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Republicans Still Haven’t Learned, at least the Old Guard has learned.

Posted on: December 18, 2010

Republicans Still Haven’t Learned – Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review Online.

I have tried to keep my cool while that Stooge McConnell made his little deal with Obama to give Obama everything he wanted including his ticket to reelection in 2012.   It is a possibility that  the up coming Speaker of the House Boehner has gotten the message the tax payers sent loud and clear in November, but  Senator “Good old boy–this is how things have always been done” McConnell is going to walk in lock step with Sen. Reid and help shoot down everything the Republican run House tries to do for the next two years.  So we will probably have grid lock with the Democrats not being able to pull off any more big spending, but Obama will be able to claim the last big “stimulus”  package while he is claiming to have given the country a “tax break” when actually he did no such thing.  He merely refrained from giving the county a huge tax hike by allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire.  However with this added almost trillion dollar hit on China, and anyone else willing to lend the US money, Obama will soon have to ask for and he will get that huge tax hike anyhow.

I thought the following article interesting:  BB


December 18, 2010 4:00 A.M.

Republicans Still Haven’t Learned
No real tax cut, lots of deficit spending: You call that a deal?

‘If we’ve learned anything over the last two years, it’s that we cannot spend our way to prosperity.” That’s what Republican lawmakers proclaimed in their “Pledge to America,” the campaign document spelling out their agenda in the 2010 midterm election. They won a historic electoral victory, an endorsement from Americans who trusted them to act on the message: Stop spending money we don’t have, that we have to borrow from China, and that our children and their children will have to pay back. And before their new House majority has even been sworn in, Republicans have decided to give spending our way back to prosperity one more try.

In the process, they’ve increased the chance that the most free-spending, anti-prosperity president in American history will be reelected come 2012.

Had I taken the Republican pledge seriously (I didn’t), I’d be crushed. “Crushing,” by the way, is the word the pledge used to describe the national debt. That was before GOP lawmakers voted in overwhelming numbers (37 out of 42 in the Senate, 138 out of 174 in the House) to add about $858 billion to it on Thursday. So much for the pledge’s inveighing against “trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ spending.” Republicans have added hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt — a debt that is already $14 trillion even by Washington math and closer to $130 trillion if we apply the math Washington imposes on everyone else. (This is with our entitlement promised figured in which of course Washington doesn’t do.  BB)

Estimates of the exact amount of deficit spending in the tax deal vary: The Senate’s Joint Committee for Taxation officially put it at $858 billion, the figure reported by the Wall Street Journal. Charles Krauthammer contends that the combination of spending increases and tax cuts tops out at $990 billion. And (as Dr. Krauthammer notes) even Rep. Paul Ryan — the GOP’s reputed scourge of Big Government, except when voting for TARP, auto-company bailouts, and the confiscation of executive bonuses — concedes that the tax deal, which he strongly supported, includes a staggering $313 billion in spending add-ons beyond what was necessary to maintain the Bush tax rates.  (So much for the much heard from Rep. Paul Ryan.  I have wondered how he has the gall to stand up and shout about the deficit and then vote for spending on everything that comes up for vote and then the people give him credit for what he says and ignores what he does.  Have we not learned to look at the actions of these buzzards and ignore their words?  BB)

Estimates all agree on one thing — the bill’s spending cuts to reduce the size and scope of government add up to zero, no matter who does the counting.

Even if you drink the Kool-Aid that says, “Don’t worry about the deficit effects of tax cuts because they invariably stimulate the economy and pay for themselves,” Republicans have just agreed to massive, unfunded spending, much of it unrelated to tax cuts. Not only do we have the familiar waste (ethanol, “renewable” energy, etc.), as Hugh Hewitt points out, “there is at least $75 billion in new spending in the plan, agreed to by the GOP less than five weeks after the country fairly screamed, ‘Stop Spending Our Children’s Money!’”

The GOP pledge blasted President Obama and Democratic leaders for breaking a solemn promise to “put the brakes on Washington’s spending habits,” and for instead “stepp[ing] on the accelerator and demonstrat[ing] unparalleled recklessness with taxpayer dollars.” Right.

The pledgers even patted themselves on the back for their underwhelming promise to roll back spending to 2008 levels and to save us “at least $100 billion in the first year alone.” Now, in a single bill just three months later, they have voted for spending that is more than eight times the amount of this (currently nonexistent) $100 billion in savings, and more than twice the size of the (nevertheless huge) 2008 budget deficit.

