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Newsletter from Wake Up America Movement

Posted on: January 24, 2011

This is a newsletter from Wake Up America.  I am not advocating you take their advice on tuning out the Presidents State of the Union Address since I for one will watch this one.  I have been tuning Obama out  on most of his almost daily ego bursts however.  I think you all need to see this newsletter and decide for yourself since they really do rather have a point.  BB


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ACTION Alert: Tune In (and out) this Tuesday

Sunday, January 23, 2011 5:05 PM
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Wake Up America Movement
Dear Brenda,  

As an American citizen who shares in the core values on which our nation was founded, keep faith in the power of We the People to affect real change in the corruption of our government – by taking the time to read this through – and participating in these timely actions. And forward this email to spread the word – making our voices heard loud and clear in D.C.!

The State of the Union address this Tuesday will be the inept Executive’s third free block of prime air time this month. Have you heard enough already? There’s an easy way this week all of US can make our voices heard loud and clear:
Tune out the false POTUS this Tuesday – but don’t just stop there: tune in to another channel instead. See below how this really does send a message.
Then turn on your computer – after he’s done reading his teleprompter of lies and false promises – to hear a Representative of We the People who’s more likely to share solutions worth listening to. Click link below for details & mark this on your calendar!
Here’s 1 more reason Not to watch Many of US worked hard to help elect the new GOP House majority. We’ve looked forward to this solidarity being shown on the air waves. But that won’t be happening at this most visible broadcast – due to the new “compromise” strategy. Instead the network’s will portray a”reconciled” Congress of GOP and Progressives cozying up two-by-two!  Speak your mind on this outrageous PR stunt! See who’s part of it and how to protest below.
Coming soon: WAM is compiling a quick-glance tracker of the key Lame Duck vote records – by making a list (and checking it twice) of those who co-operated with the regime’s agenda of 1) special tax breaks and pay-offs to build 2012 re-election votes; 2) who supported the dangerous START treaty; 3) who helped expand FDA food controls 4) who voted for DADT which has led to major military resignations and 5) who sold out on “reparations” with $ we can’t afford. On the bright side, this tracker will also show who helped block the lavish Omnibus and the DREAM Act. You’ll also hear how all these votes were cloaked and concealed from view by renaming legislation and unrecorded voice votes. Watch your in-box for this vital information!
First free air time turned a national tragedy into an ‘opportunity’
No more needs to be said about the debacle of Obama using the Arizona shooting as a vehicle to launch his re-election campaign – complete with free t-shirts on the chairs of his “Memorial Service” turned campaign rally.
Second broadcast told world U.S. upholds ‘rights’ of Communism
Since the Federal government decided ‘trade relations’ with China suited our ‘national interests’ what have we gotten: 

-economic decline and a massive trade deficit

– Communist regime holding much of our nation’s debt

– a reduction of arms while China and Russia move in on our southern coasts

– a fall in U.S. stature in the world

– an ongoing decline in our own jobs and manufacturing

AND a flood of ‘cheap’ goods including:shoddy clothing,

tainted cosmetics and toiletries,
toxic toys,
short-life products of too-often-harmful ingredients.

Does this sound like ‘smart’ international trade’ to you?
If not,

think when you shop and remember to read labels – while We the People

still hold in our own hands our consumer power.

