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Obama & Co., Growing Up Fast ? We certainly hope so!

Posted on: December 3, 2010

Obama & Co., Growing Up Fast – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online.

On this day when our President has again traveled around the world (he is the moist traveled President ever by 3 to 1!~)  I ran across a rather good article that reviews the first two years of his administration and sees some hop[[e of  their “growing UP”.  I really have  my doubts here that it is finally growing up but more of being pushed to behave.  Thru Presidential Decree and little footnotes  in various bills that have been passed the Congress has turn over much of their authority to the Executive Branch.  This means giving the power to Obama’s (elected by no one and not even approved by Congress)  Czars.  For instance just this week the czar for the FCC (Federal Communication Commission)  has in effect taken over the Internet under the guise of  “Net Neutrality”.  Yes of course, Net Neutrality indeed.  The claim is that any site or article that is slanted towards the Right must list sites or articles that lean towards the Left because people are too stupid to do a search  for an opposing view if they want one.   I personally have given up on  Left sites such as the President’s favorite Huffington Post.  I read these sites or listen to Left leaning individuals on TV and wonder where in Hell these people are coming from!  What they are saying is so far from fact, truth and common sense.

For example I just heard Senator Leslie Graham explain bills that will have to be passed before the end of the year.  Of corse the Bush Tax Cuts should NOT be allowed to elapse.  That was a huge tax cut and will therefore be a huge tax hike if the measure is not extended.

Extending it for the people making $250,000 or less and not for anyone else is sheer stupidity.   Many small business people who provide the most jobs for Americans make over $250,000 a year.  To give them both a personal tax hike and a business tax hike is surely going to encourage them to run out and hire new workers.

Graham then went on an explained that the 99 week unemployment benefits MUST be extended.  More stupidity!   99 weeks is almost two years and anyone who hasn’t found a job in two years is just plain not looking.  It may not be the job one wants and the pay may be lower than one is accustomed to making but get off your duff.   46% of Americans are now on the government dole when the unemployed are counted in!  This is creating a large part of the population into  “give me”   takers.  I know several people who are unemployed and will not even look for a job because any job they could have taken would pay less than they are getting with unemployment.  And, I don’t blame them.  So we should extend the almost two years of unemployment benefits further so they can continue to not get a job and continue living on the taxes that will be paid by our great grandchildren.  Remember that $.40 out of every dollar the government spends is now borrowed!

Anyhow, this is a good article and review if you need it of all that has happened in the past two years that havene’t been good for the United States. BB

Behind the recent news of massive debt, looming defaults, WikiLeaks, the administration’s about-face in the war on terror, and the implosion of the European Union is a reminder that progressivism, at least as it operates today, is a sort of high-minded adolescence, as sophisticated in faculty-lounge repartee as it is near-suicidal in its actual implementation.


2 Responses to "Obama & Co., Growing Up Fast ? We certainly hope so!"

I know several people who are unemployed and will not even look for a job because any job they could have taken would pay less than they are getting with unemployment.

I know several people who are unemployed and make no effort to look for a job because they have the mindset that big brother will provide for them. Beau

January can’t come soon enough for me Beau. The Republicans coming in won’t allow this nonsense. What do you think about the Deficit Commission Report? BB

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