“But wait,” you say, “the GOP had to do this. There was no other way to save the Bush tax cuts, and that makes it okay, because tax cuts are stimulative. They actually raise revenue in the long run.” In this case, that is both wrong and irrelevant.

It is wrong because income taxes are not being cut — the deal stops Democrats from raising them — and because the lower rates are only kept in place for two years. After that, the increase that would have happened two weeks from now kicks in. Lower tax rates only spur economic growth in a meaningful way when they are permanent — meaning, when they will persist, absent an act of Congress that changes them. There has been no meaningful growth in the past two years because the specter of tax increases hovered over businesses and entrepreneurs, depressing investment and hiring. Why should the next two years be any different, with the same specter hovering — this time with even more trillions in debt to finance?

The “tax cuts raise more revenue” line is irrelevant, moreover, because even if revenue does increase, nothing in the bill stops our insatiable government from spending it. Debt gets reduced only if revenue is used to pay it down rather than fund new spending. And with Republicans now agreeing to add debt even though the government is already trillions in hock, and even though the voters have just finished demanding an end to this recklessness, why should anyone believe they are serious about retiring debt?

At most, lower taxes may spell a mild, temporary boost for the economy and a marginal, temporary decrease in unemployment. But with his media champions spinning every scintilla of good news as a full-blown, let-the-good-times-roll recovery, that could be just the bump President Obama needs for his reelection campaign.Moreover, the president has set the GOP up for an annual whipping right around Christmas time. Next year, the temporary  (ONLY ONE YEAR____YOU WANT TO BUY A BRIDGE CHEAP? BB) two-point cut in employee payroll taxes is scheduled to lapse, and he’ll be positioned to argue that it must either be extended or imposed on already overburdened employers. The following year, it will be time for another extension of unemployment payments. Does anyone really think the GOP will demand that these goodies be paid for with spending cuts? And while GOP dogma holds that tax cuts are the route to good government — at least if the beast is starved and revenue surpluses are used to pay down debt — Obama has ensured that actual tax cuts are a pipedream. All the oxygen will be spent on whether the Bush rates should be extended. It will be the last two years all over again.

The temporary nature of lower tax rates, besides suppressing any potential revenue windfall, is transparently designed to get Obama reelected. In that respect, it is just like the delay until after 2012 of the most onerous aspects of Obamacare. The deluge isn’t scheduled to hit until a second term has been safely won.

If that happens, there will be a big difference next time around. When we inch up to the midnight that rings in 2013, the most left-wing president in American history will no longer have a reelection to worry about. The next time the Bush tax rates are set to expire and corporate taxes are poised to soar, when accelerated business expensing is coming to an end and millions of Americans are suddenly “rich” enough to be shoved into the Alternative Minimum Tax, when the death tax is scheduled to climb to 55 percent and many more trillions of dollars are ready to be heaped onto the national debt, Barack Obama will have no incentive to clip his social-justice wings. He will be free to do what he came to do.

Democrats were more than happy to impose a sunset on the Bush tax cuts. That enabled them passively to let the cuts lapse (and blame Bush), rather than launch an accountable and deeply unpopular effort to raise rates. So, sure, the Democrats and the media would have tried to blame Republicans if the tax deal had been derailed, but they’ve been blaming Republicans for our increasingly dire straits for years now. No one is buying it. It’s gotten them nothing but plunging poll numbers and a midterm rout. The Republicans could have drawn from that the confidence to say no — no more plunging the nation deeper in debt. November proved that the GOP has a receptive audience for that message. Republicans could have made the case that the Obama Democrats owned the resulting tax increases and cratering economy. They could have squeezed Democrats for a better deal or stood content to set the table for 2012 by passing responsible laws and daring Obama to veto them.

Instead, Republicans have helped Obama take on the veneer of a centrist as he makes a big down payment on his reelection campaign, secure in the knowledge that his prospects have improved and that, if he wins, next time there will be no need to compromise. In the process, the new Republican leadership has harpooned the party’s fiscal-responsibility credentials before the reinforcements — who won by running on fiscal responsibility — could arrive and make their mark in the new Congress.

One more snippet from the pledge: “If our economy remains debt-driven, it will not be in a position to support a lasting economic recovery. Unfortunately, Washington Democrats refuse to listen to the American people and eliminate, restrain, or even budget for their out-of-control spending spree.”

It ain’t just Washington Democrats.

Andrew C. McCarthy, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, is the author, most recently, of The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America.

