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Ineffective Government Programs

Posted on: January 8, 2011

I Goggled “ineffective Government Programs and the following is what came up;  From this list surely even a stupid Washington Good Old
Boy can find a place to cut.  I am so against raising the Debt Ceiling.  And of course you realize that once a government program begins there is simply no end because the bureaucracy  created to administer the program finds ways to keep their jobs forever and ever Amen.  BB

About 341,000 results (0.28 seconds)  The following are only the first 30!  So don’t tell me there is nowhere to cut spending in the federal government.  Besides what the programs cost each year you have the cost and pensions/benefits the agencies and bureaucrats get.  Just think how many high paid high benefitcd government workers we could push out into the private market if we got rid of these programs.BB

Search Results

  1. State Foreclosure Prevention Ineffective, Study Shows (Update2

    Sep 23, 2009 The study faulted that program and other federal proposals because to qualify for government programs to refinance into lower rates.…

  2. Obama Administration Report Shows Head Start Ineffective | The

    Jan 14, 2010 “an unquestionably ineffective program”. Wow, that’s quite a statement for someone who is using one study to justify their opinion.…/long-overdue-head-start-evaluation-shows-no-lasting-benefit-for-children/CachedSimilar
  3. Study Finds Drug Education Programs Ineffective, Plagued By

    May 25, 2001 Study Finds Drug Education Programs Ineffective, Plagued By Politics, The federal government is a major player in drug education,
  4. Ineffective government job training programs

    That’s because ineffective government programs contrast sharply with private job training, Sanders said. Researchers continue to find that private Study
  5. Study: Abstinence-Only Lunch Programs Ineffective At Combating

    Jul 27, 2009 Study: Abstinence-Only Lunch Programs Ineffective At Combating Teen Obesity “It’s not the government’s place to step in and tell my kids…/study-abstinenceonly-lunch-programsineffective-at,2771/Cached
  6. Study Slams Mandatory E-Verify Program As Ineffective, Expensive

    Mar 8, 2008 Study Slams Mandatory E-Verify Program As Ineffective, Expensive, use the federal government’s existing E-Verify program to confirm work…/study-slams-mandatory-e-verify-program-as-ineffective-expensive-intrusive/CachedSimilar
  7. Millions Slotted for Ineffective Teen Pregnancy Programs | Kimble

    7 posts – Last post: May 2, 2002

    by KF Ainslie
    Millions Slotted for Ineffective Teen Pregnancy Programs On a “unit cost” basis, the federal government currently finances teenage pregnancy have shown little or no effect, according to a Washington State study.

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  8. Sibby Online: Fraud uncovered in ineffective federal preschool program

    May 19, 2010 Mr. Obama has said he is willing to eliminate government programs “shown to be wasteful or ineffective,” Heritage Foundation analysts David…/fraud-uncovered-in-ineffective-federal-preschool-program.htmlCached
  9. [PDF] 

    Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs: Ineffective, Unethical

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    In both the control group and study group, only 23 percent reported always using 21 percent) believe the government should fund abstinence-only programs
  10. School Anti-Smoking Programs Ineffective, Study Says – Los Angeles

    Dec 20, 2000 School Anti-Smoking Programs Ineffective, Study Says THE ODYSSEY OF COMRADE FANG : At Odds With His Government.
  1. Primary System – Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Q & A

    Does the federal government require an abstinence-only-until-marriage approach? programs, released in April 2007, found these programs to be ineffective. The study found that abstinence-only-until-marriage programs were…Cached
  2. News Article : Study Finds Medicaid DUR Ineffective

    Oct 8, 2003 Study Finds Medicaid DUR Ineffective. Kate Traynor Lipowski said that DUR programs could benefit from research that examines drug…/newsarticle.aspx?id=1399Cached
  3. Head Start Program: Fraud and Ineffectiveness | The Heritage

    May 28, 2010 Head Start Program: Fraudulent and Ineffective [1] Second, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that Head Start centers according to scientific studies, the program is ineffective to begin with.…/head-start-program-fraudulent-and-ineffectiveCached
  4. Premarital Abstinence Pledges Ineffective, Study Finds

    Dec 29, 2008 “This study again raises the issue of why the federal government is continuing to invest in abstinence-only programs,” said Sarah Brown of
  5. ‘Abstinence Only’ Sex Ed Ineffective – ABC News

    Apr 17, 2007 Congressionally Funded Study Shows Programs Do Not Keep Teens From over how the federal government should approach teen sex as a public › HealthHealthSimilar
  6. Broken Government | Failure: Reading First: Scandalous and Ineffective

