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FCC Democrats Seize Control of Internet- Pass Net Neutrality | The Gateway Pundit

Posted on: December 21, 2010

FCC Democrats Seize Control of Internet- Pass Net Neutrality | The Gateway Pundit.

This from The Gateway Pundit Gateway Pundit is well worth reading.  No one elected the FCC and yet they can make laws and take away American’s rights.  BB


Remember: Democrats are only happy when they can tax you or control you.
Today the three democrats on the FCC passed their net neutrality law.
It will likely face a court challenge.
Reuters reported:

U.S. communications regulators adopted Internet traffic rules on Tuesday that prevent providers from blocking lawful content but still let them ration access to their networks.

The Federal Communications Commission approved the “Open Internet” order after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s plan got the support of fellow Democrats Michael Copps and Mignon Clyburn.

The rules aim to strike a balance between the interests of Internet service providers, content companies and consumers, but some industry analysts think a court challenge is still likely.

At issue is whether regulators need to guarantee that all stakeholders continue to have reasonable access to the Internet, a principle often called “net neutrality,” or whether the Internet is best left to flourish unregulated.

The FCC’s ability to regulate the Internet has been in doubt since an appeals court in April said the agency lacked the authority to stop cable company Comcast Corp from blocking bandwidth-hogging applications.

Senior FCC officials have said they will invoke new legal arguments not employed in the Comcast case.

The two Republican commissioners at the agency opposed the latest rule-making effort, saying it was unnecessary and would stifle innovation. Robert McDowell and Meredith Attwell Baker told an FCC open meeting that they believed the rules would fail in court.

There was disagreement on whether the F.C.C. had the legal authority to implement the network neutrality rules, and that authority is certain to face legal challenges in the months ahead

Jeremy Kaplan explains how this will end up costing you.


2 Responses to "FCC Democrats Seize Control of Internet- Pass Net Neutrality | The Gateway Pundit"

This is crap, why not just charge me for the freaking air I breath also. Seriously Dems just want our money so they can continue blowing it on vacations!

Jess, they want power! Power over ever aspect of our lives and they are getting it by the handfuls as we sit back here with our thumbs in our mouths. We waited for the elections and got a lot of new blood that will we hope clean up Washington so now the old guard, Republicans and Democrats alike are off on a marathon to get their hands on as much power and as much of our money as possible before the new guys come in.

Have you noticed how the republicans started naming the Committee chairmen and assigning committees already before the new guys come in? They are afraid of what we have elected and unwilling to accept that the People want change in Washington. Maybe we can get enough decent politicians in in 2012 but by then it will be too late because so many of these programs will be entrenched and mixed with others so that getting them weeded out will be next to impossible.

I fear only a revolution will change things but then going to the streets will just give the Government the excuse to call out the Army and crush the Tea party Movement. Those camps in the woods fo9r all non-believers are for real! BB

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