I have a category (right hand column)  I have named “Know your enemies”.  I have just added the  old guard Republicans who are now in charge of the House of Representatives and in collusion with the Democrats in the Senate.  These Good Old Boys not only voted for  a huge  deficit spending  but have given Obama  the biggest boost of his career in the White House and something to run on in his second campaign because he can not run on anything he has pushed on the American people like Obamacare.  By making this deal with Obama and the Democrats the old Guard Republicans have sent a message to the newly elected  Congressmen that they are still in charge and they will stand for no nonsense like making changes in Washington.  Washington will still be run to make the congressmen as wealthy as possible with no regard at all for the nation or the needs and wants of the People.  BB


10 Responses to "Republicans Still Haven’t Learned, at least the Old Guard has learned."

Republicans Still Haven’t Learned – Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review Online

What I read into what Mr. McCarthy is saying is the GOP, by voting to continue the Bush tax cuts, have added an additional 800 billion to the deficit, but how do you add when nothing has been really changed, this is merely a continuation of Dems BS takling points. Beau

Beau, it wasn’t the Bush tax cuts that added to the deficit but the other goodies in that bill. The 2% cut to the FICA or Social Security tax withheld from each pay check. And, the extension of the Unemployment Benefits that are already up to 99 weeks or almost two years.

Studies have shown again and again that people get a job right before their benefits run out and not before if taking a job pays the same or less than their unemployment check. Sweden was the largest study made and they ended up cutting their unemployment benefits way back in order to get workers back in the work force.

There was also approximately $75 BILLION funding things that has nothing to do with any of this either taxes or cutting cost like the funding for ethanol and the funding for Obamacare, A lot of the funding for programs that Obama wants that were in the spending bill that got shot down were put in this bill. That’s was what the old Guard Republicans and that creature McConnell has hung us with.
I look this up and here is what I found: it’s only about 12 percent of the total $857 billion legislation. Unemployment benefits come to $56 billion, the refundable tax credits are about $44 billion, and the utterly stupid ethanol subsidy is about $5 billion.

As far as the Dems calling it a tax cut when it was just an extension of a tax cut already made ten years ago you are right: It is just Dems BS. BB

Hi Brenda!

Has anything changed in DC; I think not. Are the Republicans so much better than the Democrats; I think not. There is no logic to the fact that the Republicans claim that they need the Bush tax cuts extended for everyone, especially the rich, because it is the rich who create the jobs, do the hiring. Well, the rich have had the Bush tax cuts for 7 years, and I haven’t seen any jobs being created, nor have I seen any hiring. If you need verification of this fact then tell me, why did we need to extend unemployment for 13 months if the rich were doing all this job creating? The Democrats and the Republicans talk out of both sides of their mouths. The American people are still not connecting the dots. When will they learn?

The Republicans could have held off until after Christmas to vote on all the bills, including the one that would shut down the Federal Government. They could have taken a stand; but hey, the won their seats this time around, because the people believed their promise to cut spending and then they did what they always do, a complete 180° turn around, and went back to their old tricks.

When will they ever learn? ss

Snappy I disagree with you on this issue. For one thing people making over $250,000 a year certainly are not rich by any means but they probably are the small business people who do the hiring in this country so they certainly could not afford more taxes and especially in these times. Now if they wanted to make it people who make over $1 million a year I could have gone along with the Democrats. But the $250,000 figure was Obama’s campaign thing and no one seemed willing to move off of it no matter how much the Democrats (ALL of them id you notice?) referred to “millionaires and billionaires”

Second: The rich and not so rich did indeed create jobs and the economy was doing fine until the house of cards the mortgage companies were building with mortgages for people who couldn’t afford them. this they did at the instigation and pressure from Congress (Frank and Dodd).

I DO INDEED AGREE with you that neither party has a monopoly on lying! And i am pissed as all Hell that the Republicans gave in to the Lame Ducks on so much and are still giving. But these Republicans are the old dog and they are afraid of what is coming in so they are trying to get their deals done now. Believe me they are all making money on all the deals they are making. If there was ever a time to have a devastating earth quake with its epicenter the Capitol Building it is now. CAP BB

Hi Brenda,

Maybe I misunderstood. When I say rich, I mean the top 4%. Someone making $250 K is far from being rich. I thought there was talk about the people the Dems wanted to tax had to make over $5 Million. This is what I was referring to. These people are the CEO’s and the Wall Street Fund Mgrs., the relatives of wealth old money, who have inherited their fortunes, or like John Kerry, married into money.

