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» Republican Plan for Obama Regulations Revealed! – Big Government

Posted on: February 7, 2011

» Republican Plan for Obama Regulations Revealed! – Big Government.

Rules and Regulation Insanity is a disease that is at epidemic proportions in Washington.  Our huge unelected and largely under-“regulated” federal workforce has nothing to do but push pencils around on paper and then they make what they write on this paper a law  (regulations) which We the People have to live by.  The regulations are so all invasive I have no doubt at all that I break several laws a day just sitting in my own home.  And, these regulation  reproduce themselves like rabbits because every regulation needs more regulations to  regulate the regulation!

Obamacare is the granddaddy of regulations.  The bill itself has thousands of regulations written in it and that is even before the bureaucrats   get their hands on it to regulate how the regulations will be regulated.  Progressives want this type of all invasive government because they believe the mass must be controlled.   Of course the regulations  do not apply to the elite.  A fine example is Michelle Obama’s regulating what we Americans east.  she already has the schools under her guidelines and now she is going after the restaurants and  even our homes by taxing what we  purchase for our own home consumption.  But have you gotten a gander at what was served at the Obama Super-Bowl Party?  There was enough fat served at that gathering to to bring Jack Lalanne back to life screaming.

This is also a reason Obama and the Progressive need to keep Obamcare on the books long enough for the regulations to get into laws and well embedded in the system to be called on when needed at some future date.  The Republicans do however have a plan to deregulate as much as possible in the next two years.  It isn’t likely that the House will pass many bills that make it thru the Senate or the White House but they can perhaps whittle away of the guts of laws by whittling away at the regulations.  BB

Republican Plan for Obama Regulations Revealed!

by Capitol Confidential

A few weeks ago, President Obama purported to promise an overhaul of the Federal regulatory regime, pledging to look at bloated and outdated piles of red tape in order to make the tough cuts necessary, in his mind, to stimulate economic growth.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Obama stated, ““Regulations do have costs; often, as a country, we have to make tough decisions about whether those costs are necessary…But what is clear is that we can strike the right balance. We can make our economy stronger and more competitive, while meeting our fundamental responsibilities to one another.”

But as Big Government demonstrated just a few short weeks ago, the progressive left did not respond favorably to the President’s call for balance between public welfare and private-sector growth. Progressive special interest groups have outlined, instead, a plan of attack on Obama’s regulatory agencies, demanding an iron-fisted regulatory regime designed to punish some of the nations most prolific industries. A few short examples:

  • Just days before Christmas, the FCC voted in “Net Neutrality,” an unprecedented power grab on par or greater than Obamacare. Under this scheme, the FCC essentially gave itself regulatory power over telecommunications companies, a job it was never intended to do.
  • Speaking of Obamacare, contained within it’s own regulatory scheme is a terrifying Medicare reform project called IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board. IPAB consists of 15 unelected officials charged with making drastic cuts to Medicare benefits – cuts that don’t require Congressional approval and can only be reversed by a Congressional supermajority.  (These are the so-called Death Squads. BB)
  • On the education front, it seems that the Department of Education has been relying on the advice of noted short-sellers as it and Congress formulates policy on for-profit colleges. New rules like the “gainful employment” rule threaten to punish students for choosing not to attend favored non-profit schools and universities in favor of career-oriented schools. (The career oriented schools are the only ones turning out students who are ready to go to work.  They are the community colleges and technical schools that have professionals teaching the classes and no one doing “research” for government grants.  Also at these favored un9iversities and colleges the classes are taught by student assistants while the professors are doing the “research” and campaigning for research grant dollars.  These favored Universities and colleges are also populated by the “elites”. BB)
  • Across the country, the National Labor Relations Board has been threatening legal action against state legislation designed to protect workers from “Card Check” legislation at the behest of the Obama Administration.
  • Although the Clean Air Act was never intended to regulate carbon emissions, the EPA is threatening to use it to punish energy-producing industries that it doesn’t like, like biomass, a plan that could cost Americans nearly a million jobs. At the same time, the EPA is revoking permits for clean coal operations, and despite promising to restore oil and gas production in the Gulf, the Obama Administration has failed to issue new drilling permits, resulting in a de-facto moratorium on domestic oil production.

The Republicans have just introduced draft legislation that could force the Obama Administration to live up to it’s promises to investigate regulatory overreach and institute real, job-saving reforms.


Just last week, House Republicans released a three page draft bill calling on “certain standing committees to inventory and review existing, pending, and proposed regulations and orders from agencies of the Federal Government, particularly with respect to their effect on jobs and economic growth.” You can download a copy of the draft legislation here, from Politico, which also notes in it’s Playbook:

[N]ext week, the House majority will instruct 10 committee chairs to begin an oversight process on federal regulations that could impede job growth: 1099, EPA, tax policy, etc. Each chair will go to the floor and outline oversight plans. “They will have a series of hearings, they will conduct oversight,” the aide said. “This is an effort that we expect to go for the next several months. It will result in a report coming from each committee chairman, saying, ‘Here’s our findings. Here’s jobs, jobs, jobs recommendations.’

The bill specifically targets for investigation regulations, executive and agency orders that impede job creation, discourage innovation, hurt economic growth, harm investment, limit access to capital or cut into the US’s international competitiveness.

The bill also seems to call into question a number of the regulations listed above, as it targets actions and orders that create economic uncertainty and impede economic progress like those being issued daily from the EPA, bills and agency actions like IPAB that fail to meet standards of transparency and oversight,  actions like Card Check that impede labor-management relations and actions, like Net Neutrality, that lack specific authorization for execution.

This legislation, if passed, will be key in forcing the Obama Administration’s hand, and it will show American voters just how dedicated the Obama Administration is to real reform, and real job growth and creation.  (If this bill is held up in the Senate or vetod by Obama the American people should finally see Obama’s game plan clearly!  BB)


2 Responses to "» Republican Plan for Obama Regulations Revealed! – Big Government"

I just heard Jim Cramer on CNBC Street Signs say the Cost of doing business on Wall Street , in particular Financial firms i.e. Bank or Americas mortgage litigation , is they pay the Lawyers instead of paying the claimants that claim fraud , so how is this an inspiring notion its safe to invest??
How in the heck does a person feel confident putting their money in the hands of these kinds of companies IF when SHTF they just by their way away with the principle Investment funds with lawyers ???

Bankers and investors on Wall Street are interested in one thing: profit. I have been an investor most of my life and have had no trouble at all with my investments or the companies. Before investing it might pay to do ones homework and investigate the company.
Had you thought that it might be the Progressives plan to make We the people distrust the companies that provide our jobs and services? Then of course Obama gets into bed with these same companies for their campaign dollars. I hop-e in 2012 the big companies see the Progressives as being against them.

Class warfare–divide and conquer. BB

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