This shameful display of publicly succumbing to our ‘debtor’ was Obama’s most damaging demonstration to date of a foreign relations policy that is either totally inept or intentionally designed to accelerate the decline of the U.S. status as the free world’s leader.
If you didn’t see this atrocious ‘joint news conference’ you probably heard how, in advance, it was touted a real ‘break-through’ by mainstream media – because China’s leader, Hu, was willing to participate. If you did see this farce in action, then you already understand why he did so. What dictator wouldn’t agree to stand by and watch the United States President praise the ways of their Communist nation?! Polished up for an American audience, the carefully controlled agenda aptly re-titled Hu China’s “President.” Hu is actually “Chairman of the State,” a position whose power is established in a “single candidate election” by the “Politiburo of the Communist Party of China.”
This contrived, internationally broadcast media display painted a fairy-tale picture – in Obama’s own words – of two friendly nations which share common interests and human rights values. But how did Hu respond to queries on Chinese human rights? First, he said that he didn’t hear the question. Next, he stated that question was directed not to him but to the U.S. President. Finally, he remarked that he could answer that question. Minor discrepancy: he never did so!
Economic indebtedness, trade imbalances and Chinese currency manipulation aside, what has our Chinese “partner nation” done to reduce nuclear threats by their “partner nations” of North Korea and Iran? Nothing we know of. In fact, China has built the world’s largest standing army and is rapidly increasing its military arms – while the U.S. simultaneously declines in these areas.
Worst of all, perhaps, turning to our common interests in human rights, China’s record in this area is recognized to have dramatically declined over the term it has been a U.S. economic partner. Standing policies ignored in this chummy press display include: government enforced mass-scale abortions; the murder of millions of female babies; national prohibition on parenting more than 1 child (which requires a state “coupon” of authorization first and results in fines many times greater than both parents salary if defied – unless you’re an insider with the regime. If ‘caught’ in time, the babies are simply torn from the womb.)
China’s official response to these issue at this event: Respect our policies and territorial rights. In other words, shut up and put up!
Irate human rights advocates nationwide are making quite clear that the U.S. President’s complicity in this joint staged propaganda piece has done more to damage human rights than any other event in recent history. China’s well-known and widespread permanent incarceration and systematic torture of protesters (all free speech or religious advocates) is yet another aspect of its stand on human rights. It’s made clear already that this White House welcome and State Dinner in Hu’s honor will be re-broadcast in China for a long time to come for the purpose of demoralizing current prisoners-of-state and discouraging others from protesting further!
The ultimate hypocrisy- and absolute disgrace to U.S. international image – is seeing world-wide photos of the prior Nobel Peace Prize winner smiling, side by side, with the fellow “world leader” who is currently jailing the more recent Peace Prize winner (while holding that protester’s wife under house arrest.)
If you’ve had enough of Obama’s abuse of the airwaves to demolish American values, show how you feel this Tuesday, January 25, when he goes on air for his 3rd strike this month – at brainwashing our nation.
This time Say No to strike three on American liberties and values!
Take A Stand!
MAKE YOUR VOICE heard LOUD & CLEAR with these quick simple actions!

1. Turn OFF Tuesday’s State of Union address. You already know what’s in it anyway: propaganda, half-truths, outright lies and false promises. If you’re still curious, read your favorite blogs the next day where you’ll get facts mainstream media won’t mention.
2. But do Turn ON your TV – during the address – to a non-airing station. This is your most important ACTION. Why? Because U.S. viewing habits are monitored closely.By having your TV turned ONTO a different channel – ratings on SOU won’t just go down, other ratings will go visibly UP! This sends a loud,clear message. (Though all major networks are required to give free FED time, you’ll find old rerun series or movies elsewhere. If you don’t really want to WATCH – set your DVR to record something else or leave the TV on in another room.) Enough of US doing this will turn normal ratings on their head and D.C. will take notice!
3. Then,Turn your TV OFF to go online instead. The official Republican response-aired after Obama will be given by Congressman Paul Ryan – a leading GOP favorite of the mass media. SOU rebuttals are usually brief, so Ryan’s address will be easy to find rebroadcast on line at your convenience.
4. Tune IN – to reform activist, Rep. Michelle Bachmann. Her response to Obama will go live online immediately after the SOU. Turning off your (alternative) TV channel to watch this online rebuttal will send Obama’s media manipulators a message!
See Tea Party Rebuttal Tuesday PM here:
Please FORWARD. BLOG & TWITTER this joint action. and POST THIS LINK ON YOUR FORUMS: State of Union Collusion
Want to tell Capitol Hill what you think about ‘Compromise’?
Capitol Hill photo 

Having been thumped in November, the new Obama strategy of force-fed ‘compromise’ is now in high gear. Progressives in Congress have been enlisted to bring GOP counter-parts ‘into the fold.’ A growing list of Republicans are agreeing to sit “side-by-side” – at the State of Union – with those they were elected to oppose.
Why are so many agreeing to this foolhardy shift in tradition? We can’t say for sure: intimidation, bribery, false promises are most typical tools now in use – or could be they’re buying the DNC’s latest spin that We the People really just want them all to ‘get along together.’
This could set a dangerous trend toward more ‘compromised’ legislation (as demonstrated by the Lame Duck December session) – and that is no doubt its intention.
If you agree that “deals with the devil” won’t help turn the course of our economy nor support reform of D.C. corruption, then TAKE A STAND by SENDING A PROTEST FAX to GOP who plan to participate in this seating plan – with its media-driven purpose to DILUTE solidarity against the administration – and brainwash the ‘viewing public’  of Obama’s ‘rising popularity.’
SEE LIST HERE of GOP who’ve agreed to ‘pair up’ so far – for Tuesday’s media-manipulated “Compromise” image. Includes FREE FAX LINK and Capitol Hill number to issue your PROTEST.
State of Union address is scheduled for Tuesday, 9 PM/ET  Set your DVR  right now for something less horrible – like maybe the Chill network (of horror movie reruns) . . .

Email comments & feedback always welcome at:


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