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Christmas Day 2010

Posted on: December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010
This has been a very nice Christmas day for Lew and I.  Unlike the Maxine cartoons I have been blessing you all with this month have implied I love Christmas and every teeny tiny detail.  Of course now that it is just the two of us we have decided not to fuss with the traditional meal that would leave us with leftovers for a month or more, instead we keep things light and our usual daily fare.  This year however food was very much on Lew’s mind where I was concerned.

I am morbidly obese and am gong for Lap Band  (Laparoscopic Gastric Band) surgery in January,  So with this in mind Lew got me a sampling of some of my favorite goodies. Lap Band surgery for those of you who may not know is a permanent solution to over eating.  And being permanently  restricted to ¼ th. cup of food at any one meal  it is not a procedure/solution one undertakes  without a great deal of thought.  Have you ever thought of just how many social interactions one has that involves food?  Think about it.  You will find there are hardly any social activities where food is not served  in some amount.  And if you are not filling a plate people are certain to ask why.  I know this from a lifetime of dieting and having to say thank you but no thanks.  I also  know all so well  these people watching you not losing weight or losing weight and gaining it right back again and you could see it in their eyes even if they didn’t say it, “You are so lacking in will power you Pig.”  Being overweight is not a very good life either for your physical health or your  self esteem.  I do however wish this procedure had been available when I was younger because my weight has caused me more grief than any other aspect of my life.

Now at 69 I have  accepted me as I am but my health has not.  I either lose weight or die.  Not much of a choice for one who still has much to say! 🙂  So my darling Lew gave me one last sampling taste of  foods and treats I  am especially fond of.  A lovely gesture and I will appreciate each tiny taste knowing it to be my last.


I went again towards warm clothes for Lew.  Last year I got him  warm around the house slacks and matching  heavy shirt.   The pants had dogs all over them.  He wore them almost daily washing them in the mornings so they would be ready that evening.  I like dogs but I did get rather tired of seeing my husband’s butt wrapped in them.  So this year I got him another set of  house wear; this time with snowmen  skiing over the mountains.  He looked them over and decided that perhaps he could walk Dinah our dog  in the dog pants but no way was he leaving the house in day light wearing snowmen!~

After unwrapping our packages, which is habit from when we had the kids around we still do early on Christmas morning, we just had a pleasant day reading and  talking and watching for and then seeing the snow begin to cover the ground.  We watch a couple movies: Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Christmas and both Grinches.  I prefer the cartoon Dr. Seuss version and Lew  likes Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the Grinch.

Then I decided I really should check my email and it’s a good thing because we had Christmas messages and e-cards.  I had sent all of our friends  Joe Diffie’s “Leroy the Reindeer” video. Leroy the Reindeer by Joe Diffie Actually it should be “Leroy the redneck good ole boy country reindeer”  🙂 and from the comments it seems it was enjoyed.  Strange in my youth and middle age I  would have nothing to do with Country Music,  but in my Age of Wisdom (like that better than Senior Citizen or old goatessa!) I have come to appreciate country music.  Then I discovered that I had really like country music all along I just hadn’t like the thru the nose voices of country singers.  Today’s country singers may be a little southern or south western but they aren’t nasal so I have begun listening to the words as well as the music which I always liked and find that country music is simply people music.   It is real life from the heart break to the wishing your daughter chooses to dance.   I chose to dance.  Yes I did.  Maybe it was to my own tune and not everyone was able to discern the rhythm,  but I certainly did dance.  And see no reason to change the tune at this late date.

As usual I have rambled.  I either ramble or rant or both at the same time.   So sorry ‘bout that. Soooooo

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night.   BB


4 Responses to "Christmas Day 2010"

Dear Brenda, I just wanted to say thank you for your Blog and wish you & Lew a very Healthy and wealthy New year, and I pray that you come out of your Surgery Smiling and looking like a Rose You are….. Merry Christmas and happy New Year

Thank you wdednh. We are as ever looking forward to another good year. Lew and I have had the typical life of ups downs joys and tragedies, but it has been a good life. We see no reason for this to change. As for our health…………….well we are getting older and realistically can expect some problems with the ‘working parts’. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you. Sincerely, BB

The lapband is the way to go. My Nancy is in the pre-stages for the same procedure. It takes time to see results but is well worth it from what I gather from those who have the lap band.

Happy New Year to you and Lew.

We the taxpayers have to pay for your lapband surgery because you cannot control yourself? Moocher!

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