These are the rich, I was talking about. They are jet setters and not in the type of business where they would be hiring numerous people. You may have over looked the fact that Obama took a bunch of CEO’s with him to Indonesia. Obama was telling the American people that he wanted to go there to see some “Festival of Lights” while the Indonesian Government wanted Obama to bring these CEO’s to their country to try and persuade them to setup businesses over there. They want our manufacturing industry to

Brenda, if there is no manufacturing in the USA, then there is no recovery. No business person in their right mind would create jobs here, when they can pay employees a lot less, almost nothing, overseas, like a $1.94 per day. These companies are in business to make money.

They can’t here because Americans expect to make as much as they always did. It isn’t going to happen. Then you have the Government pushing Unions to go into the small companies and push employees to unionize. For the life of me, I cannot figure that one out. If there are no jobs that pay anything worth working for, then what do we need Unions for. I think this is just another, gimmick, something to keep people busy doing while the other hand is doing something else.

I may be wrong, but honestly, this President and this Congress are always playing the switching game. It’s like now you see it and then you don’t.

I think this Union stuff is one of the first steps in organizing a National Socialist Party, or a National Guard of some sort. There is a Revolution coming down the road, and the Union People will be in the middle of it, I can guarantee you. Think about it Brenda, what the hell do we need Unions for? There are no jobs, except minimum wage and try and get one of those, if you are unemployed. ss

I think you are Right On Sandy about the unions being the beginnings of a National Socialist Party. And yes Obama is doing everything he can to drive companies out of this country. the only companies we are keeping are those that need more educated workers. However better educated workers are now being found in Asian countries that don’t have the high taxes that businesses have here in the US and that Obama and the Dems want to raise even higher. All of this goes back to the unions and the base for the National socialists Party. as jobs become scare people panic and willingly join unions to try to get anyone or anything to save their jobs. Unions put pressure on companies and companies shut down completely and move out. People riot in the streets and government comes in and puts down rioters and takes over. It is all outlined in the series of lectures by Uri Bezmenov (Yuri Bezmenov, Former KGB agent on bringing Communism to America which you can view by going to my PAGES column on the right. If you haven’t viewed these videos you really should because they explain a lot of what is happening today and why. BB

I spent Chritmas down south, and I have to say, that there are still too many people that are not paying attention. When talking politics, I was laughed at for my opinions, and people responded with “I bet you watch Glenn Beck”. I told them they were right, I do, but I always check out information it hear or see, and make my own decisions. Glenn Beck has done alot to make people aware of what is going on, but many of those who laughed at what he says, don’t have the ability nor take the time to actually mentally process what he is saying.

I actually had one friend say that “Obama has only been in office for 2 years, let’s give him more time”. I could have choked on that one comment alone. I told my friend that her comment has been all used up. We can’t afford to give him more time, he has succeeded fulfilling his promise of “Change”. I told here “Don’t look now, but there is no Country left and it all happened while you were giving him more time to destroy itj”. ss

Like talking to a wall. I know I talk to these people sometimes too but have learned that when they make an asinine statement to just shut up and change the subject before I am forced to strangle them. BB

I know what you mean. I usually can’t stop myself though and then I find that I’m getting angry as I try and explain the facts to them, and then I get frustrated because they are too stupid to comprehend what it is that I am saying.

To be honest, these idiots argue with me, but they can never explain why they think the way they do. They do not know enough about what is going on to actually have an opinion based on anything they have actually investigated on their own. They are just repeating what someone else has said, and believe me it’s of no importance.

I actually do check out anything I don’t understand. I can at least say that I do check out the facts before I open my mouth and if I’m wrong about something, I’m not afraid to check it out again and if I’m still wrong, I’ll admit it. The problem is that most people don’t take the time to really think about what is actually going on. They do not realize how bad it really is. Of course, when they do realize it, it will be too late, because it almost is too late. ss

Maybe there are enough of us Snappy. After all Glenn Beck got 500,000 people to come to Washington for a three hour prayer meeting. Maybe there are enough of us on our knees praying. I am not on my knees because when get down only the Lord can get me Up again! I have spoken with my Creator most of my life, I don’t call my conversations with Him prayer tho. We just talk, or I talk and He listens but in ways He does answer me when I have questions or problems. I just have to listen with my heart to hear Him.

Keep trying to just walk away from the foolish ones BB

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