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To Boldly Go Where No Party Has Gone Before…

Posted on: January 29, 2011

To Boldly Go Where No Party Has Gone Before… | The Weekly Standard.

By laying out the GOP case for entitlement reform this year, Republicans in Congress would show themselves to be the “adult” party. They’d force 2012 GOP candidates to be serious. They might even find bipartisan support for changes sooner rather than later. They’d also prove to the voters that they know why they were sent to Washington. What would it mean, after all, if the Tea Partying GOP House shied away from attempting to address federal spending in all its particulars—discretionary and nondiscretionary?

Why, it would mean failure.

The Republicans only control the House and they have a formidable  liberal wall in speaker Harry Reid Democrat in the Senate but they can put press and get things done  if there is a will to do so.  Just reducing or even doing away with all the “discretionary spending” will only be a drop in the bucket.  Our country needs to cut our entitlement spending!   This Congress has a chance now with the people by in large  behind them.

Many still can not understand that they did not pay into Social Security what they are getting out of it and demand “their” money back.   Most however are slowly coming to the truth and facts of the matter and know that Social security is really a government welfare program now.  And it is broken and broke.  The money is gone.  Yes it is true that the past Congress’s have stolen the money and squandered it on other programs.  And it is equally true that nothing can be done about this raiding of the Social Security pot.  And even if it were possible to put this money back it would only carry the current retirees until 2017 or there abouts depending on who is telling the tale. Something has to be done about the system now if  the young men and women  now employed and paying for us old geezers are going to get a bit for themselves.  The Debt Commissions has an excellent plan to save the system if Congress would but give it a hearing.


Medicare and Medicaid are so far in the red that only draconian changes can save the system.  I believe those who can afford their own medical insurance no matter how old there are should buy their own and get off of Medicare.  I also think that the taxes taken out of our paychecks for Medicare and Medicaid should be taken out of all income no matter how high it is.  Right now there is a ridiculously low cap, IMO.


Anyhow, the title is very apt: To Boldly Go where No Party Has Gone Before….       Please God help our Congress to have the courage top save our nation.  BB


5 Responses to "To Boldly Go Where No Party Has Gone Before…"

The problem with America right now is that we are arguing about all of the wrong things. We’re in denial. We’re arguing about the consequences of things not having been pro-actively approached on the front end.

The problem with America is attitudinal. We’ve grown soft, in love with leisure and retirement, and luxurious, unnecessary items. We’re not hungry enough any more. We don’t want to be on top badly enough anymore.

When President Carter made his “malaise speech,” he was soundly criticized. If we had heeded his warning back then, and taken some action, we might not be where we are today.

As someone said recently about the Chinese, 1.4 billion people wanting what we have is an awfully powerful force. If someone is willing to work 70 hours a week at an hourly wage less than that which an American is willing to work, guess who’s going to get the work.

The problem with our political system and structure is that a truly honest politician can not survive telling the truth.

The two closest people to the model we need are Ron Paul and Ross Perot, even with their warts and idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately, honestly does not get one re-elected.

I agree! We are not hungry enough and we are too much in love with our toys. But the young are now awake—-or at least some of them. and maybe this “some” will be enough to make a difference. Obama was able to get hordes out who had never voted before and will probably never vote again. I don’t think he can pull off the horde vote again because he has disappointed them—there was no “Obama cash”!

I believe the Tea Party Movement wants, in fact, is demanding the truth no matter what it is and they are believing those who are believable –Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann and a few others.

Ross Perot got 19% of the vote when he ran in 1996. It’s 14 years later and those who were first time voters in 1996 (my kids) are now in their 40’s and are serious voters. Many of them heard Perot’s message and see that his prophesy has come true.

We Americans are spoiled and we are lazy, but we have the genes of those who left the Old World behind and had the courage to come into the unknown New World with no turning back for most of them. That took guts! I am second generation, my kids are third but they know their heritage. Americans are a unique people. I have faith in that. BB

Thank you Reggie. You are a darling and you do make one think and react. 🙂 BB

Should we cut “entitlements” before or after Medicare pays for your lapband surgery, you selfish heartless swine?

Prolife, I am on Medicare against my will. I fought against it in 1965 when Johnson’s Great Society BS and government take over of our lives made Medicare a fact of my life. From that point on medical costs skyrocketed by double and even triple digits every year and it is still going. If you will go back and compare the yearly increases in medical costs before 1965 before government got into the health care business you will see a yearly increase in line with the cost of living and other consumer goods. It was the skyrocketing cost of medical care that forced me to finally give up my health care policy and rely on my husband’s military coverage (Champus now TriCare). I am not a millionaire which I would have to be to pay for my own insurance at today’s prices CAUSED BY THE GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENT OF MEDICARE!

So yes I need the surgery and the tax payers will pay for it. I am sorry about that. If there had been enough people like me in 1965 who saw this government take over of health care as wrong then YOU would not have to pay for my surgery because I would be able to pay a reasonable price myself.

Medicare was wrong and I believe exceeds the Constitutions guide lines for what the federal government can do. Obamacare is wrong and exceeds the federal governments rights. If we had not been saddled with Medicare the country would not be in the mess it is in today! I hate and detest Medicare and I hate using it just as much. But would you prefer that I just lie down and die because my own government priced me out of the market?? That is the only alternative.

I have been fighting government over reach all of my life and have been crying in the wilderness until just the last two years when other Americans finally woke up and saw what the government was doing to us. What more can this heartless swine do? BB

Prolife you are one dumb son of a bitch.

What the hell do you know about anything or anyone you jackass!

If the damn guberment had left well enough alone BB wouldn’t be on Medicare, she would have her benefits from her husbands career service and that would be enough but no the jackasses in DC decided that she has to make Medicare her primary health care and rob her each month of over 100 dollars for BS care when Champus was much better and a hell of a lot less red tape.

So Prolife take my grandfathers advise: Speak of what you know, know of what you speak and the rest of the time SHUT UP , you might learn something. But in your case asshole I doubt it. You evidently suffer from a terminal disease called stupidity.

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