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Egypt (IMO 3:53 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2011)

Posted on: February 2, 2011

Obama seems not to have been able to keep his mouth shut again and naturally what came out was totally devoid of any understanding of history let alone current events and relationships.  In the first place the United States should have followed the lead of the only country that has EVERYTHING to lose in this situation: Israel!  Israel is saying nothing, nothing at all.  This is what the rest of the world is doing also.  But our demented government has to speak up and make things much much worse.  With Obama’s first speech he gave Mubarak the out of staying in control  until September by telling him that he Mubarak must see that there are free and honest elections in September.   The people want the dictator out now, not in September eight months from now. There was the possibility the Army, which is trusted by the people, could have taken over and  supervised a fair election AFTER Mubarak left the country with all his corrupt cronies with him.  The military was just staying in place vowing they would not fire on their own people while trying to get the government to lift all the bans and allow the country to get back to  operating with some stability.  They wanted Mubarak to open up the Internet, phone service, water, power, banking, garbage pick up and everything else the government had shut down to  force the people back.

Now Obama speaks again and we see more violent fighting among those who want the government to change and those who want the government to stay.  It is my belief there are no forces who want the Mubarak dictatorship with the corruption and attendant poverty of the people  to stay in power.  There is however the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and any number of groups hostile to the United States and Israel who want, and in fact,  thrive on chaos.  Chaos will allow the killers to come in and dominate!

The second speech was taken as a sign for more  violence and an invitation for the Muslims terrorists to come in as he seemed to be throwing Mubarak over and take the place of the people.  But what I heard was Obama calling for violence and chaos with that speech.  Listen closely to it once more and watch the body language and listen to the words that he emphasizes.  Remember  his government “never let’s a good crisis go to waste” and Obama is all for the Muslim world ruling the world.  We have all seen over and over again how Obama bows before the Muslim world.

In the meantime there seems to be a more peaceful turn over of government in Tunisia.  I hope this remains the case.

I just sw3itched on the TV and I  am seeing what I prayed I would not see.  Dear Lord this is bad.  As I am watching TV now at 3:39 pm Eastern time here and 10 pm or there abouts  in Egypt there is much violence and gun fire and the Army has had to move in.  They are firing over the heads of the people in hopes they will disperse to their homes.

Oh well, you’re watching to.  I am afraid that if Egypt goes to the Muslims then the entire Mediterranean and Middle East will be  gone to Islam.  We will be standing alone to watch Israel, Great Britain, Germany  disappear under the power and numbers of the hordes.  Unlike WWII the United States is no longer in a position to help to save the world.   The Roman Empire was swallowed by the hordes also.  Isn’t that the way we have always known our civilization would disappear?

I have been listening to Glenn Beck this week and hoping he was wrong in his prediction that the world would divide in three parts:  The Mediterranean and Middle East as a Muslim caliphate,  Asia and Japan and even perhaps Australia  under China and then the United States standing alone with Canada and the hodgepodge of poverty and corruption and dictatorships that is Central and south America.  BB


Egypt about 11pm,  4:16 pm Eastern.  The Army has been busy pushing people out of the square.  It appears the groups who were being violent, the Pro-government people have been pushed out and the Anti-government people are staying.   The Internet and television came on shortly before all the Pro-government hordes attached those in the square.  How convenient for Mubarak!   The Army has appeared to be with the Anti-government people up to this point and they still seem to be, but it is a tough call.  BB


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