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Is Tossing a Pig a possible Solution?

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Received this from a friend who has the same problems with Islam as I do.  This would be a solution for the mosque on hallowed Ground Zero in New York  City:

Please donate to your local “Plant A Pig Foundation” today. Not tax deductible, but well worth the effort.
In Spain , at Seville some local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town. They buried a pig on the site, making sure this would be known by the local press. Islamic rules forbid erecting a Mosque on “pig soiled ground”. The Muslins had to cancel the project…this land had been sold to them by government officials… No protests were needed by the local people … and it worked!!
Not dummies …. the Spaniards. They found a solution !!! No protests needed!
In Texas they have an over abundance of feral pigs. They could send them all over the country and just plant them everywhere!  After all…contaminated soil would surely drift and they could create new job programs by having soil testers to determine where contaminated soil existed.  Of course, high on the mountain tops of the Rockies or other mountain ranges they  might find some uncontaminated soil, but then…building a mosque there would pose some problems…Americans…put on your thinking caps and let’s find a solution to this problem of a spreading menace to the American way of life!  If pigs are the answer…let’s do it!

Certainly sounds like a good idea to me.  Hope someone from New York City reads this and just tosses a dead pig in the alley behind the planned mosque on Ground Zero then calls the news  media while also videoing the act themselves so there is a record that can not be denied..   I suggest the alley in hopes there is some “ground” there rather than concrete.  Concrete may be considered to protect the “ground”.

Am I evil?  No!  tossing a dead pig may be a bit gross but it certainly isn’t evil.  At least not anywhere near the evil of a mosque on Ground Zero to celebrate the death of  Americans innocently going about their work.   So this may be a solution because nothing else has helped so far such as buying the building from them, trading the property for another piece in the city a block away, and many more offers that have all been turned down.  The mosque  MUST be on Ground Zero in order for Islam to WIN!   BB


5 Responses to "Is Tossing a Pig a possible Solution?"

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’ve heard that the ground where that mosque would stand used to be a livestock pen; the livestock included pigs.

Anyway, I’m all for tossing pigs onto the land if the mosque builders would cease their plans. I see the Ground Zero Mosque as a desecration!

I really have no idea if this is a law of Islam but it certainly sounds to me as if it is. Considering pigs wandered freely in New York up thru the mid 1800’s I would bet a pig or two crossed that plot of ground and might even have dumped a load of desecration or two on it’s soil. 🙂

Yes! The desecration is the mosque on Ground Zero! BB

I’ll buy the dang pig!

Now how did I know that if I passed the hat Ticker would grab for his wallet right off the bat??! 🙂 BB

Heck BB we can go just a few miles down country from your neck of the woods and get a whole truck load of pig guts and stuff and take them to NY and dump em on site. Bet the folks at the “hog farm” would even donate the guts and maybe the truck. hahahhaa

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