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1.1 TRILLION DOLLAR Spending Bill dropped on Congress by Dem leaders must pass by Saturday.

Posted on: December 14, 2010



Bigger, much bigger problems as the Dems have dropped a $1.1 TRILLION spending bill of more that 2000 pages on the Congress and plan to vote on it Saturday or shut the government down.   So far FOXNEWS reports  there are at least 20,000 ear marks from both Republicans and Democrats.  It is like November didn’t happen!

Senator McConnell Republican Minority Leader is rightly outraged.  (I would like to see if he happens to have any ear marks in this bill!)   It is a monster and is intended to fund the government for all of next year or until the next budget is due in October 2011.  Sen.  McConnell wants to pass an interim bill and then take up the whole budget bill in January and do it with full transparency as the people voted for government to act in November.

The current leadership in Congress seem to be right in step with the way they have been presenting and passing monster bills for the past two years and come Hell or High Water they aren’t going to change as long as their cold dead hands are still clasped around the  Nancy’s Big Hammer  BB


2 Responses to "1.1 TRILLION DOLLAR Spending Bill dropped on Congress by Dem leaders must pass by Saturday."

Shamful of our representatives to do this on such short notice without even knowing what is in the 2000 bil without discussionl!!!!!

Just shut down the government until after Chritmas holiday. That would work. Then take up this bill next year.

This is exactly how they did Obamacare last Christmas—remember? BB

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