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Earmarks 2011: 39,000+ and $130 Billion – The Blog

Posted on: December 8, 2010

Earmarks 2011: 39,000+ and $130 Billion – The Blog.


One hundred thirty Billion dollars ($130 Billion) squandered by our public spirited congressman this year after the country has been at 9.8%  unemployment for 18 months! Fourteen percent (14%) of Americans are now on food stamps.   The country is borrowing $.40 of every dollar it spends and the national debt is somewhere around $14 Trillion and counting.

(  Just for a bit of reference:  1000 X 1000=   one million,  1000 X 1 million = 1 Billion, 1000 X 1 Billion = 1 trillion    It’s kinda hard to get your mind around that figure isn’t it?)

While reading this article and if you really want to get heart burn please be sure to go to all the blue referenced articles.  BB


Earmarks 2011: 39,000+ and $130 Billion

Posted by Jim Harper, December 7, 2010 at 3:16 pm

earmarkpigToday, we roll out a database of earmark requests for 2011 along with our partners in data collection, Taxpayers for Common Sense and Taxpayers Against Earmarks.

Recall that, last year, users crowd-sourced the first-ever earmark request database. With that shining example out there, in January President Obama called for a state-of-the-art earmark database, obviously to be produced by Congress. (We told ‘em how to do that at Congress hasn’t done it, so we did.

Transparency creates pressure for reform, and House and Senate Republicans have both opted to swear off earmarks. (House Democrats can’t do earmarks next year because Republicans will be in control.) Senate Democrats will continue to earmark.

But Congress hasn’t passed final spending measures for FY 2011 yet. These earmark requests are still pending.

So click through and use the pull-down menus to select your state and representatives in Congress. See what earmarks they have requested in your area. Decide for yourself whether they are a good use of taxpayer dollars.


2 Responses to "Earmarks 2011: 39,000+ and $130 Billion – The Blog"

Good article, Brenda (my daughter’s name is Brenda). Yes, unemployment of 9.8% & our politicians work on earmarks so they can get elected, but put off the unemployment checks for Americans who are now losing it.

Might read a new book out that’s a thriller where Americans actually take a stand against corrupt politicians & government. All I can afford this yr. so I’ll be giving it out as a gift to others cause it’s so real. I recommend it.

It seems that regardless of elections in November we just keep getting fooled by campaign promises from both political parties. Again, good reporting!

Thank you White Rose. I am just an old broad ranting my rant. 🙂

During the Obamacarethe offers of buy-off earmarks with the Senators to get their votes the people of the recipiant states actually refused the buy-off. Senator Bennett of Nebraska caught all kinds of hell from the Governor of Nebrask on down for making a deal for an ear-mark which exempted Nebraska from having to pay the high cost of Medicaid under Obamacare. The Senator from Louisiana also found herself person non-grata for her deal and buy-off ear mark. So the evidense is that the people don’t want ear-marks coming home or going to anyone else. They want Congress to stop spending period.

The ear-marks aren’t really to get votes but to pay off large contributors to the Congress persons campaign. So the Congress men don’t really want the people in their state or district to know all the ear-marks they sign up for. BB

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