    Regardless of the scandal, the program failed to meet its objectives. An April 2008 study revealed the general ineffectiveness of Reading First and found…government/…/997/CachedSimilar
  7. Abstinence-Only Sex Education Statistics – Final Nail in the

    Jan 5, 2009 Now a third study, this by Janet E. Rosenbaum of the Johns …. The fact that the government is funding this ineffective program just…/abstinence-only-sex-education-statistics-final-nail-in-the-coffin/CachedSimilar
  8. Federal Study Says ‘Abstinence Only’ Sex Ed. Is Ineffective

    Federal Study Says ‘Abstinence Only’ Sex Ed. Is Ineffective from Church Critics have long suspected that such “abstinence-only” programs are not effective – and now a report commissioned by the federal government confirms that.
  9. CBC News – Consumer Life – Hybrid rebates ineffective, study finds

    Aug 4, 2009 government programs that provide rebates to hybrid vehicle buyers are not worth the a University of British Columbia study has found.
  10. Soft Drinks Tax an Inefficient, Ineffective Way to Fight Obesity

    Aug 1, 2009 The money was supposed to go into the state’s Medicaid program, In their 2008 study, Emory University economists Jason M. Fletcher, the Regulatory Studies Program and the Government Accountability Project at the
    http://www.heartland.orgBudget & Tax NewsAugust 2009CachedSimilar
  1. [PDF] 

    A LONG HISTORY OF EMPTY PROMISES The Cigarette Companies

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    The Cigarette Companies’ Ineffective Youth Anti-Smoking Programs…. If we don’t seize the initiative the government and …. Similarly, a June 2002 study found that the Truth Campaign anti-youth-smoking ads of the Legacy

  2. Handbook of marriage and the family – Google Books Result

    Marvin B. Sussman, Suzanne K. Steinmetz, Gary W. Peterson – 1999 – Family & Relationships – 822 pages
    Government Programs and the Transfer of Wealth and Poverty across tend to render any targeted government redistribution among those members ineffective.
  3. Head Start Earns an F

    2 posts

    The Head Start Impact Study began in 2002, and the results released in 2010 are to eliminate “government programs shown to be wasteful or ineffective.

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  4. [PPT] 

    Meier Presentation 27Jan09.ppt – PowerPoint Presentation

    File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint – Quick View
    Jan 27, 2009 Study Comments. The program suffered from “excess optimism” …. Inexperienced government workforce; Ineffective award fee plans and…/Meier%20Presentation%2027Jan09ppt
  5. School voucher programs are both ineffective and dangerous

    School voucher programs are both ineffective and dangerous. August 23rd, 2009 4:55 pm ET. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite). Governmentally funded school…/school-voucher-programs-are-both-ineffective-and-dangerousCached
  6. Development aid – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    About 80-85% of developmental aid comes from government sources as official …. Aid has also been ineffective in young recipient countries in which ethnic tensions …. This program is basically dedicated to support the research of scholars in Africa and the United States, and augmenting the study of Africa.
  7. [PDF] 


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    Sep 22, 2008 Eliminate ineffective government programs….. Research and Management to study the mating habits of crabs and $968175 for berry research.
  8. Citing New Study Showing that Federally Funded Abstinence-Only

    Apr 13, 2007 “Today’s study makes clear that these programs have no place in our classrooms research like today’s indicating that many such programs are ineffective. ACLU Asks Court to End Government Funding of Religion in…/citing-new-study-showing-federally-funded-abstinence-only-until-marriage-prograCached
  9. Projects in Turkey: International Development Research Centre

    Area Under Study, Middle East and North Africa | Middle East | Turkey urban workers’ low earnings, and ineffective government programs.…/ev-83267-201_850306-1-IDRC_ADM_INFO.htmlCachedSimilar
  10. Ineffective Programs

    Ineffective programs are categorized as Not Performing on The content on is developed by the U.S. Office of Management

And it goes on and on and on!  BB


    3 Responses to "Ineffective Government Programs"


    Well you have really hit the jackpot with this one. What we need to do is get this URL out onto the Internet where thousands of people send it to their representatives or better yet to Boehner. I hope I spelled his name right.

    It amazes me that these so called elected representatives have no idea where to start except with Social Security, Defense or Medicare and Medicaid. What a bunch of incompetents.

    Maybe we need to put this info on Facebook it seems Congress is really paying attention to Facebook lately. s

    And this was just the first 30 entries out of 341,000! BB

    I think we should try and get this into the hands of some Tea Party people. I mean really, this isa fabulous place to get ideas from as to what should be downsized and/or defunded. ss

    Good going BB

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