And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – Earmark Disclosures

Posted on: December 15, 2010

This site will take you state by state and Congressman by Congressman  right down the rabbit hole of earmarks requested in the huge $1.1 TRILLION spending bill that the Democrats want to force thru congress before they are thrown out.  I war you there are 110 pages but you can just look up your own state if you haven’t the fortitude for any more.  🙂    If you can remember it was this time last year that the Democrats were able to force the Obamacare bill down our throats.  I wouldn’t really be surprised if the Democrats who were thrown out of office because of that fiasco don’t throw the electorate the  their last dying wish and voted for this monster too.  Revenge really is sweet you know,  I mean what else can we do to them?  But then there are the ones coming up for election in 2012.  We the People do have long memories now that Washington has gotten our attention!  BB


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