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Big Labor’s Snowmageddon Snit Fit

Posted on: December 31, 2010

Update: listen to the news as more and more evidence comes in about the union members in New York sitting down on the job.  Now it is the garbage not being picked up.  there are videos of trucks parked and workers drinking  and sleeping.  BB

Big Labor’s Snowmageddon Snit Fit – Michelle Malkin – National Review Online.  You can read this article yourself or just listen to the news because it is a big story today.    By my opinion follows:

Bring it on you union thugs, just keep pushing and the people will see you are punched out!   I am so sorry for the tragedy this “snit fit” cost two New Yorkers, but I am thrilled to my toes that the union thugs took this opportunity to show their colors and had so many of the over paid, over benefited union workers go along with it.  Yes, the supervisors may have told them to slow down and take their time but the workers themselves are the ones who chose to do it rather than doing the job they are paid to do.  This then shows us the mentality of not only the leaders but many of the union members.  It also gives the people a very good reason to push the politicians to cut the government workers benefits back to something reasonable.  And more important:  Make it against the law for government workers to unionize. If they want a union then they can get a job in the private sector where they will only hurt themselves and the company they work for and not an entire city of people as this outrageous behavior did.

President Reagan refused to allow the air traffic Controllers to hold a nation at hostage and fired the entire lot of them and replaced them within a matter of hours so that there was little disruption to the air traffic in the United States.   Our politicians did not take heed from this first shot across the bows and now we have huge public service workers unions all over the nation all ready to show their muscle.  Everything was going well as long as the money kept coming in and the politicians could accede to the unions demands.,  The people didn’t know about or really even care much about it, but now the money isn’t there and cities are going bankrupt and the biggest item in the budget is workers compensation and benefits.  UNIONIZED workers at that.

Mayor Bloomberg is not by any long shot at man of Reagan’s  character so he will not fire the workers involved in this as he should.  He won’t even fire the people who instigated it.  This is a sad situation for the city of New York.  Not only the public utilities workers but the teachers who sit in their “rubber rooms” getting paid year after year and can not be fired.  This is what happens when the unions get too much power.   This is what happens when any group gets too much power!

The only way to stop this outrageous situation where our public workers hold us  hostage is for the federal government to make it illegal for any government worker to belong to a union.  Simply  outlaw it.  Public servants should NEVER be given such a weapon to use against their employers:  We the People!  BB


2 Responses to "Big Labor’s Snowmageddon Snit Fit"


The Democratic Party has been pushing for Unions. They want something posted in all small businesses telling employees how to start a Union in the work place. They have the SEIU, UAW, and all the other Unions lining up to help them take control of the country. Obama is for Unions, this is how he got elected and remember when GM set up the IPO, the Union got $3.5 Billion dollars. So, tell me what do they need that money for? To help elect Obama in 2012.

The Unions are the first big step to building a Socialist Party in the United States. These Unions and many of the members are not even employed right now, are taking over in the work place and in politics. They are the backbone of the Democratic Party. No one in office is going to close down any Union, in the Federal government or anywhere else.

The only way I see for our country to build up the economy again is by eliminating all unions. So, everyone is on the same playing field and no one group has the power or the right to tell a private company how much they should be paid, how many days a year they should get off and insist on Healthcare and so much more.

At one time maybe 80 years ago there was a need for a unionized group in the workforce but that time is long gone. Certainly they did a lot of good in the beginning, but it’s easy to put into law any protections workers would need today. Today the Union bosses decide whom the union members should vote for and they decide how to spend union dues. They are frankly responsible for much of the outsourcing in our country because of their demands on private companies. Let’s face it; the government wants the unions because they need them to stay in power. ss

Right on Snappy! I agree with you completely. BB

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