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Big Nannies of the Year. Just for fun because laughing is about all you can do. BB

Posted on: December 29, 2010

Big Nannies of the Year – Michelle Malkin – National Review Online.

When we have one too many government employees for getting the specified job done  they have nothing to do but push pencils and complain that their job responsibilities are too heavy and that they require an assistant.  This  continues and continues and continues until we now have our federal government made up of a million or more pencil pushers.  Requirements for any given job, especially at the top rank, is knowing the man who does the hiring or a person of higher rank than him.  Hell, you don’t even have to know how to say or spell the name of the  position you are going to fill someone will check the right box for you.  AND, you certainly needn’t concern yourself about the required functions of that position because they are unimportant as you have your own agenda.  This then is the nanny State.  The United States governments at all levels are crowded with these  creatures who know better what is best for the public than the public itself.  This article lists some really unbelievable Nannies,  the only thing is that the are real and they are functioning alive and well in real time for your and my benefit and good.  BB


December 29, 2010 12:00 A.M.

Big Nannies of the Year
God save us from more busybody bipartisanship in 2011.

It was a nefarious year for nettlesome busybodies employed by the Nanny State. Here are the top power-grabbers of 2010 — those who just can’t leave us alone:

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg
Two feet of snow paralyzed trains, buses, snowplows, and emergency vehicles in the Big Apple this week. Perhaps if Bloomberg — the nation’s top self-appointed municipal food cop — spent more of his time on core government responsibilities instead of waging incessant war on taxpayers’ salt, soda, trans-fat, and sugar intakes, his battered bailiwick would have been better equipped to weather the storm.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood
He proposed meddling mileage taxes, mused about a system to track drivers’ routes, lobbied for high-speed-rail boondoggles, and promoted a “livability initiative” to limit suburban growth and force suburb-dwellers into public transportation. Then America’s driving czar floated a plan to disable cell phones in automobiles. LaHood backed off that creepy crusade, but he is still intent on waging war against drivers who choose to use cell phones, entertainment systems, and GPS devices on the road. Just last week, the unstoppable control freak proposed a new rule banning truck and bus drivers from any use of cell phones while driving — including emergency calls on hands-free devices. His anti-car agenda is stuck in overdrive.The city of Cleveland (Cleveland by the way is one of those Rust Bel;t cities that is just about flat on it’s can with unemployment in double digits so naturally all the government can think to do is make it more difficult for the economy and their city to get up off of it knees.  BB)
The green police in this Midwestern metropolis made headlines in February with an intrusive plan to roll out snooping trash cans — “smart” rubbish bins bugged with electronic identification chips and bar codes to monitor residents’ recycling habits. Violators could be fined $100. Federal stimulus money has gone to fund a similar program in Dayton, Ohio. The technology originated in Germany, was adopted by eco-authoritarians in England (where at least 500,000 trash cans now have snitch chips embedded in them), and has spread across Europe. Welcome to the age of Bin Brother.

The city of San Francisco (Another  city now flat on its back and on life support in a state in the same morbid condition.  BB)
The board of supervisors recently took the “happy” out of McDonald’s Happy Meals by forbidding all restaurants to offer toys with children’s meals that exceed limits on calories, fat, salt, and sugar. Even the mayor of the People’s Republic of San Francisco opposes this latest food-control scheme. But the bossy City by the Bay continues to assault consumer freedom with bans on everything from plastic bags to pet sales to soda pop. This summer, Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order banning Coke, Pepsi, and Fanta Orange drinks from vending machines on city property. The decree dictates that “ample choices” of water, “soy milk, rice milk, and other similar dairy or non-dairy milk” must instead be offered. (Have you ever tasted soy milk? YUCK! BB  ) It’s not clear how vendors will be able to circumvent the city’s hostility toward plastic bottles. Maybe beverages will be served straight out of those noxiously trendy reusable cloth bags?

The architects of Obamacare
After ramming a trillion-dollar package of unconstitutional federal health mandates down our throats, they said children and seniors would be saved, we could keep our doctors, costs would go down, and the economy would get a boost. Reality: Premiums have continued to skyrocket. Insurers nationwide have dropped child-only plans in the individual market. Obamacare taxes forced the AARP to raise its members’ rates. Hospitals have stepped up layoffs and shutdowns. And millions of Americans have been able to keep their doctors and coverage only because their employers, unions, or health-care providers begged the feds for special waivers. Heckuva job, health bureaucrats.

