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ACLU trying to Force Catholic Hospitals to do Abortions

Posted on: December 26, 2010

Michelle Malkin » Un-merry Christmas from the ACLU.

I have said for years that the ACLU has far outlived it’s purpose and should just blow away.  this happens with all organizations and agencies  in the long run.  they are good and needed in the beginning and then after their goal is achieved they just don’t go away but instead start looking for any reason at all to keep themselves in business and getting the unholy dollar.  The ACLU has for decades now worked against all sense and decency in many matters and should be refunded by the tax payers.  This is just the most recent action that should not be taken.  There are enough hospitals performing abortions that the few Catholic hospitals need not be attacked and brought into this.  It will come down to only one outcome:1) the issue will be tied up in courts for decades and cost the Church millions to defend their beliefs and/or  2)  the Catholic hospitals will sell  out to non-Catholic consortiums and end the Catholics involvement with health care.  this would be a real tragedy because in most cases Catholic hospitals are less expensive that for profits  or nonsectarian hospitals because of the free nursing care given by the nuns.

Bottom line: the whole issue is stupid and should not have been allowed to have happened.  Something has to be done about the ACLU and it can start with being cut off the tax payers teat.  BB


1 Response to "ACLU trying to Force Catholic Hospitals to do Abortions"

What funding does the ACLU get from the “taxpayer’s teat?”

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