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The Most Heinous Created Welfare Program of all

Posted on: December 24, 2010

Recommended Reading | Cato @ Liberty.

“To get the check, you’ve got to medicate the child”: a horrifying Boston Globe series exposes how the incentives created by the federal SSI dependent disability program result in the overdiagnosis of disability among school-age kids. The result can be lifelong dependency, especially when grown kids realize that entering the labor force would make their families worse off by losing the “disability money.” [first, second, third parts, more]

I have watched this what I call a Heinous Created Welfare program for years now  with absolute horror because it targets our most innocent and vulnerable: our children.  It allows parents to manipulate their children in order to live off the tax payers.  It creates make-believe cripples of children that turn into actual social cripples as adults.  there has to be a stop put to this practice but it seemed that no one was watching or willing to do anything about the “crime”.  This is why I was so pleased to see this expose by the Boston Globe.  The article is long but so well worth reading.  Maybe the time has come since We the People seem in a mood to clean up the system for us to also clean up this practice by callous parents, unfeeling doctors and self-serving bureaucrats.  They have all worked together to destroy the lives of children caught in this  nightmare.  BB


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