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Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Mr. Farm Subsidies Porker Champ)

Posted on: January 12, 2011

Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Farm Subsidies) | Cato @ Liberty.

One of the biggest and most wasteful pork filled slush programs is the  $30 billion annual farm  subsidies program.  And one of the biggest porkers for this program just happens to be Rep. Frank Lucas (R Iowa).  so guess who the Republican leadership has appointed as chair of the House Agriculture Committee.  One more Good Old Boy  Washington Thief  in a position where he can really get his hands in the tax payers pockets.  Every time I look over the credentials of another Republican committee appointments  I find another shake and bake porker!  So what are we tax payers to expect from this Congress that will be different from the last two?

I am beginning to think that only a meteor making a direct hit on Washington DC will save our nation.  BB


Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Farm Subsidies)

Posted by Tad DeHaven

The Washington Times says that the upcoming farm bill re-write could “sow division in the GOP.” While House Republican leaders John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy voted against the 2008 farm bill, the new chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Frank Lucas (R-Okla.), is a dedicated supporter of farm subsidies.

The Times recalls Boehner’s comments on the 2008 farm bill:

“The farm bill has often been abused by politicians as a slush fund for bizarre earmarks and wasteful spending projects, and the latest version … is no different,” Mr. Boehner, then the GOP minority leader, said at the time.

It’s too bad then that the Boehner-friendly Republican Steering Committee, which decided the committee chairs, didn’t appear to blink at handing the agriculture committee gavel to a key supporter of the “slush fund.” And it’s not as if Lucas has been circumspect in his intentions. Lucas’s agriculture issues section on his website, which hasn’t been updated since the Republicans took back the House, makes that perfectly clear:

As Ranking Member of the Agriculture Committee, I have long been a champion of voluntary agriculture conservation programs. During the drafting of the 2002 Farm Bill, I worked to secure the largest ever increase in programs such as Environmental Quality Incentives Program, the Conservation Reserve Program, and many others. In the 2008 Farm Bill, I advocated for renewable energy provisions to be included in the farm bill which would allow rural areas to play a larger role in making the U.S. less dependent on foreign sources of energy. I am proud that the 2008 Farm Bill devotes a funding stream to renewable energy research, development, and production….

[I] will work closely with Chairman Peterson and other members of the committee to ensure that cuts are not made to agriculture producers – farmers and ranchers.   (So where will they be made Mr. Rep.  Lucas?   Perhaps to that man standing over there behind the tree?   BB)

Lucas isn’t shy about touting his support from the myriad farm lobby groups either:


I have been proud to receive recognition from various agriculture groups for my work in support of their concerns. The American Farm Bureau Federation has presented me with its “Friend of Farm Bureau” award for supporting Farm Bureau issues in Congress in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006. In both 2002 and 2003, the National Farmers Union recognized me with the “Presidential Award for Leadership” for issues important to rural America. NFU also recognized me with the “Golden Triangle Award”, which is given to those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership on issues affecting family farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. In 2002 the Oklahoma Wheat Commission presented me with their “Staff of Life” award for voting in favor of wheat growers and farmers 100 percent of the time. And for two years running, the National Association of Wheat Growers named me one of only 11 “Wheat Champion” Members of Congress for superior action in Congress in support of the wheat industry.

Last year, Lucas criticized the Obama administration for proposing some minor agriculture program cuts, including a proposal to limit direct subsidy payments to farmers with more than $500,000 in annual sales.  (I really don’t think we are talking about the family farm here do you?  By the Democrats reconing during the Bush Tax cuts debate these $500,000 guys were twice over “millionaires and billionaires”.  i won’t go that far but I will say I don’t think they need any  hard earned tax dollars from someone else.  Or, another way of saying that: someone else’s money! which is supposed to be a liberal thing not a conservative Republican thing.  Of course the thing is is that there are not many Conservatives in Washington; there are just a bunch of politicians.  BB)

Frank Lucas criticized the Obama administration for merely wanting to deny farmers with a half million dollars in sales from grabbing taxpayer money, but take a look what he has to say in a section on his website on “lower taxes and government spending:”

Spending in Congress has reached historic levels during the 111th Congress. The fiscally irresponsible behavior of former Speaker Pelosi and President Obama has driven our national debt level to the point that it is almost equal to the size of our entire economy. This is unacceptable and it must stop.

I have opposed – and will continue to oppose – spending initiatives that dramatically increase the size and scope of the federal government while adding to our already massive national debt. I have long been a supporter of tax reform and will continue to fight against increases in taxes and wasteful federal spending. Congress must get back to the business of fiscal responsibility and strive for a balanced budget without raising the taxes of hard-working Americans.  (Now people this is what I call a two faced swindling Son of a Gun when I’m trying to be nice about it.  So don’t get me mad!  BB)

Lucas must know that “taxes of hard-working Americans” are pouring into the pockets of generally high-income farm businesses at the rate of $15 billion to $35 billion annually. While Lucas may be a “Wheat Champion” he sure isn’t a Taxpayer Champion, at least not on agricultural issues.

See this Cato essay for more on agriculture subsidies(Be sure and check out this site for some interesting history of how American Agribusiness calling themselves farmers  have gotten wealthy off of the tax payers.  It has been a scam since the beginning in the late 1800’s.  BB)


2 Responses to "Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Mr. Farm Subsidies Porker Champ)"

Hi Brenda!

I was very disappointed that Boehner appointed some and had a committee appoint other Representatives to chair just about all the committees, before the swearing in of the new Representative. I believe I heard somewhere that he did this so basically the new guys wouldn’t have any power in the House.

There is something to be said about Boehner’s idea. 1) Appointing experienced Representatives to chair a committee would be a good idea, if it weren’t such a bad one. These are the same guys who helped get us into the mess we are in. 2) Appointing an inexperienced “New” Representative with no experience could delay the process, because he wouldn’t know how things were always done, which would actually be a good idea.

Basically, the old guys were put in charge because they were afraid the new guys would take over. Remember the Republicans never were for backing the Tea Party or the people they sponsored, until what, maybe two or three weeks before the election, when they finally realized the Tea Party sponsored nominees were going to win. Outwardly they back them now, but secretly, they don’t want the new guys rocking the boat.

So, bottom line, nothing in DC has changed. All the speeches and promises by the Republicans, all their grandstanding will be just that, grand-standing, nothing more, nothing less.

For instance, they say they will put a motion forth to repeal the Healthcare Bill. I don’t think there has ever been a bill once passed and already in the works (they have already implemented parts of it) that has been repealed. The Fed. Government has already hired people and set up something like 128 departments under the Health Care program. Does anyone actually think this bill will be repealed? These elected elitists should not have voted for it in the first place. This is all show, to make Americans think they are keeping their word. They knew from the get-go that it wouldn’t be repealed. So, then they will move on to stopping funding it or parts of it, but it will be too little too late. Why, because the old guys just had to be in charge a little longer.
Wait and see. I know I’m right. ss

Agreed Snappy. but I think the Republican leadership is getting a big surprise in their email boxes and telephones that the people are not at all appeased. In fact, the fact that Boehner is now running scared even to the extent of staying away from a funeral and the opportunity for a photo op and speech in order to try to straighten things out and get back to business this week is a sign to me that at least he gets the point and the heat is on. We have to watch this group closely and really put pressure on the old dogs. And remind them that there are a whole new crop of new young pups in the wings waiting to chew them up in 2012.

Wouldn’t it be something of a shock if the old dog chairmen found themselves saddled with a new dog co-chairman on these committees? BB

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