will go up and those insiders will be selling their stock back, making a profit, and then the price will come falling down. Really I would love to see their stock portfolios. You can be sure they have made Millions over the years using this strategy.

Honestly, I am fed up and don’t want to wait any longer for these elitists to be removed from office. ss

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