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Giving at Christmas and all year long

Posted on: December 19, 2010

Just a word about giving, or making donations if you prefer.  Those of you who read this blog know that Lew and I have our own way of giving that we have followed for years: we give local (where we find ourselves! 🙂 ).  We look for people or groups who need and then we do our best to provide that things or things—-seldom do we give money.   Not that there is anything wrong with giving money when your time is short it is just that we feel we can make our money go further and do more than can people who are directly working with those in need.  and as far as individuals are concerned we supply what is needed rather than money because all too often these individuals have fallen to  the lure of drugs or drink.  It doesn’t matter to us if they are addicted if they are in need.  Of course it often angers us that people make such bad choices but the time to censure them is not when they are in need of food or clothing or medical care.

Anyhow Christmas seems to be the time that people open their hearts and wallets to those in need so I have a bit of advise:

As  you open your pockets for yet another natural  disaster or
Christmas season; keep these facts in mind when “donating”.

Marsha  J. Evans, President and CEO of the American  Red Cross…Salary for year  ending 06/30/09 was  $651,957 plus expenses. (That’s $74.42 an hour  for  EVERY hour of EVERY day.)

Brian  Gallagher, President of the United Way  receives a $375,000 base salary, plus numerous expense  benefits. (That’s $42.80 an hour for EVERY hour of  EVERY day.)

UNICEF  CEO receives  $1,200,000 per year plus all expenses and a ROLLS ROYCE  car  wherever he goes. (That’s $1369.86 an hour for  EVERY hour of EVERY  day.)

The  Salvation Army’s Commissioner Todd Bassett  receives a salary of only  $13,000 per year (plus  housing) for managing this $2 billion dollar organization.

No  further comment  necessary except listen for the bells outside stores  this  Christmas. Please remember this and share it with others.  BB

Thanks to friend and fellow political  blogger ticker  Mr. Produce aka ticker


Yes, I said no more need be said but I lied.  You often don’t realize the Salvation Army is on the scene of a disaster or in a place of need unless you are there and see them because they never make a splash with advertising (that costs big bucks) or fly in visiting dignitaries to walk around getting in the way.They are simply there from day one to long after the last more famous and glamorous group has left.  they are there doing what they do best:helping those in need.    Also as well as their CEO only making $13,000 plus housing a year they aren’t housed in some big office building in the high rent district.  You will find the Salvation Army homes, offices and thrift stores where the people most in need are and therefore they are more accessible to these people.  BB


1 Response to "Giving at Christmas and all year long"

Salvation Army is the best organization going for getting the help to where it is needed in this country. They do their business without fanfare and hoopla and of course the LSM gives them no attention or credit. Of course this season it seems they have managed to give them a lot of negative press since of course the Salvation Army is also a Christian organization and that is just not acceptable at all now is it?

Open your wallets to these folks, not just at the Kettle but all year long. They do make a difference even if no one sees. Think of Jesus and his way of doing things without hoopla. He healed and told those healed to tell NO ONE but go instead to the Priest and show them what had happened. Reason for this was so they could not enter the Temple for the Jewish law forbade those with infirmities to enter. The folks that the Salvation Army helps don’t go running to the media because that’s not the way it’s done. Of course the Red Cross sets up the media to make a show of what piddling help they offer when compared to what they “steal”. Same as United Way, UNICEF etc.

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