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And one more thing about Ethanol production you need to know.

Posted on: December 17, 2010

One of my favorite people and bloggers is Snappy Sandy  Snappy Sandy. Snappy is a very savvy lady who knows hers stuff.  this post is a comment one of my posts but it is too accurate and important to remain a comment therefore I am making it a post.

Sandy doesn’t post often but the lady says a lot when she does post so you really should subscribe to her blog.  BB


snappysandyAmerica is the biggest producer of Corn in the world. The USA has it’s own stockpile.
The Corn traded on the Commodities Exchange is used for feed and other products. For the last 4 years Corporations like Exxon and other oil companies and grain companies, are the ones that have built the Ethanol plants. The oil companies will make money no matter what you put in your car’s gas tank. These Ethanol plants have made deals with our farmers for their corn harvest to be used to make an alternative fuel; Ethanol. So, less and less will be going for feed for cattle and hogs, in the Meat industry. The Government is not only telling us to not only eat a vegetarian diet, but it is imposing it’s authority over the private sector by reducing the demand for beef and pork in our country, and reducing the amount of beef raised for exports to countries like Japan and China, to name a few.

If the cattle ranchers don’t have corn for feed they can’t raise enough cattle to export, therefore decreasing their bottom-line. The same goes for the farmers who raise hogs. So, the pressure to reduce meat consumption among Americans and to change our eating habits to a vegetarian diet is to the advantage of the oil and grain companies and to the energy industry. Another way to look at it is that they are taking the food out of our mouths to fulfill their Energy agenda. Ethanol will only supply 11-13% of America’s alternative fuel needs. Using corn to make Ethanol is more expensive than using let’s say Sugar, yet the Government is willing to go the Corn route.

Americans really need to learn how to connect the dots. There is so much more going on out there than they even realize. Yet, too many are not taking the time to investigate these things for themselves. How Americans live their lives, what they eat, and what doctor they go to is up to them, but little by little they are giving that right, that power, to the Government, when they allow it to tell them how and what to eat, and what kind of medical procedures they can and can not have. No one is connecting the dots. Are you?


3 Responses to "And one more thing about Ethanol production you need to know."

President Obama needs to negotiate with the Russians on the START TREATY in exchange for this New Perpetual Motor Generator for the Electric CAR Industry !!!!

The USA needs to Negotiate with Russia on the Start Treaty for control of this NEW TECHNOLOGY , because Giving up USA Nuclear Defenses must be worth this kind of technology to get The USA off Foreign OIL !!!!! With this Technology we can recharge our electric cars battery ON-the-GO and Not create More Demand on our current electric GRID .

Everyone in the USA needs to call their Congress and demand this Technology be negotiated into the START TREATY with Russia so the USA can control this Technology for the New Electric Car Industry . President Obama needs to negotiate with the Russians on this and say if we are going to reduce our Nuclear Defense then we need full cooperation on integrating this Technology into the Electric Car Industry and whatever else we can find uses for this to reduce the Use of OIL so we ARE NOT FIGHTING OVER OIL ANY MORE IN THE WORLD !!!! TELL OPEC THEY CAN PRICE THEIR OIL IN WHATEVER CURRENCY THEY WANT , THAT THE USA WILL BE FINE WITHOUT IT !!!!!!!!!

BB I like the snow Flake falling in the website page , Merry X – mas !!!!!

Thank you Hungry. I rather liked the snow flakes too as they remind me of home for Christmas (West Virginia where I grew up). We usually always had snow for Christmas and then right up to March and about the time we were tired of sled riding and ready for Spring.
I have heard a bit about this technology but not enough to comment. The bottom line is that we still get our electricity from fossil fuel burning generators so I can not see how electric cars will do much except cost a great deal of money to set up with charging stations and all the other things needed for the industry. Now the hydrogen cars are another matter entirely. Hydrogen is plentiful and the only by product is water. The only problem I see is very slick wet highways!

Merry Christmas to you my Friend, Brenda

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