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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Posted on: December 18, 2010

The congress is about to pass the bill to allow gays to serve in the military openly.  Or actually repealing the Don’t as, don’t tell Clinton deal.  Now I want to step in here and give my two cents.

Gays have always served in the military and  most soldiers are aware of this fact and really have no problem with it. In fact ion today’s military housing are  dormitories  and service men and women have their own private room and bath if they live on base.   No one cares what goes on behind closed doors is the prevailing rule and it is by tacit mutual agreement strictly  adhered to. However the ONLY rule that will work in the military is the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because the first soldiers who strut their gay selves out in the open with behavior that is commonly seen as heterosexual only are going to get their bones broken and blood let.

That is it. That is my  considered opinion  and prediction.   And given the fact that our military is stretched too much with troops being sent back to the war zones again and again without time to  rehabilitate from the tension of being in a war zone where everyone is a potential enemy and there are no uniforms to  tell a person who is enemy, friendly or just neutral.  This has created a group of young men and women who have been trained to kill and are now in a constant state of  agitation.  Throw in the match of one gay couple showing their affection for each other in public and I promise you there will be an explosion.  The explosion will be a riot and people are going to be at the least badly hurt.  We can only pray  that no one is killed.

I speak from the  experience of having had both children serve in the military and having discussions with them on this subject.  My children were raised with my beliefs about homosexuals and lesbians.  I believe this is a biological determination of sexual attraction and those who are in this category can be nothing but what they are.  Just as I and my children are heterosexual.  It is a natural state and is not to be condemned.  However neither should it be made a point of  pride and illicit demands that the rest of the world, which is overwhelmingly heterosexual,   not only accept but make special concessions for those who are homosexuals or lesbians.  It is quite simply no ones business what one does in ones bedroom!  Just as I am embarrassed to see certain blatant sexual foreplay behavior between heterosexual couples I don’t want to be subjected to this behavior between those of the same sex.  We as a family had dear friends who were homosexuals and lived together.  We were often guests in their home and they were guests in our home.  In fact they as a couple often babysat our children or took them on special outings.  They were men who liked children  and were due to close contact thru friendship rather fond of our children.

Don’t ask, don’t tell  works well!  The only soldiers who were discharged were ones who demanded their sexual orientations be recognized openly.  It was already known and understood and no one really cared as long as it wasn’t an in your face thing.  Please don’t fix with what ain’t broke.  BB


2 Responses to "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell"

Get your facts straight You said “The only soldiers who were discharged were ones who demanded their sexual orientations be recognized openly.” This statement is not true. Read a few accounts of what actually happened to people such as former (and hopefully future) Air Force Major Mike Almy who spoke at the Democrats Senate Press conference today.

Jay Jay, It is “Don’t ask” so no one was asked if they were gay or lesbian. It follows “Don’t tell” and any who took it upon themselves to tell then were in effect demanding that their sexual orientation be recognized and accepted and made allowances for so they did indeed bring their discharge on themselves.

I tried to make it clear that my personal beliefs and actions towards homosexuals and lesbians is accepting and understanding as being the natural sexual orientation of some people and should NEVER be a cause for concern or censure or frankly anyone’s business. I am just speaking to the problem as I and my children saw it and still see it. There will be bad problems and some people may even be killed all for something that really is working fine as it is. One’s sexual orientation should be no ones business. BB

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