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‘Prince of Pork’ to Chair Appropriations so Tax Payers will be Porked Again.

Posted on: December 9, 2010

‘Prince of Pork’ to Chair Appropriations | Cato @ Liberty.

I could not believe this or most  of the other committee  appointments.  Just what are they thinking?  The good old boys are going to try to conduct business as usual and they are going to be cut down and cut out.  I had higher hopes for John Boehner but one of my more astute blogging friends refers to him as “Bonehead” so I did have warning.  He and his cohorts seem to think the voters really didn’t mean what they said and have continued to say to the federal government.  BB


‘Prince of Pork’ to Chair Appropriations

Posted by Tad DeHaven

House Republican leaders went with Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) – a.k.a. “The Prince of Pork” – to chair the House Appropriations Committee. As I wrote last week, the prospect of Rogers chairing Appropriations is about as inspiring as re-heated meatloaf when it comes to his potential for pushing serious spending reforms.

Republican leaders in the House chose to ignore the concerns of tea party activists and other proponents of limited government, who were more supportive of Rep. Jack Kingston’s (R-GA) dark-horse push for the chairmanship. Kingston’s plan to “change the culture” on Appropriations offered a lot of positive ideas suggesting that he was more in tune with the voters that gave Republicans the majority.

Politico reported that Kingston received “the cold shoulder” from the House leadership in his bid to chair appropriations. Instead, presumptive Speaker of the House John Boehner supported spending-hawk Jeff Flake’s (R-AZ) bid for a seat on the committee. That’s nice, but Flake himself appears to recognize that his appointment could amount to a token gesture if old bull spenders end up ruling the roost:

“If it’s just putting a few conservatives on the committee, and leaving the current structure pretty much in place, that’s not enough.”

Some congressional Republicans have defended Rogers’ chairmanship, saying that he’ll be fine if he sticks to what he says he’s going to do. A long-time champion of earmarking, Rogers did agree to go along with a ban on the tawdry practice a few weeks ago, which was convenient timing.

Will the leopard change his spots?

The left-wing Think Progress blog recently used a FOIA request to obtain a letter Rogers sent to the Department of Health and Human Services requesting ObamaCare money for a community service center in his district. No earmarks? No problem for Hal Rogers. He can just go the time-honored route of policymakers heckling federal agencies for pork. Earmarks represent just one of many ways that parochial-minded members steer benefits to their districts at the expense of taxpayers and the general public good.

According to Bloomberg, Kentucky’s Lexington Herald-Leader called Rogers “the very model of an old-fashioned pork-barrel politician who builds an empire out of government spending.” Roger’s website contains numerous pictures of him attending local photo-ops for projects he helped fund with federal taxpayers’ money. (I suppose one argument in his favor is that lifting all those ceremonial spades means he’s probably in good shape to handle the rigors of chairmanship.)

The support for Rogers from House Republican leaders is a slap in the face of voters who demanded change in Washington—change from the big-spending ways of both Democrats and Republicans.

The old timers have gott4en in the habit of believing the voters and tax payers have short memories.  We the People will just have to teach them ther is a new game in town.  I wonder how many violations of rules Roger’s has indulged in?  Now that Congress seems to have found out that they have a committee to over see their own errant members they will get rid of this Approprations Committee Chairmans just as they did the last.  BB


1 Response to "‘Prince of Pork’ to Chair Appropriations so Tax Payers will be Porked Again."

BB, I have been saying this about Bonehead since the election, actually before when it was pretty well assured that the GOP would take the House. He is power hungry and could care less about “we the people”. He talks a good game, ie he’s as slick as slick(Obama) but believe me the slick will wear off. I have written to all my representatives and asked them not to HAND the reins to him because he will destroy any gains made by conservatives with his dang compromising. He of course will always claim, I TRIED, BS, he tried to do nothing but make himself look good. My bet is, he’ll throw his hat in the ring come 2012 and I hope it gets stomped on real good.
McConnell in the Senate is even worse. Someone needs to remove his sorry butt in 2012. He’s another who plays the game well and people in his district/state are too dang stupid to know it. They elect him “cause he brings home thu bakon.

Well, we the people are ready to kill the hog(s) that made so much lard that the country is sinking.
People think that a fat hog makes for good bacon but that is totally wrong. We never allowed our hogs to get fat just big and we fed them well in order to do as people say, fatten em up, which was actually a misnomer. We wanted a lot of meat, not a lot of “pork” fat.
I think that is what the people were saying this last election.
These jerks didn’t listen evidently but they will learn that consequence are hell sometimes.

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