First lady Michelle Obama and former governor Mike Huckabee
Mrs. Obama first played the childhood-obesity card in September 2009, as a rationale for using her office to crusade for taxpayer subsidies for the Olympics bid of her hometown, Chicago. Her argument: Kids would stay fat, lazy, and uninspired if the Daley machine didn’t get its share of massive sports corporate welfare. Next came Mrs. O’s push for the $5 billion expansion of federal child-nutrition programs. As I first reported in February 2010, the legislation was a pet project of the Service Employees International Union, which seeks to swell the ranks of dawn-to-dusk year-round public-school food-service workers, who organize under the progressive activist slogan “serving justice and serving lunch.” In addition to school breakfasts and lunches, the kiddie-food patrol is now pushing subsidized dinners and summer food service to create a “stronger nutrition safety net.” 

Nanny State Republican Mike Huckabee, who used his bully pulpit as Arkansas governor to campaign for Big Government–endorsed “healthier living” in public schools and private life, naturally sided with Mrs. Obama — and took a swipe at Sarah Palin last week for criticizing the White House’s usurpation of parental responsibility and rights. Huckabee scoffed at the idea that the feds are “trying to force the government’s desires on people.” But school bake sales are already under siege, and Mrs. Obama’s childhood-obesity task force has already called for new and dramatic controls on the marketing of unhealthy foods. Did Huckabee miss (or does he agree with) Mrs. Obama’s officious rallying cry on child nutrition: “We can’t just leave it up to parents”? God save us from more busybody bipartisanship in 2011.

— Michelle Malkin is the author of Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies. © 2010 Creators Syndicate, Inc.


1 Response to "Big Nannies of the Year. Just for fun because laughing is about all you can do. BB"

I did not hear the remarks that Huckabee made, but if he were agreeing with Ms. Obama a Dem and criticizing Sarah Palin, then I would say he has announced his candidacy. I believe that he’s unofficially, officially announcing that he’s running for President in 2012 with those comments. You watch and see. I’m surprised that he has already taken pot shots at Palin, she is after all a Republican like he is and they both are guest speakers on Fox, which one would think make them at least civil to one another.

There are rumblings out there and are about to get louder I feel, because it appears that the “MEN” in the Republican party definitely don’t want Palin to run, because they want to. Because she has had a head start on them with all her Tea Party work and her Alaska show, these men feel somehow that they have been left behind, so to speak. They feel they have to knock her out of the running before she even says that she is.

The one thing that they have forgotten is that if they do run and she doesn’t or she loses, is she then supposed to forgive their unkind remarks and campaign for them? She’s the one person in the Republican Party that they all should be nice to, because she’s the only person in the Republican Party that can get people to come out to hear their campaign speeches. Boys are they stupid.

That being said, I like her, but she’s not Presidential material, no matter what kind of crowds she gets. Again, I wouldn’t mind seeing her give a speech, but I have to say I don’t think she’s knowledgeable enough to run this country. Obama wasn’t, and still isn’t and look at the mess he has us in.

So, I would advise the Republicans to play nice with her, so that she will campaign for them, because it is evident, that the list that I have seen of potential nominees, no one in the group can bring out the crowd of people that Sarah can, except I think Newt Gingrich can. He’s likable, (yes, yes, I know all about why some don’t like him, but get over it) he’s very knowledgeable and could, in my opinion, be a good President. At least he won’t be out there apologizing for America.

As for Ms. Obama, who elected her? She’s already got her husband to sign one of her pet project bills. By the way, where does she get off telling Americans that they are too fat? I don’t remember hearing that she had a degree in Nutritional eating (or whatever you call it). Why has no one said anything about her campaign to have the government put into law now, what Americans can or cannot eat? And again, why has no one gone off the deep end, like they did when Clinton was in office and his wife Hillary, tried to get a health care bill passed and Congress put up this big stink about the fact that she wasn’t elected, nor was she in Congress, but that she was just basically along for the ride while her husband was President. This first lady is getting bills signed by her hubby and NO ONE is saying anything about it. ss

At least Hillary was intelligent. It seems that she’s deeply involved in passing legislation and she’s not even an elected official. She must have connections. ss

She really needs to look in the mirror before she starts preaching about slimming down.

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